Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 47.

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Lastly, the word I am teaching today is: 的 after a word gives possession. So for example, 我的 means “my” 你的 means “yours.” 他的 means “his” 她的 means “her”. 的 的 的 的 的. You can type it by typing “de” in a pinyin keyboard.

Chapter 47

Just as Lin Shan and Yang Yu Er both fell into the waters, at the Crown Prince’s residence, Du Hao was having a serious chat with Gu Zuo.

“Your subordinate has discovered that the slip of paper is a from a special type of paper that is only produced from the Palace. Therefore, most likely, it was sent from someone here.” Gu Zuo stated.

It was someone from the Palace? Du Hao narrowed his eyes: “What about the flying dagger?”

“The flying dagger is an ordinary item. It is not created from the Palace. However, if a person can thrust such an ordinary item straight into the tree, he must have very strong abilities. I’m afraid he is not an ordinary person.”

Ordinary person? If he was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t dare to be so unbridled in front of my eyes. Du Hao coolly laughed.

At this moment, he suddenly heard someone screaming from faraway.

“Let’s go take a look.” Du Hao said to Gu Zuo. The two of them left the Study one after another, and followed the sounds of the screaming towards the back garden.

It was currently the peak of the midsummer. The lotus pond from the back garden was filled with large pieces of lotus leaves. By the time Du Hao and Gu Zuo arrived, the lotus pond had already been surrounded by quite a number of servant girls. All of them rushed to one side the moment they saw Du Hao; their faces showed signs of fear.

Du Hao looked at the lotus pond and saw Yang Yu Er fluttering like a duck. He couldn’t help but crinkled his brows. Then, he looked at Gu Zuo: “You, go in.”

Poor Gu Zuo was stunned: “Your Highness, I… I do not know how to swim….”

“Are you implying that I should go in instead?” Du Hao narrowed his eyes. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 47.”


Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 46.

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This chapter took me so long because the wording in Chinese was the opposite of English. It made translating so difficult. 😦  . By the way, Lian Feng will be back in Chapter 49.

The words I will be teaching today is she and he. She is 她. He is 他. Notice how the “she” has the 女 on the side. Write it 5 times. 她 她 她 她 她. 他 他 他 他 他. If you want to type it, type “ta”. Both of them are “ta”.

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Chapter 46 

Lin Shan had lived over twenty years, but this was the first time she has experienced “Just exited the Tiger’s cave, but entered a wolf’s den” (idiom). Getting rid of Du Ming Yue was no easy task, but now she was stuck with Du Hao.

Du Hao tried to make it sound pleasant by calling it a “short stay”, but Lin Shan was furious.

If she could speak, she would totally swear at him: You f**ker! This is not a short stay. This is a house arrest!

The moment she arrived at the Crown Prince’s residence, she was locked up in a room. In addition, there were two guards standing by the door. She’s merely a little Prince Consort. Why must Du Hao make such a big deal? Lin Shan honestly couldn’t see through Du Hao.

Just as she was deep in thought, there was a knock on the door.

“Prince Consort, your medicine is ready.” A little servant girl came in, holding a bowl of medicine.

Since Lin Shan was in a bad mood, she gave the servant attitude. She flung her head: I’m not drinking!

The servant girl panicked: “Prince Consort, I was ordered to ensure you would take your medicine at the appropriate time. Please don’t put me in a difficult position?”

So many people put me in a difficult position. Why can’t I make your life difficult? Your fault for meddling in my affairs. You deserve it!

Lin Shan was in a foul mood and refused to drink no matter what.

The little servant girl was almost in tears now. She whined: “Prince Consort. Your servant is begging you. Please drink at least one gulp. If not, the Highness is going to punish me…. Prince Consort!!!”

Nope! Lin Shan flung her head the other way. She refused to look at the servant girl.

At that moment, a sharp female voice entered the room: “Who is it? Who’s weeping and ruining my day? Can’t I have some peace and quiet?” A woman in red entered. She stretched out her neck like a goose. She had so much authority that the two Imperial bodyguards didn’t dare to block her from entering.

