Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 25.

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Chapter 25

“This time it’s really not my fault. I already tried to warn you. You just didn’t believe me. As a person, you shouldn’t question others so much….” Lin Shan spoke a jumble of words, then suddenly realized that Du Hao was acting strangely. He gritted his teeth and looked as if he was suffering.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Hello…”

“Be quiet.” Du Hao barked. Then he lowered his voice, “I have been bitten.”

“Uh…what??” Lin Shan was stunned. “The snake bit you?” The Sun had just set and the hole they were in was getting darker and darker. Lin Shan never expected Du Hao to be bitten.

Wow, the snake sure has guts. It dares to bite the Crown Prince. It isn’t afraid to die?

Wait!! Lin Shan seemed to have thought of something… it….it wasn’t a poisonous snake, right?

She wanted to ask, but Du Hao had already sat down crossed legged in a lotus position. There was a faint glowing light coming out from his sack. When he opened it up, it revealed the three night pearls. The light from the pearls lit up the entire hole.

Lin Shan finally realized how poor their situation was. The hole must be at least ten metres in length. It was very narrow and there were no other passageways. The wall was a type of strange rock that didn’t look natural.

But at this moment, she didn’t care. All her attention was directed towards Du Hao’s three night pearls. Her eyes were almost shining as brightly as the pearls.

Du Hao crinkled his brows. He could clearly feel the snake venom spreading throughout his body. If he didn’t do anything soon, his life might be in danger. He lifted his head to look at Lin Shan and saw her eyes staring intently at the pearls. He was disgusted. How could this person be the same person as the maiden in his heart?

“Do you want it?” He lifted one of the pearls.

Lin Shan fiercely nodded.

“Help me suck out the snake venom and this is yours.” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 25.”


Hm… thoughts?

Green one eyed monster
This is my profile pic on discord. Haha.
Last Monday, I didn’t write my normal Monday post. I felt bad and I wanted to write, but I didn’t feel like venting or sharing some of my personal issues.

However, I don’t want to skip my post again, so I’m going to share a bit.

If you have read my last original post My Adventures on Discord , you would know that I have found a very fun and interactive online community.

Due to my illness, I am often at home. Therefore, nowadays, I usually go on discord daily.

I really enjoy karaoke-ing and chatting with different translators and editors from all over the world. Sometimes, on voice chat, people would play guitar or piano, and a bunch of us would mute ourselves and listen. It’s like attending a concert, except you can only listen.

A few days ago, Options was playing the piano. Deceptioning made a comment.

Deceptioning: Your girlfriend will be a lucky woman (due to the fast fingers? Haha)

A bunch of people: Options is a girl!

Deceptioning: Oh…lucky guy then?

Options: Well, I do have my options (get it? Her name is Options, so she has her options! AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA *insert the laughing crying face emoticon*)

*By the way, this was through text and we didn’t actually hear Option speak, so most of us had no idea she was a female.

But on a serious note, discord also made me learn a few things about myself and people.

If someone really wants to talk to you, he/she will make the effort to talk to you even if there are so many barriers (ex. they’re busy, different time zones, different work schedules, etc).

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs -Chapter 24.

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Chapter 24

Lin Shan developed her slingshot skills back when she was a little girl in her grandmother’s village. At the time, she would go play with a bunch of other children to capture sparrows. As long as she had her slingshot, she was invincible. Since she possesses this amazing technique, she was full of confidence as she lifted her slingshot. She swears to God that she will get revenge for what Du Hao has done to her the past few times.

The Sun was setting and the sky was starting to darken. Lin Shan was ambushing behind a shrub, watching Du Hao as he paced back and forth. All of a sudden, he stopped to look up at the sky.

I must take advantage of this opportunity!

Lin Shan immediately lifted her slingshot and aimed at a crucial spot. She didn’t hesitate at all as she striked.

She expected to hear a cry of pain, but instead, Du Hao disappeared without a trace.

Lin Shan was dumbfounded. Where did he go?

