Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 39.

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Lin Shan is still naked, so don’t be too upset about this chapter, okay? 😉  Hehe. There will be more upcoming..

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Chapter 39

Lin Shan’s voice was horrible and she was causing Lian Feng distress. However, Lian Feng didn’t expect her to suddenly stop. He was curious and tried to listen more closely; yet he couldn’t hear any activity.

Lian Feng was worried. Lin Shan was not the type to stay quiet. How could she suddenly be so quiet? Could she have gotten into an accident? He started to feel anxious and called her name.

There was no reply.

At that moment, his heart felt very unstable and he couldn’t wait any longer as he rushed back to the hot spring.

It was a captivating sight. The dense steam from the hot spring was rising as it enveloped around the petite figure that was lying on a rock. Lin Shan was totally naked as her black hair spilled out like black ink on her fair tender shoulders.

Lin Shan’s arm was motionless as she lied her upper body on the rock. It looked like she fell asleep.

Lian Feng felt a rush of heat from his body going straight into his brain; it was so intense that he could feel his cold mask turning warm.

Shouldn’t she know she could faint from being in a hot spring for too long? How could she fall asleep? Lian Feng felt a bit hopeless. He clenched his teeth as he tried to subdue the warm flow that was running through his body. Lian Feng walked over to her.

Currently, Lin Shan was in such a deep sleep that the sky could collapse and she wouldn’t even know. We cannot blame her though. The reason why she was like this was because of the poisonous flowers from the Black Moon Gang.

Although Lin Shan didn’t know martial arts, she did inhale quite a bit. At the time, symptoms didn’t show. But the hot temperature from the hot spring had activated the poison. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 39.”