Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 66.

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Chapter 66

Lin Shan’s words caused Xiao Lu to freak out.

Oh my goodness, it’s over!! The shock is too much for Master to handle! Even Gu Zuo, who is known as the Palace’s most honest man, said he saw Lian Feng falling down the river valley with his own eyes. How could Lian Superior be alive? Yet, Master is demanding that we look for him. Has she turned insane?

At this moment, Lin Shan had already regained her mind.

Who says Lian Feng is dead? If he is dead, I demand to see his body. So far, they haven’t been able to find his body. This means that there is a chance he is alive! As long as there is hope, she is not going to give up so easily. As long as there’s a possibility that he’s alive, she will find him! Even if the chances of finding him is one out of ten thousand, she will look through the ends of the Earth.

Her optimism gave her a sudden boost of energy, and she crawled out of bed. Lin Shan commanded Xiao Lu: “Pack our things and leave the Palace with me. We’re going to find Lian Feng.”


Du Hao never expected the woman who cried as if her livers and guts were torn in pieces would recover so quickly. At the time, it seemed like Lin Shan was never going to get out of her traumatic state. By the time he realized that Lin Shan was not the type to mope and submit to the will of the Heaven, it was too late.

This time, Lin Shan truly left. She even took her treasure box from underneath the pillow. There was a letter on the empty table. It looked like it was written by a dog -all the letters were crooked: I went to find Lian Feng. I’m sure we will meet again one day.

Du Hao scrunched up the letter as blue veins popped out from his forehead. His fingers were tightly clenched: “Song Luo, you fool!” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 66.”


Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.

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This chapter is very sad. (But don’t worry, we all know Lian Feng isn’t really dead..:P. He will come back eventually…but before then, lots of crazy things will happen).

Chapter 65

Currently, Du Hao was panicking inside Ming Yue Palace. The Imperial physician was taking Lin Shan’s pulse.

“Your Highness, please do not worry. Prince Consort fainted from shock, but he is alright. As long as he takes his medication and rest, he will wake up fine.” Then, the Imperial physician left the room with Xiao Lu to boil the medicine.

Du Hao went over to the bedside and saw Lin Shan’s pale face. Her eyes were tightly shut and her lips had no colour to it. His heart ached. At that moment, he was jealous. He was envious of Lian Feng’s past, his encounters, and even the fact he fell down into the river valley.

If I was the person who fell, would you be this upset?

He couldn’t help but stroke Lin Shan’s face with his fingers. Bitterness lingered around his heart.

At this moment, Lin Shan suddenly opened her eyes and calmly gazed at Du Hao.

“Lian Feng?” She whimpered. Her voice was light.

Du Hao didn’t shake his head, instead he grasped Lin Shan’s hand. Yet, she rejected him as she flung his hand away.

“You’re not Lian Feng…” Lin Shan started talking to herself, “Lian Feng went to get the antidote. He’s not back yet. The sky is already dark. What if he got lost? He has to go such a long way. He must be starving. I’m going to go prepare some food for him to eat.” Then, Lin Shan tried getting up from the bed as she swayed.

Her every sentence stabbed into him like needles. Du Hao held in the pain as he pressed Lin Shan down: “You just woke up. Don’t get up.”

“Don’t stop me. I need to peel some walnuts. Lian Feng likes to eat walnuts. He likes the little ones. He likes it when I peel it for him….”

It was as if Lin Shan had gone into her whole little world. Regardless of how Du Hao tried to stop her, she insisted on getting out of bed. She started overturning trunks and boxes for walnuts.

Huh? Where are the walnuts? Xiao Lu must have ate it all. I’m going to lecture her…”

“Song Luo, stop. Luo Luo!” Du Hao anxiously stopped Lin Shan from looking for Xiao Lu, “Don’t be like this. You’re still half asleep. Sleep a bit more, okay? Be good….”

“I am awake. Stop blocking me! I’m going to wait for Lian Feng by the Palace gate. He isn’t back yet. I bet he wants me to wait for him by the gate. He’ll come back if I wait for him. I’m going…” Lin Shan’s voice became lighter and lighter. Finally, she broke down in tears. “You… stop blocking me… stop blocking me…I’m begging you….I’m begging you…” She couldn’t pretend any longer as she nearly fell down onto the ground. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.”

Unveil: A voice messaging dating app


To celebrate breaking 500000 views on my blog, I decided to try something new. I downloaded my first ever dating app!! I found out about this app through Lisa. It is called Unveil and I think the concept is very interesting.

Basically, everyone’s pictures start off as blurry. The only way you can see what the person looks like is if you send voice messages back and forth. The more you talk, the more gets unveil.

The reason why I like this is because:

  1. It is less shallow. You are not messaging a person based on what they look like (since you can’t see what they look like). Instead, you are messaging them based on their content from their voice intro.
  2. Voices convey a lot more emotions compared to text. It feels much more personal.

Anyways, this is how you start.

