Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 40.

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Chapter 40

It was a truly ridiculous and sad story.

The current Emperor married late. He didn’t marry Empress Yao until he ascended the throne at the age of twenty three. Not long after their marriage, Empress Yao gave birth to a male baby. The Emperor was delighted and decided to name him Hao.

The word “Hao” meant broad or expansive; meaning the Emperor wanted his son to have a strong name.

Immediately, the Emperor issued an Imperial edict and announced to the world that Du Hao was the Crown Prince. Criminals were given general pardon, and there was an universal celebration.

While the celebration was going on, the midwife unexpectedly discovered another child within the Empress’s womb.

In regards to the Royal family, having twins was a very bad omen. Usually, if an Imperial concubine gave birth to twins, one of them would be drown to death in order to guarantee the longevity of the other child.

Since the Empress had given birth to twins, the midwife was conflicted. She thought about it and decided she must report this to someone of higher authority.

At this moment, the weak Empress tightly grabbed onto the midwife’s hand, and shook her head.

Empress Yao was the daughter of the founder state General, Yao Jian. Due to her background, she was very aware that there was no such thing as twins in the Palace. This child should have never been born, and his birth will definitely cause an endless amount of trouble for his brother in the near future.

Of course, Empress Yao didn’t want to see her two children slaughtering each other; yet, she didn’t want to personally kill one of them either. After thinking about it, the weak Empress made a decision. She was going to send the child out of the Palace before anyone could find out the truth.

The Empress kept everything concealed and secretly contacted the sworn brother of her grandfather. His name was Lian Kuang and he was the owner of a compelling blade. However, he was no longer active in the martial arts world.

The Empress entrusted her child to Lian Kuang and pleaded that he take the child away as far as possible. Ideally, he would never step into the Palace. In addition, she sent a mask as well; hoping that no one would see his face after he turns the age of sixteen.

Lian Kuang had lived in solitude all his life. He had no children or family of his own. When he received the request from the Empress, he ran off with the infant to live in seclusion deep in the mountains.

Lian Kuang decided to name the child Lian Feng. The name “Feng” meant wind; Lian Kuang wanted Lian Feng to live freely like the wind.

Time passed and Lian Kuang taught Lian Feng how to live a life of integrity. In fact, Lian Kuang passed on all the knowledge and skills he possessed.

This plan was perfect as not one drop of water had been leaked; even Du Hao had no idea that he had a younger brother who looked exactly like him.

However, by the time Lian Feng turned sixteen, Lian Kuang was nearly a hundred years old. He knew he was dying when he personally placed the mask on Lian Feng’s face.

Right after Lian Kuang warned Lian Feng to never take off the mask, he died. Poor Lian Feng was devastated by the death of his master and naturally obeyed his words. From then on, Lian Feng never took off the mask.

Fast forward, Lian Feng was now nineteen, he was practicing his blade within the mountains when he suddenly heard violent sounds nearby. He lifted his blade and took a look and saw that a bunch of people had surrounded two middle aged men. The two men appeared to be losing and as a righteous person, Lian Feng stepped in and saved the two using his powerful blade.

At the time, he had no idea that one of the two men was the current Emperor, Du Yi, in disguise.  Du Yi was the father that he had never seen before.

Since Du Yi was saved by Lian Feng, he was extremely grateful to him. When he got back to the Capital, he ordered Lian Feng to come to the Palace and bestowed him the title of the highest Imperial bodyguard.

Lian Feng was given the golden sabre and allowed to exit and enter the Palace whenever he wished. He also had the authority to act first and report later.

This type of honour could only be dreamt of by an ordinary person. Soon, Lian Feng’s name had been spread throughout the Palace.

“Have you heard? This Imperial bodyguard has a mask on his face. No one has seen his true identity!” When the Empress heard this from one of her female servants, she knew it was God’s will.

The Empress instantly went to find Lian Feng because she didn’t want Lian Feng to freak out when he saw that the Crown Prince looked exactly like him. She told Lian Feng everything and apologized for being selfish. She also apologized on Du Hao’s behalf and said that if he wanted to seize the throne, she would not stop him.

However, Lian Feng had no desire to be the next Emperor. He had grown up deep in the mountains, and Lian Kuang had taught him not to care about fame or fortune. After his master’s death, what Lian Feng wanted was not the throne, but to be able to see his family living well.

Lian Feng chose to remain silent, which the Empress didn’t expect. So although she knew Lian Feng’s existence was a threat to Du Hao, there was nothing she could do. She owed Lian Feng way too much.

For the past nineteen years, the Empress had been tortured by nightmares. Her guilty conscience had caused her to age prematurely and she would spend the entire day in the prayer room.

Now that the child had returned, how could she stop him from staying with the family?

Therefore, the Empress silently allowed Lian Feng’s existence.


