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This is not a blog post that tells you appearance doesn’t matter. Because it does. Initially, when you first meet someone, you judge them based on what he/she looks like. Some may deny it, but when we first meet someone, … Continue reading

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Social Anxiety

When I was little, I suffered from a lot of social anxiety. I was never diagnosed, but thinking back, I dreaded interacting with people. It was stressful for me. I felt judged and I didn’t want to sound stupid. Whenever … Continue reading

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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Originally posted on Dream Big, Dream Often:
Originally posted in March 2015: ? I wonder what the world would be like if all white lies were eliminated and people told the truth?  “Yes, your butt does look fat in that…

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富二代 showing off

A couple days ago, my friend shared this article on facebook, and I was disgusted by the actions of those 富二代s. “富二代” literally means “the wealthy second generation”. Those who are 富二代s are born into rich families, and usually has never worked a … Continue reading

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When we were little, a friend could simply be someone who played with us. Perhaps it was someone who liked what we liked. There weren’t really any requirements. But as we get older, our definition of a friend starts changing. … Continue reading

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