  1. You download the app.
  2. You add your name and your birthday (only your age will show) and your gender.
  3. You state your gender preference.
  4. You record a voice intro.
  5. You can browse and listen to others’ intros. If you swipe, you go to the next person. If you want to respond to a person, you just click the microphone at the corner. The maximum length is 2 minutes.

My voice intro was actually very shitty but it was actually what I was thinking; hence I didn’t change it. This is what I said, “Hi, my name is Grace and I like inspirational things….and singing. *awkward 2 secs pause* What about you? *another awkward pause* I wanted to try this out because it seems like a very cool concept… and…we’ll see. *pause for one more sec*. That’s it.” [end]

I thought about changing it and making it sound more attractive. Or perhaps singing to “trap” some guys. But ultimately, I decided to leave it because I’d rather the person like me for my less-perfect version. I want to be real and not edit my thoughts.

Anyhow, one person did message me. We’ll call him S for stranger. The first message S sent me was, “Hey Grace. You said you like inspirational things. What’s your biggest inspiration and why?” Continue reading “Unveil: A voice messaging dating app”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 64.

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The novel is going to get more intense… and a lot more surprises are going to come up soon. Stay tuned.

Chapter 64

Since she helped humanity, Lin Shan felt awesome. The nightmare totally left her mind. For the next two days, she ate and slept well. Whenever she was bored, she would take a look at her treasure box and calculate her current monetary worth.

“This one (banknote) can buy us a house in Jiang Nan.” Lin Shan took out another sheet and placed it on the table, “This one can buy us a couple acres of land and two ox. As for this sheet, Xiao Lu, do you think I should open a tavern or a restaurant?”

Xiao Lu intently stared at Lin Shan: “Master, didn’t you say you wanted to open a brothel?”

“That was before!” Lin Shan rolled her eyes at Xiao Lu: “I thought about it. There are too many beauties in brothels. The sexual tension is too strong. I don’t want my man to be tempted. Plus, brothels are too common. It cannot show off my talents. So I have changed my mind. I am going to open a tavern! The name will be called the Dragon Gate Tavern. Selling buns will be the specialty!”

Xiao Lu was clearly shocked: “…Master, you’re truly one of a kind.”

“Of course!” Lin Shan thought very highly of herself: “I also plan on opening a biao ju*!”

“What do you plan to call the biao ju?”

Lin Shan thought about it: “I know! The Golden Sabre Biao Ju!”

Xiao Lu nearly choked on her tea. She gave Lin Shan a dirty look: “Master, you still can’t forget the golden sabre, eh?”

“Bullshit. That’s gold!” Lin Shan naturally nodded.

Xiao Lu was speechless. After a few moments, she said: “Speaking of the golden sabre, Lian Superior should be back today.”

“Mhm.” Lin Shan nodded, pretending to look calm. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 64.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 63.

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Chapter 63

The rain had finally stopped.

Lin Shan felt like her dream had transformed into a knot of air and it wouldn’t go away. She aimlessly walked around the Palace by herself. Slowly, she began to feel better, but Lian Feng’s last expression remained in her mind. It wouldn’t disappear.

He’ll be fine. Stop over thinking! Stop over thinking, you hear me? Lin Shan was trying to comfort herself. Unconsciously, she ended up by the pond in the middle of the night. It was quiet and calm. The curved moon hung from the sky; shining a faint light on the peaceful pond.

Coincidentally, Lin Shan actually saw someone familiar at this time. Originally, she was staring blankly at the pond. But suddenly, she heard voices behind her. Lin Shan turned around and saw two Imperial guards dragging the drunken Du Jing. Clearly, he had just came back from indulging in sensual pleasures.

How can anyone be so shameless? Your dad is dying and you are still in the mood to party? What a scumbag! Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 63.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 62.

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This chapter is not that long but it took me forever. It’s very hard to translate because I’m trying to make it so that you can envision it in your head while reading. Translating is hard. Choosing the right adjective is hard. Making it flow is hard. EVERYTHING IS HARD. Please support me if you are able to! I appreciate any amount!

Chapter 62

The rain continued as the autumn winds blew.

Lian Feng left the Capital by nighttime and finally arrived at the outskirts of the black forest on the second night. The air was damp and there was a thick fog covering the dense forest. The fog was so thick that the bottom couldn’t be seen.

Du Hao had sent his assistant Gu Zuo to assist Lian Feng. Gu Zuo circled around the outer edge of the forest and reported back to Lian Feng: “Lian Superior, the Sun had set and the fog around the forest seems very strange. I’m afraid it might be unsafe. Perhaps we should wait until morning before we proceed?”

“Time is tight. The Emperor cannot wait so long. I have been in this forest before so I’m familiar with the terrain. Let’s split up into two groups. I will lead the way with Chi Fei. You and Chang Yu will be behind us providing support. We must find the antidote before the sunrise!” Lian Feng ordered as he spurred Wu Ying. Wu Ying neighed and stormed into the white misty forest.

“Follow along!” Gu Zuo hollered. With a blink of an eye, four horses charged into the forest. The creepy forest was like the mouth of a monster. It quickly swallowed the people and the horses; even the echoes disappeared in a flash.

