Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 14.

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Chapter 14

Lin Shan followed the direction of the crowd, all the way to the main hall. She was instantly shocked by what she saw.

Wow. What was so special about the Crown Prince? Regardless of ranking, all the government officials appeared to be extremely emotional and overjoyed to see him. Their eyes were filled with respect. In fact, they were so impressed that they almost failed to greet the Crown Prince in unison.

Lin Shan looked around and saw that the Emperor, the Empress, and the Princes had all arrived. All the large government officials who could come were already here as well. Such a fancy occasion was honestly not very appropriate for someone low key like herself. Thus, Lin Shan found a spot somewhere further away so she wouldn’t be seen; she mixed herself in with a bunch of people.

Since she was quite new to the Palace, no one seemed to take any notice of her as she stood around. In fact, she was being shoved all over the place. She tried to push her way forward, and felt like she was in a World Expo. All she could see were the heads of others, and not the Crown Prince. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 14.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 13.

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I have found something new to translate! This novel is actually very good. I finished the whole thing in less than 2 days!! This novel is one of the projects started by Amery Edge. He does teasers on his site, but does not fully translate a novel. He recommended me to translate this and I must say, this novel is very fun to read. He has already translated 12 chapters on his site.

Chapter 1-12 can be read here

Glossary can be found here 

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P.S. Lin Shan is a woman dressed up as a man. (in case you are confused). She has also been transported from the future to the past.

Chapter 13

The Crown Prince had defeated the enemy of the Hans and led the troops home victoriously. The moment the news arrived, the entire country celebrated. When Du Hao and his troops were ten li* from the capital, the whole palace had already been decorated with lanterns and coloured banners. Countless of imperial concubines and palace maids wore their most beautiful dresses while awaiting for their hero’s arrival.

This enthusiastic atmosphere eliminated the fear of the intruder. In addition, it distracted others from how Lian Feng, the Imperial bodyguard, had been punished for failing to fulfill his obligations. Those large or small government officials who used to surround Lian Feng when he was in favour have all disappeared. Even the palace maids who fancied him were avoiding him, and no longer dared to discuss about anything that was related to him.

The only exception was our female lead, Lin Shan. Currently, she was inside Lian Feng’s room….what was she doing? Touching a very expensive looking antique vase!

Look! Look! Look at the exquisite texture!!! Look at the coloured glaze! This is definitely an item of the highest quality!

Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 13.”