She was very confused. How come he was here a second ago, and disappeared within a blink? Did he discover her? She felt tense and didn’t dare to make another move in case she exposed herself. Therefore, she squatted behind the shrub until she felt like Du Hao was gone.

Lin Shan cautiously stood up, planning to head back and find her brother.

The moment she stood up, there was sounds of rustling leaves and Du Hao reappeared to capture the person that had ambushed him. He placed a dagger on Lin Shan’s neck.

Lin Shan was caught off guard and slowly turned around as they both made eye contact. Both of them were appalled.

Du Hao frowned: “How come it’s….”

Before he could finish, Lin Shan knew she was in trouble. She loudly yelled: “Look at that!” And while Du Hao’s attention was divided, she turned around and ran as fast as she could.

This type of trick would never fool Du Hao. He easily grabbed hold of Lin Shan’s collar and pulled her back. He had a devilish smile on his face: “Still think you can run?”

His voice made Lin Shan tremble although she wasn’t cold. Currently, all she can sense was danger. They say when dogs are panicking, they may jump over walls. Well, when Lin Shan is panicking, she will also do things she wouldn’t normally do.

Lin Shan turned around and without thinking, she lifted her leg like a reflex and ruthlessly kicked Du Hao in the groin.

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 23.

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I’m going to link you guys the Chinese version of the novel. If you can read Chinese, you don’t have to wait for my translations. If you decide to spoil the story for yourself and then come back to read my translations, don’t blame me 😛  My translations are not exactly 100% accurate. I would say around 90%? Sometimes, I just can’t translate a sentence because it’s honestly too different in English. (Imagine looking at those texts and translating it into something you could understand. Until you actually translate, you wouldn’t know how hard it is)

Click here for the Chinese

Btw, a reader mentioned how I should be using Emperor instead of King. Therefore, I am now using Emperor as King. It is more accurate. I wasn’t thinking precisely enough.

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Chapter 23

NOTE: SONG LIN FENG is not LIAN FENG. Song Lin Feng is Song Luo’s brother. Please do not mix up the two. Their names are very similar.

GUI MEI‘s master is the 3rd Prince. CHI MEI is the Crown Prince’s horse. (Just stating in case you get confused)


A month had gone by, and the yearly Imperial equestrian competition was fast approaching.

Lin Shan went to practice daily. Although Wu Ying continued to ignore her, at least he didn’t bother flinging her off anymore. Perhaps horses were just like humans. After doing something numerous times, they would also become numb to it. Not to mention, Lin Shan was shameless, she was not going to stop until she reaches the Yellow River.

Under Lian Feng’s guidance, Lin Shan’s horrid riding skills had improved substantially. However, Lin Shan was not satisfied. Her goal was to become the ultimate first place winner. But based on her current level, she was definitely not going to win. Hence, she was trying to come up with another tactic.

By the way, this equestrian competition was not an individual competition. It was actually team based. There were four teams in total. The Heaven team was led by the Crown Prince Du Hao; his team consisted of other Princes. The Earth team was led by the Third Prince Du Jing; his team consisted of Princes and the sons of some of the royal uncles. The last two teams were the Imperial officials teams. The leader of the Mystical team was Liu Qin Yun, the son of the Imperial tutor. Lastly, the Golden team that Lin Shan was part of was under Song Lin Feng, her brother.

Logically, based on the skills of Song Lin Feng, coming out as the winner shouldn’t be difficult. However, Song Lin Feng was a very cautious man. He’d rather give up the first place than to offend anyone of authority. Thus, Lin Shan could only rely on herself.

Lin Shan quickly examined each leader in her mind. First, Liu Qin Yun. Sources have told her that he had spent his childhood with the Crown Prince and was super loyal to him. Therefore, he definitely wouldn’t try to come out ahead of Du Hao. He could be eliminated as a threat.

Next, Du Jing. In Lin Shan’s opinion, Du Jing would probably only be a threat if the reward was a beautiful woman. She didn’t think Du Jing would be interested in any gold, silver or precious stones. Therefore, she removed him as a threat.

So basically, her only threat was Du Hao. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 23.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 22.

