Don’t judge a person by the cover


For this Monday, I would like to share a true story with all of you. This post is about a boy whom I used to tutor. I will call him “Richard” to keep him anonymous.

Richard is a family friend and I’ve known him all my life. I am nine years older than him, and I am also friends with his older brother. Due to our big gap in age, I have actually seen him crawl around his house in diapers.

When he was around 8, I started tutoring him because his mother had asked. Although he was only in Grade 3, Richard was already struggling a lot in school. He was diagnosed with a learning disorder as well as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). He couldn’t sit still nor pay attention in class.

It was very, very, VERY difficult to tutor Richard. We would literally read a paragraph together and I would ask him, “Okay, what is this paragraph about?”

He would reply, “I don’t know. I don’t remember.”

I was so frustrated, “HELLO!!? We just read it like less than a minute ago! How can you forget everything so fast?” Continue reading “Don’t judge a person by the cover”


Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 39.

To my dear readers,

Sorry for the wait. I slacked and then I caught a cold, so I am actually two days behind my normal schedule. Nonetheless, I hope you like this chapter. It took me so long. This chapter was very backwards again. Therefore, after translating, I have to put it together in a way that makes sense. It’s almost like playing a jigsaw puzzle.

It is tough to be a translator. I aim to get 10000 views a week. With 40000 views a month, I get about $20 from ads (because half of my readers use adblock). WordPress does not pay me until I hit $100. This means, maybe after 5 months later, I will get some money. Haha. How sad is that? (very sad). I mean, if I translate faster, maybe I can get paid in 4 months…but I don’t have enough willpower. *Sigh*

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This chapter in Chinese

Chapter 39     Shen Tui Men

But honestly, this man’s reaction time was many times better than Xuan Luo’s. As Xuan Luo was swiftly approaching with his tai chi steps, the man had already made a move.

Although Xuan Luo was fast, the man’s reaction was dashing. Within a blink of an eye, the man had already pulled out his blade; ready for combat.

Seeing Hu Zi and thinking about Hu Zi’s dead mother, Xuan Luo had decided the death sentence for the man early on. His current abilities may be weaker than the man; however, he still had his hidden card -nei li.

Although Xuan Luo did not purposely practice nei li while he was working with Tian Yu Zi, his nei li still increased while he was in the process of practicing the tai chi fist. The nei li in his core continued to quietly increase even when he didn’t focus on it.

Xuan Luo had already achieved the border of ‘success’. He only had a thin layer to break through, and he shall get there. Once he breaks through this layer, he will see a huge boost in his strength.

There were four levels in total: small success, junior, success, and peak. Each level was very difficult to achieve. The higher up you go, the more difficult it gets. Practicing will no longer be enough to go through the level. The secret to the top required one to seek, comprehend, and feel.

Xuan Luo rushed full on; directly aiming his punch at the man; not holding back the slightest bit. Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 39.”

How to escape the Friendzone


NOTE: I am the translator of “The Eunuch is Pregnant”. My translations have been stolen by at least 20+ sites. The reason why you’re seeing this right now is because I’m letting the bots steal my blog posts since they keep stealing my content. I figured I might as well promote something that may help you guys rather than posting the google translations of the chapter. Please read from my original site. It is theeunuch dot com. You can use novelupdates dot com to keep track of your novels and it will link you to the actual translation sites.

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and my opinions. It may or may not work for you. However, my intention is to help you. Normally, I would not share something like this…(I’m serious)

1. Don’t be a friend

If you are looking for more than friendship, don’t act like a friend. If you’re going to act like a good friend, don’t be surprised if the girl sees you as only a friend.

Based on my experience, Caucasian guys tend to have way more confidence than Asian guys. They tend to make their intentions obvious from the start; making it difficult for women to friendzone them.

For example: “I find you attractive, and I would like to take you out on a date.”
“When I first saw you, I already knew. You’re the one I want.”

What does this mean?

#1. He cannot be friendzoned because he was never a friend to begin with.
#2. He does not intend to be a friend, so he cannot be friendzoned.

You see?? Some guys think if they start off as friends, maybe eventually the girl will realize how great/nice/awesome/amazing he is, and date him later on.

Continue reading “How to escape the Friendzone”

Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 38.

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I actually finished this chapter very quickly!! I’m so proud of myself. Haha. (I know, I made you guys wait awhile but I finished it within two hours just now..which is almost a miracle).

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This chapter in Chinese

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Chapter 38     The village’s incident

Hearing the noise, Xuan Luo instantly felt unease. Xia Luo village was similar to Qian Deng Zhen; they would never participate or bother with worldly affairs. Xuan Luo had a very bad feeling about this.

Since Xuan Luo felt rushed, he subconsciously unleashed his tai chi steps towards the village. He definitely didn’t realize how fast he was going. However, if others saw him, they would merely see his shadow.

Without intending, he had arrived at Hu Zi’s house. Since Hu Zi’s house was right at the entrance of the village, it was very easy to spot. However, he was immediately overcome by fury.

Hu Zi’s mother’s upper body was covered in blood; she was just lying at the entrance; her eyes were wide open. She was already dead… Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 38.”

10 Good Questions

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers 2

I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Tikeetha. Please check her out here. I love reading her blog!!! Honestly, I usually do not like being “nominated” for anything because it requires work. (I know, I’m terrible). But these questions are awesome!!! Therefore, I have decided to answer them. I hope you enjoy my responses as well!


1. You have all the resources needed to change ONE thing in the world with a snap of your fingers —what are you changing for the better? 
I would end poverty for all. At least, everyone will have a better chance at life. 

