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Should you be allowed to hang out alone with the opposite sex if you’re in a relationship?

This is another controversial topic. I’m going to share both side of the arguments before stating what I think. Why you shouldn’t be allowed  + There are no reasons why you need to see your friend alone. You shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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How to escape the Friendzone

NOTE: I am the translator of “The Eunuch is Pregnant”. My translations have been stolen by at least 20+ sites. The reason why you’re seeing this right now is because I’m letting the bots steal my blog posts since they … Continue reading

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Can Men and Women be purely friends?

To my dear readers, This was a topic that I was originally going to post about last Monday. However, I was very hesitant because I did not want to upset or offend anyone with my opinions. After posting my “Conflicted” … Continue reading

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When we were little, a friend could simply be someone who played with us. Perhaps it was someone who liked what we liked. There weren’t really any requirements. But as we get older, our definition of a friend starts changing. … Continue reading

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