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Chapter 22

The news that the Crown Prince and the Prince Consort were going to compete instantaneously spread throughout the range. All the Royal relatives and sons of important officials gathered around the center to witness this rare sight.

Right now, Lin Shan was in the center being surrounded. She felt very depressed.

This is definitely revenge!! He’s getting revenge!! Deep down, she viciously cursed at Du Hao as she lifted her head. She stiffly smiled and said: “Your Highness, my skills are inferior to yours. I think we should just let it go…”

Du Hao raised his eyebrows: “So Prince Consort is not going to give me face?”

Lin Shan wanted to burst into tears. He was clearly threatening her. As a Crown Prince, why must you pick on a tiny Prince Consort? You have no manners! She continued to swear at Du Hao in her mind.

Lin Shan placed her hand on her forehead and weakly said: “Aiii ya, I suddenly feel a bit dizzy. So dizzy… I’m going to go over there to sit down…”

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 21.

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Chapter 21

The luxuriousness of the Third Prince’s carriage was comparable to a modern Rolls-Royce!

The interiors of the carriage was all gold. On the seat lied a soft woolen cushion. Du Jing was lying on his side. He was wearing a dark green gown, and his long hair was bind up together by an emerald hairpin* There were a few loose strands that lingered around his neck, attracting attention on his white and delicate collarbone.

As he lied on his side, there was a long table of fine household utensils on the embroidered tablecloth. On the table were dried fruits, pastries, and a white jade wine pot and goblets. Anyone viewing this would feel the extravagance.

The moment Lin Shan looked at her surroundings, she sighed in her heart: What a big sinner!

“Song brother, please sit.” Du Jing flirtatiously smiled as Lin Shan got onto the carriage. If the greeters of Leaning Vermilion House saw Du Jing’s smile, they would be ashamed of themselves.

“Third Prince, for some reason, every time I see you, I can’t help but think of a flower.”

“Brother, what type of flower are you thinking of?”


“Do you have a source?”

“I don’t have a source, but I’ve heard of a very powerful martial arts called, “The Sunflower manual”. After you practice it, not only would you become an ultimate expert, your muscles would be very flexible, your blood would be enriched, and your skin would be nourished. It’s definitely very suitable for you, Third Prince!”

“Woah. This type of martial arts exist? How could I have never heard of it before?”

“It is said that this is an extinct text. I have only heard of it. If it interests you, Third Prince, you should find someone to scout it out. If you find it, even if you don’t care for the fighting aspect, it’s still good to strengthen your body!”

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 20.

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A common question I get asked is, “How did you learn to read Chinese?” I have written a post on it before. If you want, you can take a look: How to read Chinese

Chapter 20

Three days later, Lin Shan went to the Imperial Censor building to do her job.

The Imperial Censor building was where they supervise institutions in Ancient China. Their job was to present matters, inspect, and propose ideas and  give suggestions to the Emperor.

Honestly, this would be considered a cushy job. However, Lin Shan always had the worse of luck. On the first day she took office, they were notified that the someone from the Imperial Court was going to come and scrutinize them. Right now, everyone was trying to get their act together.

You need to understand, the Imperial Censor building was a control institution. The officials were all amazing at bullshitting. Whoever that dared to offend them, they would flip the table; from white to black, dead to living. Therefore, regardless of ranking, most of the government officials did not dare to mess with them.

As a result, those working in the Imperial Censor building have all became obnoxious and proud. Their behaviours had a lot of issues but no one could do anything about it. Now that someone from the Imperial Court was suddenly coming to check on them, they were freaking out. Another issue was, they must find a person to greet and handle the visitor.

Speaking of Lin Shan, her luck couldn’t get any more rotten than this. She was going to live as a carefree Prince Consort, but due to the confiscation of Wu Liang Zhi’s residence, not only did she fail to gain a profit, she ended up becoming an Imperial Censor -thanks to the Emperor’s Imperial edict. As a modern person, she could only read half of the Ancient text. How the heck was she going to do this job?

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 19.

