The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The chief manager is an asshole!

Le Yao Yao had a sour expression on her face as she faced Leng Jun Yu. Leng Jun Yu’s eyes were narrowed and his red lips were tightly pursed; indicating his displeasure.

His voice was like the cold wind blowing from an ice cave. It caused others to shiver –

“Not bad. Not bad. You sure have guts.”

His voice was low and hoarse. Although he praised her, his voice didn’t conceal any of his fury.


Hearing the King of Hell’s words, Le Yao Yao felt like there was cotton stuck in her throat. She couldn’t say a word.

Also, her tiny body was shaking from fear. She was honestly terrified!

She recalled the incident from two days ago. Prince Rui had slaughtered over dozens of assassins in such atrocious ways! He didn’t allow a single one of them to live. He was ruthless and heartless.

If he could get rid of those assassins so easily, he could probably demolish her with one slap.

Le Yao Yao had turned all white by now. Fortunately, the overbearing feeling disappeared after a few seconds.

She waited until the steady footsteps had become distant before she slowly lifted her head up and breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank you for your blessings, Buddha! The King of Hell was gone.

But Le Yao Yao was actually kind of surprised that the King of Hell didn’t kill her. Because Xiao Mu Zi had told her once the King of Hell had ‘ka cha’ a eunuch’s head for knocking over a cup of tea. In comparison, her issue was much bigger, yet the King of Hell spared her?

Strange! Very strange indeed!

While Le Yao Yao was staring in awe, an angry voice entered her ears, bringing her back to reality.

When Le Yao Yao saw the furious face of the chief manager, she wanted to cry but had no tears….

Damn it! Her bad luck really wouldn’t let her go….


Although it was early Summer, the temperature always fluctuated a lot.

In a moment, the initial clear and boundless sky was thoroughly covered by black clouds.

The low black clouds hovered in midair and looked more like a black whirlpool. People who saw it would hold their breaths.

Right before a rainstorm, it was always quiet. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 47”


The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Nobody left the residence

Shi Cheng was initially very scared. But after thinking about it, he was the victim! Logically, Prince Rui was the one that had to compensate him. He wasn’t the one that had done something wrong to his people. Why should he be so afraid?

So, Master Shi straightened his back and no longer stuttered.

But Shi Cheng didn’t know that in everyone else’s eyes, he looked like a piece of shit.

“Oh. So Master Shi had been beaten up.”

Leng Jun Yu opened his red lips and spoke very slowly. He acted surprised, but it was very fake. Through Master Shi’s eyes, it was obvious that Leng Jun Yu looked down on him and he didn’t bother trying to hide it at all.

Immediately, Shi Cheng began to turn green and white from anger.

If the person facing him wasn’t the King of Hell, Master Shi would have violently ran up and punched him already. He hated being looked down upon. Sadly, his opponent was the King of Hell. Regardless of how many rude and disgusted looks Prince Rui gave him, he didn’t possess the heart of a bear and the courage of the leopard to fiercely confront him.

After all, the entire Heaven Yuan dynasty knew all about his ruthless and savage past achievements. The incident with the assassins from a few days ago had somehow already spreaded to the external world.

According to rumours, those that had escaped death from Liangshan foolishly thought they would be able to get revenge for their mountain thieves brothers by breaking into the Prince’s residence; only to be destroyed by Prince Rui’s bare hands.

In addition, not one of them survived. They were all slaughtered in different ways. Some had their arms broken, legs broken, brains exploded, hearts and intestines scooped out..

It was truly as frightening as it sounded. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 46”

The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: How are you going to compensate me?

Following Prince Rui’s hoarse but confident accusation, Le Yao Yao experienced a mental explosion. A loud thunderbolt exploded across the clear sky, and her only thought was –

It was over!

She had been exposed! She beat up the arrogant pig, but he had found her!

She didn’t think her actions were wrong though. If she could go back in time, she would still have done the same. But only if she could guarantee she wouldn’t be caught.

Now, the person was going to catch her. If the King of Hell found out she was the culprit, most likely, she wouldn’t be able to see tomorrow’s sunrise.  

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao became fearful and depressed.

Currently, the King of Hell was watching her intently. Although his face revealed no emotions, his eyes were deadly. It was as if there was a powerful force coming towards her way. Le Yao Yao’s scalp turned numb again.

“Umm, uh….”

Le Yao Yao wanted to explain but she couldn’t stop stuttering. Before she could say another word, Prince Rui ruthlessly flung the lower hem of his clothes as he turned and exited the room. He headed towards the front doors of the residence.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao forcefully gulped down her saliva and looked like she wanted to cry but had no tears.