2. What is the most attractive feature or trait a woman can possess [physical, mental, spiritual]? 
Honestly, I think it’s self-confidence. A woman who believes and sees value in herself. 

3. What is your next big self/life/career-improvement project?
I’m not sure. But I know what I enjoy doing. I still want to be a financial advisor. I also enjoy writing, singing, creating music, and motivational speaking. I am probably going to keep translating and tutoring. In addition, I plan on starting a youtube channel. 

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Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 37.

To my dear readers,

Sorry guys. I don’t think I can do three chapters a week. I’m just going to stick with two unless for some miraculous reason, I suddenly have the motivation to push myself harder. I get burnt out really easily and I’m also busy, tired and sick. Nonetheless, I hope you like this chapter. I would have posted it last night but I wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t finish translating it until now. Some parts are a bit awkward.

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Chinese version of this chapter.

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Chapter 37     Brothers

Xuan Luo was honestly too worried about Bai Tian, he couldn’t eat mindfully. There weren’t much rice left though, so he quickly finished it and dragged Hu Zi to find Bai Tian.

“Da ge, thank you so much.” Hu Zi took him to where the old man lived and Xuan Luo was extremely thankful. His feet weren’t steady, but he ran straight into the straw room* The straw room wasn’t big, and Xuan Luo immediately saw a person lying there. Xuan Luo’s heart tingled as he rushed over; unintentionally, tears started rolling down from the corner of his eyes.

“Bai Tian, are you alright?” cried Xuan Luo as he noticed all of Bai Tian’s scars. But Bai Tian could not hear him. Bai Tian had fallen into a coma; he looked as if he died in his sleep.

“Ugh! What are you doing, young lad?” The old man came out. Seeing Xuan Luo kneeled down next to the patient’s bedside, he was frustrated. “You better not cause more damage on top of his current damage!”

Xuan Luo snapped back into reality and looked at the old man. He begged, “Doctor, please save him…” Seeing Xuan Luo’s sincere expression, the old man sadly shook his head, “It’s all on him now.” Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 37.”

Why people test each other

Relationship test

This week’s relationship topic was suggested by my friend, Dan. I am focusing on relationships here, but in general, people test each other all the time.

Here are some of the reasons why I think people test each other in relationships:

1. They want to know how much you care. For instance, a person might stop texting for a couple of days to see if the other person would initiate. A person might ask a ridiculous question and see how you react/respond. Ex. Would you save me or _______ if we both fell in the river? (This is a stupid question, but it’s a common one)

2. They want to know their competition. By asking questions such as: “Do you think she/he is attractive?” The person will be able to tell what type of girls/guys you are into (unless you lie). Some people may ask and get jealous by the answers (because they want to be your only object of desire). Some may ask simply due to curiosity; and some may ask so they know how to avoid/get rid of their competition.

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Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 36.

To my dear readers,

This chapter took me 6 or 7 hours because I couldn’t concentrate and it was so hard. *Sigh* I try not to slack but it is so difficult for me to keep going because translating is just so much work. Sorry for making you guys wait. I feel so drained.  😦

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This is the chapter in Chinese

Chapter 36     The cave

Xuan Luo was in a daze as he followed the direction of the stream. Suddenly, he seemed to spot something. There seemed to be something behind the vine from the cliff. He was curious and immediately hurried towards it. However, due to his injuries, he was slow. Very slow…

Once Xuan Luo got closer, he could see that there was a cave behind the vine. From the cave, out came a breeze of cold wind. It was chilly; Xuan Luo couldn’t help but shiver.

For some odd reason, his mind could feel that something was inside; it was calling him to go in. Xuan Luo didn’t know how to describe the feeling.

Xuan Luo pushed the vine aside and dragged his beaten body inside.

Although the cave was dim, there was still some hint of sunlight; a person with average vision could still see clearly.

Xuan Luo fixedly looked inside, and everything looked out of this world.

The silence of the cave was shattered by the water dripping down from a rock; the rhythm was very steady and sharp -it was beautiful. Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 36.”

Daring to Fly


This week’s Monday post is about my Moo Moo. Haha. She has a blog now. You can check her out here.

In a few days, my Moo Moo will be flying to Cambodia to start a new chapter of her life!!! She is actually leaving her family, friends, and loved ones to open a school/learning centre for English learners in a country where she doesn’t speak the language.

So brave, eh?

Most people are in shock. Why would you do that? Wow, that’s so risky. You’re going to leave Canada? Damnnnnnn…

But it has always been a dream of hers to start her own business. She wants to run her own thing and be in charge; rather than work for someone else.

Honestly, I’m extremely proud of her. Many people dream, but few are willing to take the risk. It takes a lot of courage to go pursue your dreams when most people are doubting your chances of success. 

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Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 35.

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Anyhow, this chapter is long! And it took so long because Chinese is a very frustrating language to translate. Haha. For example: 进退两难 would literally be translated as “advance retreat both difficult“. I have to make this understandable for you guys. In the end, I came up with: It was difficult to choose between the two. Regardless whether they choose to advance or retreat, the outcome didn’t look good. Now you see why I always avoid translating? Haha. It’s mentally draining. My brain…:(

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This is the Chapter in Chinese

Chapter 35     A pack of wolves

As they left the broken house, a gust of fresh and breezy wind blew across their cheeks. It was a very refreshing feeling.

“Let’s go…” Xuan Luo could see that Bai Tian’s eyes looked drowsy. He disregarded it and kept on walking.

“Wu wu…” A crying sound could be heard nearby. Xuan Luo and Bai Tian were confused. What was going on? They were on the mountains yet there was a child crying?

But after quickly thinking about it, Xuan Luo came to the realization that something was wrong. How could there be a child in the middle of the mountains?

Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 35.”