Honestly, Lin Shan knew that there was some type of messed up relationship between Lian Feng and Du Hao. But she didn’t expect the connection to be this ridiculous. She was having trouble accepting the story.

Are you kidding me? Both of them are from the same stomach. Why is it that one of them can be doted on by his parents, live a high end life, and be arrogant; while the other one has to live in the secluded mountains with his master, forever alone? Who says that twins are a bad omen? What the f***! This stupid superstition is ruining lives!

At that moment, Lin Shan suddenly felt her blood surge. Her motherly instinct kicked in and she declared: “Don’t worry! I’m here now. Anyone who picks on you, I’ll bite them to death!” Lin Shan slapped her breasts.

Lian Feng was speechless. When he saw where Lin Shan’s white hand was slapping, the heat that just went down immediately shot right up. His face went scarlet.

Lin Shan was too used to seeing Lian Feng with his mask on, and didn’t realized his abnormal expression. She was confused as to why he wasn’t responding and his averting glances. What’s going on? Therefore, she innocently jabbed in the Lian Feng chest: “Hey. I’m talking to you, why don’t you have a reaction?”

The person holding her shivered and became more stiff.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Hello…” Seeing how her finger wasn’t effective, she placed two hands on his shoulders and started shaking.

She shook once; there was no response.

She shook twice; there was still no response.

By the third time, Lian Feng was about to speak but Lin Shan’s face had froze. Umm… the thing beneath her….could it be….

The slow innocent Lin Shan finally realized that Lian Feng was having an erection. Her face turned as red as a cooked shrimp.

“Umm.. I…I’m going to put on some clothes first….” She clumsily tried to climb out of Lian Feng’s embrace. However, she was so nervous that she became even clumsier.

Now, it just looked like a tiny kitten trying to dig its way out. Before she could get up, the clothes that was covering her back slipped down even more. Now, her neck and back were both exposed underneath the hazy moon light.

Lian Feng was originally using a huge amount of willpower to control himself. However, this woman unknowingly kept touching him and squirming around. In addition, the closer this soft sweet smelling body pressed against him, the more he was losing it.

Currently, he was at his tipping point. He deeply growled: “Don’t move!”

His low voice surprised Lin Shan and the clothes that was covering her slipped all the way down.

Just a moment ago, it was so noisy. But now, everything was silent. They make eye contact and Lin Shan felt uneasy. Very uneasy. Extremely uneasy! She quickly tried to cover her breasts but it was too late.

A huge force pounced on her and she couldn’t move at all. Her naked back coincidentally lied on top of her clothes. A strong masculine scent surrounded her.

Lian Feng was like a ferocious beast that was waiting in the dark after powering up. He suddenly pounced on her, and Lin Shan didn’t know what to feel at the moment. She was a mixture of everything; scared, hopeful, and restless. Her body also seemed to be gathering energy; from her brain to her breasts, from her breasts to her stomach, lastly —

*Gu lu lu….*

This perfect timing, atmosphere, and setting was completely destroyed by a sound that sounded like thunder.

“Umm… ” Lin Shan blushed as she pointed: “I think I’m hungry….”

Lian Feng: “……….”

Lin Shan continued pointing with her finger: “I haven’t eaten since the morning… I’m afraid I won’t have enough strength…”

Lian Feng: “……….”

“If it’s very urgent, I’ll help you settle it first….”

Poor Lian Feng crumbled. He stood up without an expression. He turned around and stated: “Put your clothes on properly. I will bring you down the mountain.”

Lin Shan felt wronged. She felt so wronged.

My empty stomach is reacting naturally, you can’t blame me, ok? It’s not like I wanted my stomach to growl during a crucial moment. If you want to blame someone, blame the head cook for the soldiers. He is such a bad cook that he caused me to lose my appetite!

Lin Shan was grumbling on the inside as she hurried behind Lian Feng. Lian Feng was walking at a very fast pace and wouldn’t say a word. Clearly, he was in a terrible mood.

Hey! You’re hungry but I’m hungry too! You can’t expect me to help you settle your bodily needs at my expense! Haven’t you heard the saying, “One cannot function properly on an empty stomach?” People get panicky after one meal. I haven’t eaten two meals, and you want me to go through intense physical exercise? I could die!

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  1. Thank you for your dedication!! Please get some deserve rest and thank you to the individual who donated. I really think this chapter was cute ave humorous.

    1. Thank you. Haha. It was really cute towards the end but I wished Lin Shan didn’t go hungry at a crucial moment 😒😒😒. Thanks for reading!

  2. Damn you Lin Shan, I’ll feed you a feast BUT LATER DX do intense physical exercise now !!!
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  5. I don’t know why his mother feels so guilty. Because of her he was able to live. She sent him to a good man. Someone who kept him safe and taught him well. He became someone virtuous and kind and valiant. The only thing he lacked was experience with women and I don’t think Lin Shan is really unhappy that he comes without all that baggage.

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