Oh God! Could this really be the end?


The entrance of Prince Rui’s residence was very grand. The bright red doors were massive and heavy. They gave off a dignified and courageous aura.

All the Imperial guards were wearing body armour and helmets. They had accessories around their waists and looked like an impressive bunch.

But at this moment, the residence was surrounded by a group of hooligan servants. The leader was a huge figure dressed in gold. He looked like a moist, fat pig.

The fattie had a pig face covered with bruises. The ones that stood out the most were his matching black eyes. With a quick glance, he almost looked like a national treasure (panda)!

This guy was nonetheless Master Shi. In fact, he was so furious about getting beat up that he stormed home to change his clothing and rushed here with his servants before even applying medication on his face!

Originally, Shi Cheng had always been the Capital’s arrogant bully. He would use his father as back-up and tyrannized the weak. Ever since he was little, he had always been the one doing the offending. Who would dare to offend him?

Even when he caused his father to be steaming mad; at most, he would just tell him to kneel in front of the ancestors for a while.

Therefore, he was going to get revenge no matter what. Plus, the ones who beat him were actually lowly servants. There was no way he was going to swallow this down.

Although those two were the servants of Prince Rui, it was reasonable of him to get revenge. So even if the Prince himself comes out, he would still have to hand them over!

But in Shi Cheng’s opinion, the Prince definitely wouldn’t come out for two measly servants. The most authoritarian person he would probably have to deal with was the chief manager. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 45”

The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: She was caught!

After Le Yao Yao handed the tea over to Prince Rui, she took a step back and obediently waited on the side. But within a few seconds, she couldn’t help but sneak a few secretive looks at the handsome man next to her.

Although a day had already gone by, he still looked extremely well-groomed and clean.

His white robe was billowing and his hair looked like black silk. His looks were God-level; exceptional and matchless.

Even the way he removed the lid so gently was as beautiful as a stunning painting.

Le Yao Yao’s fears were now replaced by astonishment.

Holy moly! A beauty was truly a beauty. Even the way he drinks tea looks graceful! Too bad he is so cold!

While Le Yao Yao was exclaiming on the inside, suddenly, Prince Rui spoke up. He was enjoying his tea at the moment, but it was as if he had eyes on top of his head; he didn’t even have to look at Le Yao Yao to know she was peeking at him.

So he opened his red lips and out came his low, raspy voice.

“Do you know what type of water is best for steeping tea?”


Le Yao Yao was caught off guard. She didn’t expect this type of question. But she thought of an answer right away and responded, “Above the mountains; within the river; beneath the well.” Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 44”

The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: They are from Prince Rui’s residence!

“Aiya! So painful! Damn it! That son of a bitch! Does he have the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard? How dare he beat me up?”

Shi Cheng was grimacing in pain as he covered his beaten face and cursed. His driver and bodyguard (2 in 1), Li Kui, realized something was wrong and came looking for him. When he saw Shi Cheng on the ground, he helped him up as he questioned, “Master, did you clearly see the faces of those who had attacked you?”

“Pssh. Are you an idiot? If I saw them, do you think I would still be standing here? I would have already sent people to raid houses and seized them!” Shi Cheng gritted his teeth as he rolled his eyes at Li Kui and screamed.

But after seeing Li Kui’s fierce expression, he weakened his tone.

After all, this was the bodyguard that his father had spent a lot of money to hire. His father said he had committed too many offenses in the past, so he was concerned people would try to get revenge and hurt him. So, he decided to hire Li Kui to protect him.

Unexpectedly, those two ended up ambushing Shi Cheng outside of the toilets. Since he was caught off guard, he didn’t even see their faces. There was no way he was going to swallow this down!      

Shi Cheng was steaming mad because he couldn’t capture them. He was so angry that he felt like he was going to explode.

Suddenly, at this moment, Li Kui noticed something. He bent down and picked up an item.

“Master, look at this. I think this might be from one of them.”

“What is it?”

Li Kui handed the pendant to Shi Cheng. Shi Cheng lowered his head and read the word out loud.

“Rui?” Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 43”

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Beat the fattie!

This man was dripping in gold and silver (not literally). It was as if he was afraid people wouldn’t know he was rich. Out of ten fingers, nine of them had some type of golden material or stone on it.

He was wearing a thick golden chain around his neck. He had such tacky taste. Underneath the sunlight, he immediately became the focal point of everyone present. What a breathtaking view –

He looked like a shiny golden pig!