Lin Shan glanced over and unexpectedly thought the woman looked familiar. Where have I seen her before? Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 46.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 45.

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The word I would like to teach today is: 你 means you. Write it 5 times! 你 你 你 你 你 You can type it by typing in “ni”. You know that common saying, “Wo ai ni”? It means I love you. I’ve taught you how to write 我 in my previous chapter, and now you know how to write 你. I guess, I should teach you guys how to write love next. 😉

Chapter 45

Lin Shan watched Du Hao stopped in front of a room. He pushed the door opened, and Lin Shan was welcomed by the warmth of a heater. The warmth embraced her frozen body and Lin Shan’s will to survive suddenly erupted.

Before Du Hao could say a word, she had already slipped into the room and huddled right beside the heater. Lin Shan heavenly sighed.

Mother! It’s freezing! Freezing, I tell you! What type of messed up weather is this? It’s supposed to be raining but it felt like I was being slapped by ice instead. It was trying to take my life!

As Lin Shan silently fumed, the room lit up. Du Hao came over and rudely threw a cloth on her head.

Lin Shan couldn’t see a thing and clumsily took the cloth off her head, only to see Du Hao changing in front of her without a care.

Du Hao looked like he was about to go to bed. He only had a black rope draped on his body. Once he took it off, his tan skin was exposed; along with all his scars.

Although Lin Shan had seen Du Hao change before, she still felt awkward. Lin Shan quickly pulled off her headband and covered her face with the cloth to dry her hair. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 45.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 44.

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Anyhow, the word I am teaching today is 我. 我 means I. In Chinese, “I, me, myself” is all the same. We use 我. Since this word is a bit more complicated, I’m only teaching one word today. Write it 5 times! 我 我 我 我 我. If you want to type it, download a Chinese pinyin keyboard and type in “wo”.

As for 女人 (woman), type in “nv ren”. It’s supposed to be nu with two dots at the top, but you will be able to get the same word with nv. 男人 (man) is “nan ren”. Try it!!

Chapter 44

After Lin Shan’s parents left, Lin Shan worked very hard to recuperate for three days straight. She had to be prepared to deal with Du Hao at any moment. From morning until night, she would think of many combat plans. After all, she had to be prepared in case Du Hao unleashed a sudden attack!

Oddly enough, Du Hao seemed to have vanished. There was totally no movement from his side. Instead, there was another person driving Lin Shan nuts; that person was the clueless Du Ming Yue.

Du Ming Yue’s love life experience was truly a tragedy.

Before she was three years old, her goal was to marry her father one day. However, she later found out that the Emperor wasn’t someone she could marry. Therefore, she decided to fall for her eldest brother, Du Ye.

She relied on Du Ye for everything; and whenever she got in trouble, he would back her up. This crush lasted until she was twelve. One day, her mother ruthlessly told her that she could never marry her brother.

Poor Du Ming Yue was broken hearted. Hence, she turned to the servant that served Du Ye. That relationship only lasted for three months. The servant had a mental breakdown and personally transferred to another department to become an eunuch.

Afterwards, Du Ming Yue found out eunuchs were not marriageable either. This was a severe blow to her, and she decided to stop falling in love.

But the year she turned sixteen, Du Ming Yue met Song Lin Feng, the eldest master from the Song family, and fell in love. Finally, she had met a suitable/normal match! Being the bashful teenager she was, it took her awhile to summon up the courage to confess. In the end, she gave her father a note, indicating her love interest.

Yet, she was one step too late. Song Lin Feng had married Yang Bi Yuan, and she somehow ended up with the second brother, Song Luo.

Instead of getting her ideal handsome manly man, she was now left with a feminine weakling. Du Ming Yue threw a fit and prepared a rope to commit suicide, but the Emperor’s words were final. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 44.”

Conforming to society!?

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I haven’t written a personal post in such a long time! But I was inspired by my friend Karen’s Social conformity post so I wanted to write one as well.

Karen shared the following video:


Honestly, I was shocked by how not a single person asked what was going on and continued standing up after the beeping sound purely because everyone else was doing it.

