Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 20.

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A common question I get asked is, “How did you learn to read Chinese?” I have written a post on it before. If you want, you can take a look: How to read Chinese

Chapter 20

Three days later, Lin Shan went to the Imperial Censor building to do her job.

The Imperial Censor building was where they supervise institutions in Ancient China. Their job was to present matters, inspect, and propose ideas and  give suggestions to the Emperor.

Honestly, this would be considered a cushy job. However, Lin Shan always had the worse of luck. On the first day she took office, they were notified that the someone from the Imperial Court was going to come and scrutinize them. Right now, everyone was trying to get their act together.

You need to understand, the Imperial Censor building was a control institution. The officials were all amazing at bullshitting. Whoever that dared to offend them, they would flip the table; from white to black, dead to living. Therefore, regardless of ranking, most of the government officials did not dare to mess with them.

As a result, those working in the Imperial Censor building have all became obnoxious and proud. Their behaviours had a lot of issues but no one could do anything about it. Now that someone from the Imperial Court was suddenly coming to check on them, they were freaking out. Another issue was, they must find a person to greet and handle the visitor.

Speaking of Lin Shan, her luck couldn’t get any more rotten than this. She was going to live as a carefree Prince Consort, but due to the confiscation of Wu Liang Zhi’s residence, not only did she fail to gain a profit, she ended up becoming an Imperial Censor -thanks to the Emperor’s Imperial edict. As a modern person, she could only read half of the Ancient text. How the heck was she going to do this job?

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