It was shocking that he dared to stand out so much on such a busy street. He wasn’t scared of getting robbed?!

Afterwards, Le Yao Yao found out from the other tables that this shiny golden fat big was actually the eldest son of the assistant minister, Shi Cheng. Everyone called him Master Shi!

Hearing this name, Le Yao Yao nearly burst into laughter.

Shi? (sounds the same as shit in Chinese)

What a suitable name for the pig!

Then, Master Shi and his cruel-looking driver got off the horse carriage. Master Shi was fanning himself with his gold fan as he arrogantly swayed into the restaurant. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 42”

The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Enjoying a delicious meal

Xiao Mu Zi could tell Le Yao Yao was going to drag him into the “Happy House”. He quickly pulled Le Yao Yao’s arm back as his face flushed. “Xiao Yao Zi, this is a big restaurant. Everything inside must be very expensive. Let’s just go eat some wontons at a vendor’s stall…” Xiao Mu Zi’s voice was very timid. It was as if he was afraid to be heard.

Due to Xiao Mu Zi’s poor family circumstances, his reaction wasn’t surprising. He had a few more siblings he had to raise. The financial pressure was too much for his parents; hence, they sold him in order to make ends meet.

As for Le Yao Yao, back when she was in the 21st century, she had average looks and abilities. But her family background was definitely not average. Her family was one of those newly rich ones from China. They had an abundance of money.  

But her father was worried that she would end up like those useless rich second generation children of wealthy officials or entrepreneurs. So, the amount of allowance he gave her was similar to an average-income family. As a result, Le Yao Yao did not splurge while she was in school.

Even so, she was still a young miss from an affluent family. She could afford to eat whatever she wanted.

So when she saw how flustered Xiao Mu Zi was, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 41”

The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: The man in white

Le Yao Yao felt like someone had stuffed a cotton down her throat. She couldn’t make a sound. She could only stare helplessly as the horse carriage headed towards her as quick as lightning.

She knew even if she survived, she would be deformed. As she mentally prepared herself, she instantly closed her eyes. As the saying goes, “What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”

Surprisingly, the moment Le Yao Yao shut her eyes, she felt her waist tightening as the sky spun. That feeling was as thrilling as riding a roller coaster.

Initially, she thought she had turned insane from fright. Hence, she didn’t even feel the pain. Perhaps she was already in the air! So, Le Yao Yao still had her eyes securely closed as she waited for the agonizing impact.

But after continuously waiting, the expected pain never arrived. Instead, a very soothing voice entered her ears.

“Little brother*, are you alright?” He gently asked. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 40”

The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Roaming the streets

Le Yao Yao grabbed Xiao Mu Zi.

“Huh? Leave the residence?”

Hearing this, Xiao Mu Zi appeared a bit worried.

“Yeah! Let’s go walk around. We’re done our tasks anyway. It’s so boring here. This is the perfect opportunity to kill some time!”

Le Yao Yao looked way too enthusiastic. Although Xiao Mu Zi wasn’t very bright, he wasn’t stupid either. After hearing Le Yao Yao’s words, he cautiously looked around as he pulled Le Yao Yao to a remote area and lowered his voice.

“My beloved Xiao Yao Zi. Please do not try anything crazy again. Even if you have the ability to leave the residence, you will not be able to escape from the Imperial guards. In the past, I heard many little eunuchs attempted to escape due to Prince Rui. But in the end, they were all captured. In addition, they were all beaten very badly. So please, I urge you to destroy all thoughts of running away. With your body size, I doubt you can even survive ten beatings!”

Xiao Mu Zi was extremely concerned for Le Yao Yao. He knew Le Yao Yao was constantly plotting of running away. But since they had both arrived at the Prince’s residence on the exact same day, they have a very good relationship. Hence, he didn’t want anything to happen to Le Yao Yao. Xiao Mu Zi knew serving the Prince was very scary; but even so, he didn’t want his good buddy to take the riskier path.

Le Yao Yao knew Xiao Mu Zi was being very solemn because he was concerned for her well being.

Honestly, when she found out they could leave the residence, the first thing she thought about was escaping.

But after hearing Xiao Mu Zi’s words, she knew her plan was far too unrealistic.

Plus, she had just arrived in this Ancient dynasty. She was unfamiliar with everything and everyone. All she had was a silver tael. Even if she somehow managed to escape from the residence, she wouldn’t be able to make it past the city gates. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 39”