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Chapter 19

Lin Shan found Lian Feng in the stable. He was examining the precious horses that the Western Regions had offered as a tribute. Soon, the Palace will be holding an equestrian archery competition.

From a distance, he could see an angry person storming towards him. Lian Feng was startled and tried to avoid eye contact; he was about to leave.

Oh young man!? You’re deliberately trying to avoid me, eh?! Lin Shan quickly dashed towards Lian Feng and grabbed hold of his arm: “You can’t leave! I have things to ask you!”

Lian Feng didn’t expect Lin Shan to be so forceful. Hence, he had no choice but to remain still. He turned around calmly and asked: “Does Prince Consort require your servant’s help? And could Prince Consort let go of this servant before he speaks?”

“You think I’m going to let go just because you say so? The moment I let you go, you will slip away! Don’t think I can’t tell you’re avoiding me!” No matter what, Lin Shan wasn’t going to let go. She was nearly leaning against him now.

Lian Feng felt a bit helpless. He thought he was doing a great job at concealing his intention, yet Lin Shan was able to see right through him. He admits, he was avoiding Song Luo. But there was a reason…. he looked down at the person who wouldn’t let go of his arm. Although the way Song Luo carried himself was always informal and ridiculous, it couldn’t hide the spirited elegant energy of his. Each time Lian Feng sees him, his heart becomes unstable. He doesn’t dare to go near him. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 19.”

My Adventures on Discord

A couple weeks ago, I wrote on Reddit asking for novel suggestions. I was forced to stop translating Zui Wu Dao because the author had stop writing in the middle of the story. Hence, I was looking for something new to translate.

Originally, I started translating because I wanted to lure readers into my blog so they would read my personal posts. However, that didn’t go as well as I thought it would. The majority of my readers come purely for the translations. That’s it. The moment they get what they want, they leave.

As for my friends, they are not interested in my translations at all. They only want to read my personal posts.

Nonetheless, I still do both because it’s personal development and I am a very expressive person.

So on Reddit, an user told me to message a person called Amery Edge. Apparently, he does teasers on his site and he could give me some suggestions.

I decided to email him (at the time, I didn’t know it was a guy) to see what suggestions he would give me.

Amery was very helpful and specific in his email. He suggested “Your Highness, I know my wrongs” but I was quite reluctant at first because the story seemed really ridiculous and silly. (I mean, c’mon, the title is a turn off LOL) jk

I wanted a novel that would generate more views and donations. However, I didn’t want to be a total snob so I decided to at least read the first few chapters he had already translated.

I was instantly hooked. IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD.  Continue reading “My Adventures on Discord”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 18.

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In addition, the male MC of this novel is actually Lian Feng. However, the Crown Prince also has a very important role. It’s almost like there are two male MC…But what I love about this story is that every chapter is interesting. The author really doesn’t waste any time. 🙂

Anyhow, I’m going to promote a post: Should guys pay for the first date?

Chapter 18

Confiscation was still in the process. Numbers were continuously given to Du Hao. With every book he went through, he became increasingly more agitated.

What’s going on? Although the Wu residence was decorated like a royal palace, it was like an empty shell. Aside from a couple of ornamental items in the house and jewelry from the ladies’ rooms, there didn’t seem to be any expensive things.

However, Wu Liang Zhi was known to be a corrupted official. Where’s all the money he had gotten from his corruption?

“Gu Zuo, what are your thoughts?” Du Hao asked.

Gu Zuo was Du Hao’s trusted aide. Gu Zho had very delicate features and totally looked like a scholar. He had been by Du Hao’s side for many years.

“Based on your subordinate’s views, Wu Liang Zhi should not be underestimated. Through all these years, no one had been able to grab hold of any information that could be used against him. Most likely, this sly old fox had buried or hidden all his possessions.”

Du Hao nodded: “Your views are aligned with mines. I guess we have no choice but to go to the dungeon to find the old sly fox!” As Du Hao spoke, he walked near a window. His eyes caught sight of a small figure squatting next to a tree in the garden. From where he was, he couldn’t tell what the person was doing.

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