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Boobs too small?!

Your boobs are too small! Your whole family have small boobs!!!

F you! You are deliberately attacking a weak maiden’s spirit!

Originally, she already felt inferior due to her small chest, but now he said it in her face!

Wuwu, she didn’t want to live anymore. Wuwu!!!

At this moment, Le Yao Yao’s heart was crying. But on the outside, she looked like a tough cookie.

She glared at Nangong Jun Xi like two burning flames.

If looks could kill, Nangong Jun Xi would probably have been cut a thousand times by now.

But seeing how furious Le Yao Yao was, Nangong Jun Xi wasn’t upset at all. On the contrary, he felt great!

Hehe, finally “his” eyes were on him!

Earlier, the moment “he” came in, his eyes only had senior brother. It was as if everyone else was invisible.

Nangong Jun Xi was used to being the centre of attention ever since he was little. So initially, he felt extremely neglected by Le Yao Yao. It was a terrible feeling.

So now, even though Le Yao Yao looked like he wanted to burn two holes in his body, he didn’t mind at all.

In fact, it was as if he felt like Le Yao Yao wasn’t mad enough. Nangong Jun Xi looked around the room with his mischievous pupils and paused at a huge tray of steamed buns and meat buns.

Initially, those were prepared for all the little eunuchs to eat. But Nangong Jun Xi’s eyes lit up and his mouth curved into an evil smile.

He reached his big hand over and took two steam buns from the tray. Then, while Le Yao Yao was still lost in confusion, he pulled open his collar and stuffed them directly inside.

Afterwards, he clapped his hands and crossed his arms. He looked Le Yao Yao up and down and purposely appeared pleased.

“Mmm. Now it’s perfect! Haha!!!”

Nangong Jun Xi was chuckling so hard that he was holding onto his stomach.

In fact, he laughed so loud that his laughter could probably be heard in the heavens.

However, on the other side, Le Yao Yao was so enraged that she almost exploded.

Yes! Her boobs are small! It’s none of his business!

If only she could beat him up! Unfortunately, regardless of her status or physical abilities, it wouldn’t allow her!

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao was extremely depressed.

But the depression only lasted for a second. All of a sudden, a crafty glint flashed across her pupils.

Seeing this, Nangong Jun Xi wasn’t quick enough to react as Le Yao Yao reached over and chose two of the biggest meat buns on the table.

It was too late for him. Next thing he knew, his flat land instantly became the roaring sea. (tl: LOL)

His smile froze on his handsome face.

Now, it was Le Yao Yao’s turn to burst into laughter. She was giggling so hard that tears were coming out. She looked like she was nearly going to roll on the ground.

After all, Nangong Jun Xi looked so funny at the moment.

He was very tall; at least 180cm.

Although his five facial features were delicate, his flat chest made it easy for others to sense he was a man.

But now, it was a different story!

Le Yao Yao chose the two biggest meat buns that would match Nangong Jun Xi’s tall height.

After some makeup, it would be perfect!

She was only letting him have a taste of his own medicine!

Who told him to pick on her?! Humph!

“Damn you, servant. You’re not allowed to laugh!”

“Haha, 7th Prince. Servant is only letting you get a taste of your own medicine. Unless the 7th Prince thinks it’s ok for officers to commit arson yet the common people cannot light lanterns?!”


While Nangong Jun Xi was gritting his teeth, Le Yao Yao smiled even more brightly.

However, they both failed to notice Leng Jun Yu’s current expression.

If one were to pay close attention, they would be able to see the disappointment in his eyes.

Earlier, he was going to catch “him”, but his junior brother beat him to it.

Although it was something small, why did his heart feel so sour when he saw them teasing each other?


After everyone was ready, they quickly set off to the venue.

This time, although Nangong Jun Xi was very reluctant, he knew the significance of the event. So, after bickering with Le Yao Yao, he allowed someone to do his make up.

Consequently, a tall, attractive beauty had arrived in this world!

Due to his 180cm height, Nangong Jun Xi drew attention wherever he went.

Currently, Nangong Jun Xi was swaggering towards the venue. Although he was a male of 17 years, no one questioned him as a woman.

He was tall, but he had a huge bust.

Leng Jun Yu hired a great makeup artist who turned his sunshine handsome face into a neutral elegant beauty.

So now, as Nangong Jun Xi walked along the streets, many commoners were smitten by his good looks.

His powdered cheeks turned pinker. After all, everyone were staring at him in astonishment. However, it was because he was a tall beauty….

Nangong Jun Xi was crying on the inside…..


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