After a few moments, ten or more shadows dropped from the sky without a sound. They were standing outside of the black forest.

“Superior. They are inside now.” A dark shadow kneeled as he reported.

The leader of the group looked towards the forest and said in a low voice: “Execute according to plan.” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 62.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 61.

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Chapter 61

At this time, the gloomy sky had started drizzling and made the early morning slightly chilly. Xiao Lu sneezed and became more awake. She hurried over to cover Lin Shan with her umbrella as she complained: “Master, why are we up so early? There’s barely anyone out here!”

“What do you know?” Lin Shan mumbled as she continued heading towards the Palace gate.

“I don’t know. I don’t know.. you always say I don’t know…” Xiao Lu muttered. “Actually, I do know! You want the owner of the golden sabre. You want his sabre and his body. You are so corrupted!”

Lin Shan nearly tripped. She looked at Xiao Lu resentfully: This little punk is too mainstream! You’re from the modern world, aren’t you?

Xiao Lu blushed: “Master. Don’t look at me like that. It makes me shy….”

“….” Lin Shan almost spat out blood. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 61.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 60.

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Chapter 60

This position was very odd. Imagine a tall male being shoved against the wall while a tiny female stood on tiptoes to kiss him. Underneath the starry and breezy night, on this long passageway, the moonlight shone on the both of them and made them look rather hazy. This scenario was as alluring as a painting.

Behind the fake mountain in the courtyard, someone happened to pause.

Lin Shan was still kissing. She didn’t know where she got her courage from. The irritability she felt from tossing and turning instantaneously disappeared. Currently, she felt refreshed and carefree. She became increasingly unrestrained and started to lift her hand to take off Lian Feng’s mask.

Originally, Lian Feng was hesitating. But in the end, he didn’t stop her. In no time, the mask was off. Without the mask between them, their kiss was deeper than it had ever been. Lin Shan felt like her legs were going weak. In order to prevent herself from losing balance, she wrapped her arms around Lian Feng’s neck; like a koala hanging from a tree.

They were both filled with lust as they continued making out. Suddenly, the black cloud covered the moonlight and a guard was patrolling towards their direction.

Lian Feng embraced Lin Shan and hid behind the shadows of a pillar. Fortunately, the guard did not notice them. He walked around a circle and left. Lin Shan saw how serious and worried Lian Feng looked, and thought it was adorable. The guard hadn’t gone far, but she had already stood on her tiptoes again as she mischievously started licking Lian Feng’s lips like a little kitten. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 60.”

Dating: Young vs Old.


When you’re young, dating is very simple and innocent. Usually, you want to be with the person simply because you like him/her. It’s typically more fairy-tale like.

However, when you’re older, attraction is not enough (if you’re looking for something serious). There are way more things that play a factor in whether you would want to be with a person for the long term.

For instance:

Would you want the person to be the mother/father of your child?

Is he/she financially stable?

Does he/she want kids?

Could you stand living with him/her?

Is he/she supportive of your goals and dreams?

And so on.

You might say, “Well, that’s not true. I don’t think about that stuff when I’m dating.” Haha. I think this highly depends on your age and how serious you are. If you’re just looking for fun and something short term, it definitely wouldn’t matter. However, if you’re at an age where you feel pressured or you want to settle down, then the answers to these questions are actually very important.  Continue reading “Dating: Young vs Old.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 59.

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Chapter 59

Lin Shan sighed. Nowadays, it was difficult to be a Crown Prince. There was a wolf at the front and a tiger at the back. It will be tough for Du Hao to become the Emperor. He must go through lots of adversity. From the looks of it, it looked like Du Hao and Du Ye were about to fight!?

Daddy Emperor, your sons are going to fight. Speak up!

Unexpectedly, the Emperor actually opened his mouth: “Let them come in….”

“Yes! Your servant obeys!” Finally, someone with the most power spoke up. The eunuch slowly got up from the ground and stretched his throat as he shouted: “The Emperor has allowed the Superiors to come in. You may enter!”

“Enter…enter…enter…” The echo lingered through the corridor. Immediately, a bunch of Imperial counsellors dressed in government attire came in. Lin Shan roughly counted and realized there were at least ten of them. From the group, many of them were very highly ranked in the Imperial court; especially the leader of the group, Liu Superior. Liu Superior was appointed by the late Emperor and his position was deeply respected amongst all counsellors.

The moment the counsellors arrived, they got down onto their knees.

“Emperor!”The old Liu De Quan knelt down. His expression was grave. ” We have an abnormal meteorological phenomenon. Our country is suffering. I have just received the news that some of our provinces have experienced drought for months. Not a single grain was reaped. The big river is causing disasters. Our people cannot live. In addition, there are Japanese pirates glaring at us like a tiger watching its prey. At this rate, our country will fall apart. Your subordinate would like to earnestly request the Emperor to promptly confer a new Monarch during this desperate times!” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 59.”