Although I might have stood up if I was placed in the same situation, I know I would have asked the others why they were doing so.

To me, if it doesn’t make sense, I need an answer. 

If I was told, “I’m standing up because everyone is standing up.” I would personally go up to the front desk and ask why the beeping sound = standing up. Are we being recorded? Is this some type of fitness challenge?

If the front desk cannot give me an answer, I would sit back down even if it was uncomfortable.

People may or may not believe me, but I am somewhat of a rebel.

In the past, I have always tried to conform to society and everyone else around me because I wanted to be treated well. I wanted everyone’s approval because I felt like it would make my life better. 

By conforming, it would definitely make life a lot easier. You would fit right in and no one would challenge you.

It’s kind of like peer pressure. Why do kids smoke? Most of the time, it’s because their peers smoke and they want to fit in. By refusing to follow the crowd, you might get excluded or treated poorly.  Continue reading “Conforming to society!?”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 43.

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The word that I’m teaching you guys today is “male”. 男. This is an important word. Write it 5 times to remember. 男男男男男. It has the 田 (field) on top, and 力 (strength) at the bottom.

Remember how I taught you how to write woman in the previous chapter? 女人? Well, a man is a 男人! Write it 5 times. 男人 男人 男人 男人 男人 Now, you know how to write woman and man!!

Chapter 43

Seeing Du Hao, Lin Shan was momentarily stunned. He looked like Lian Feng, but the icy glares brought her back to reality.

That person was Du Hao!

The Imperial physician didn’t expect the Crown Prince’s sudden arrival and hastily kneeled down to greet him.

“Rise.” Du Hao waved his hand. He came by himself and he wasn’t formally dressed, but it did not diminish his dominating aura at all. Only one glance was enough to frighten the Imperial physician half to death.

“How is Prince Consort’s injuries?” He questioned.

“To report to your Highness, Prince Consort has already woken up. However, due to her injuries, she cannot speak at the moment. It will take a few days for her to get better.”

“Cannot speak?” Du Hao arched his brows as he gazed at Lin Shan.

Lin Shan immediately pretended to be asleep, as she heard the cold voice coming through her ears: “I guess that’s not a bad thing. It’s better than avoiding all my questions.”

Lin Shan instantly felt her whole body drenched in cold sweat. Her hands tightly clasped the blanket as she anxiously plotted her next move. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 43.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 42.

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I’ve decided to teach you guys Chinese from now on. (lol). This is the first character I want to teach: 女. 女 means female. This is a very important word in case you need to use the toilet. Go write it down five times now so it’ll stick in your mind. 女女女女女.

人 means person/people. So 女人 means woman. Now, you know how to write woman in Chinese. Write it five times so you will remember. 女人 女人 女人 女人 女人 (Chinese is almost all memorization, so practice makes perfect!!!!)

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Chapter 42

There is a saying that goes, “When you are placed in a field of danger, you will fight to live.” Lin Shan never thought she would ever be in this type of situation.

What Lian Feng said was true. In order for her to live freely, the best solution was to get rid of Song Luo once and for all. But the question was: How is it possible to trick others into thinking that Song Luo has died?

Just as the two of them were at wits’ end, Lin Shan thought of a person.

If there was one person that could help them, it would be Song Luo’s older brother, Lin Feng.

Song Lin Feng’s identity was not merely Song Residence’s eldest son. He was also the son in law of Yang Sui, one of the greatest general of this dynasty.

One of Yang Sui’s biggest regrets was that he didn’t have a son. Fortunately, his daughter Yang Bi Yuan found a good man.

Song Lin Feng was righteous and versatile. Yang Sui was extremely pleased with him and treated Lin Feng as if he were his son. He had assigned tens of thousands of troops under Lin Feng.

As long as Lin Feng was willing to help, making Song Luo disappear would be a much easier task.

Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 42.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 41.

