Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 46.

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The words I will be teaching today is she and he. She is 她. He is 他. Notice how the “she” has the 女 on the side. Write it 5 times. 她 她 她 她 她. 他 他 他 他 他. If you want to type it, type “ta”. Both of them are “ta”.

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Chapter 46 

Lin Shan had lived over twenty years, but this was the first time she has experienced “Just exited the Tiger’s cave, but entered a wolf’s den” (idiom). Getting rid of Du Ming Yue was no easy task, but now she was stuck with Du Hao.

Du Hao tried to make it sound pleasant by calling it a “short stay”, but Lin Shan was furious.

If she could speak, she would totally swear at him: You f**ker! This is not a short stay. This is a house arrest!

The moment she arrived at the Crown Prince’s residence, she was locked up in a room. In addition, there were two guards standing by the door. She’s merely a little Prince Consort. Why must Du Hao make such a big deal? Lin Shan honestly couldn’t see through Du Hao.

Just as she was deep in thought, there was a knock on the door.

“Prince Consort, your medicine is ready.” A little servant girl came in, holding a bowl of medicine.

Since Lin Shan was in a bad mood, she gave the servant attitude. She flung her head: I’m not drinking!

The servant girl panicked: “Prince Consort, I was ordered to ensure you would take your medicine at the appropriate time. Please don’t put me in a difficult position?”

So many people put me in a difficult position. Why can’t I make your life difficult? Your fault for meddling in my affairs. You deserve it!

Lin Shan was in a foul mood and refused to drink no matter what.

The little servant girl was almost in tears now. She whined: “Prince Consort. Your servant is begging you. Please drink at least one gulp. If not, the Highness is going to punish me…. Prince Consort!!!”

Nope! Lin Shan flung her head the other way. She refused to look at the servant girl.

At that moment, a sharp female voice entered the room: “Who is it? Who’s weeping and ruining my day? Can’t I have some peace and quiet?” A woman in red entered. She stretched out her neck like a goose. She had so much authority that the two Imperial bodyguards didn’t dare to block her from entering.

Lin Shan glanced over and unexpectedly thought the woman looked familiar. Where have I seen her before? Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 46.”