Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 15.

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Chapter 15

On the second day of Du Hao’s return, an announcement was made to cancel the welcome reception that was originally planned for the Crown Prince’s victory. The reason being the Crown Prince thought it was a waste of manpower and resources. As a result, he suggested to the Emperor to use the expenses saved for the reception to reward the army and the soldiers instead.

Du Hao’s suggestion received the Emperor’s full support. In addition, it won the praises of all the government officials. Among the common people, he had obtained a very high level of respect. In no time, the Crown Prince’s name had been spread across to the country’s young and old. Everyone prided themselves for having such a noble Crown Prince. The Emperor couldn’t stop glorifying his son, and decided to assign his son to investigate the intruder’s whereabouts.

As Du Hao was occupied with the investigation, Lin Shan was still in the Palace being bored out of her mind.

Originally, the Crown Prince’s arrival was supposed to be exciting. Lin Shan was looking forward to the welcoming feast. But now, it was cancelled. Damn that Crown Prince. The moment he came back, he went to investigate on the intruder. Now everyone in the Palace were complaining about how they could not see his gorgeous face. It was driving Lin Shan nuts.

Stop being so pathetic, will you? It’s just the Crown Prince. You guys look like you would pounce on him like a dog with a bone! For a couple of days, Lin Shan was extremely irritated… until she didn’t even care anymore. She changed into a garment and decided to go bug someone.

That unlucky person, obviously, was Lian Feng.

Honestly, you can’t blame Lin Shan. Ever since she had entered the Palace, the faces and names she could actually recognize were fewer than ten. From the ten, some of them weren’t on good terms with her. For instance, Du Ming Yue. These days, she would glare at her daily and then coldly make a “hummph” sound. After that, she would completely disregard her existence.

As for Du Jing, ever since what happened at the Leaning Vermilion House, he hated her guts. Apparently after Du Ming Yue found out they were out together, she went crazy on Du Jing. According to some, that day Du Ming Yue seized a couple of Du Jing’s servants and questioned them individually. As a result, all of Du Jing’s servants were terrified whenever they came across the Prince Consort. They would flee as if they had seen a ghost. As well, Du Jing had completely decided to break off all ties with her. Whenever they bumped into each other in the Palace, he wouldn’t even glance her way; which showed how arrogant he was.

Lin Shan wasn’t angry though. She didn’t want to interact with those people anyway. Even if they gave me attention, I would rather not be there. But honestly, life here was too dull! Lin Shan slammed the table. Out of everyone in the Palace, Lian Feng was the only person she had similar things to talk with. Then again, he usually didn’t talk.

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