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The novel is going to start getting more serious, but it’s still good. Despite Lin Shan’s wish, she’s going to end up back in the Palace in a few chapters (stay tuned). Du Hao and Lin Shan are going to have some intimate scenes as well. & what’s going to happen with Du Ming Yue?? 😉

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Chapter 41

Lin Shan was silently yelling on the inside, but she didn’t dare to shout at Lian Feng. Although Lian Feng and Du Hao had different temperaments, they were still twins. When they were angry, both of them possessed an aura where no one dared to get near.

What’s there to be done? Apparently, when a man’s erection gets interrupted, his body could be in a disarray…if Lian Feng isn’t careful, perhaps he could practice the “Sunflower treasury*” without castrating!

Thinking of this, Lin Shan became more and more afraid of talking to Lian Feng. All she did was quicken her steps in order to catch up with him.

As for Lian Feng, he was indeed sexually frustrated. Any healthy man in his place would be upset if he had to stop midway. Also, Lian Feng was worried if he got near her again, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Therefore, he avoided any contact with Lin Shan and kept walking ahead.

After awhile, Lian Feng felt his logic slowly returning back to his body. Thus, he decided to slow down to wait for Lin Shan.

However, since Lian Feng was so much taller and bigger than Lin Shan, she was pretty much running and hopping in order to keep up with him. Lin Shan didn’t expect Lian Feng to suddenly stop like an emergency brake, and she crashed straight into him.

Nothing good can result from a tiny woman bumping into a strong man who had practiced martial arts for twenty years. Lin Shan felt as if she had crashed into a wall; her world spun and she saw stars. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 41.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 40.

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Chapter 40

It was a truly ridiculous and sad story.

The current Emperor married late. He didn’t marry Empress Yao until he ascended the throne at the age of twenty three. Not long after their marriage, Empress Yao gave birth to a male baby. The Emperor was delighted and decided to name him Hao.

The word “Hao” meant broad or expansive; meaning the Emperor wanted his son to have a strong name.

Immediately, the Emperor issued an Imperial edict and announced to the world that Du Hao was the Crown Prince. Criminals were given general pardon, and there was an universal celebration.

While the celebration was going on, the midwife unexpectedly discovered another child within the Empress’s womb.

In regards to the Royal family, having twins was a very bad omen. Usually, if an Imperial concubine gave birth to twins, one of them would be drown to death in order to guarantee the longevity of the other child.

Since the Empress had given birth to twins, the midwife was conflicted. She thought about it and decided she must report this to someone of higher authority.

At this moment, the weak Empress tightly grabbed onto the midwife’s hand, and shook her head. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 40.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 39.

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Lin Shan is still naked, so don’t be too upset about this chapter, okay? 😉  Hehe. There will be more upcoming..

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Chapter 39

Lin Shan’s voice was horrible and she was causing Lian Feng distress. However, Lian Feng didn’t expect her to suddenly stop. He was curious and tried to listen more closely; yet he couldn’t hear any activity.

Lian Feng was worried. Lin Shan was not the type to stay quiet. How could she suddenly be so quiet? Could she have gotten into an accident? He started to feel anxious and called her name.

There was no reply.

At that moment, his heart felt very unstable and he couldn’t wait any longer as he rushed back to the hot spring.

It was a captivating sight. The dense steam from the hot spring was rising as it enveloped around the petite figure that was lying on a rock. Lin Shan was totally naked as her black hair spilled out like black ink on her fair tender shoulders.

Lin Shan’s arm was motionless as she lied her upper body on the rock. It looked like she fell asleep.

Lian Feng felt a rush of heat from his body going straight into his brain; it was so intense that he could feel his cold mask turning warm.

Shouldn’t she know she could faint from being in a hot spring for too long? How could she fall asleep? Lian Feng felt a bit hopeless. He clenched his teeth as he tried to subdue the warm flow that was running through his body. Lian Feng walked over to her.

Currently, Lin Shan was in such a deep sleep that the sky could collapse and she wouldn’t even know. We cannot blame her though. The reason why she was like this was because of the poisonous flowers from the Black Moon Gang.

Although Lin Shan didn’t know martial arts, she did inhale quite a bit. At the time, symptoms didn’t show. But the hot temperature from the hot spring had activated the poison. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 39.”