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A texting guide for male millennials

To my dear readers, Have you ever wondered why she doesn’t message you back? Have you ever wondered if you can do something to increase your chances of getting a response? Well, the answer is yes! There had been multiple … Continue reading

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10 reasons why she doesn’t text back

Have you ever messaged a woman and wondered why she doesn’t message you back? In the past, I had always thought it was common courtesy to respond to anyone who had messaged me. However, after using my first dating app … Continue reading

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Asking the right questions

To my dear readers, If you can’t tell by now, the translator of “The Eunuch is Pregnant” is from theeunuch dot com. All the other sites have stolen my translations. Since they keep stealing my stuff, they might as well … Continue reading

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Guess who is featured in an interesting podcast!? (me)

To my dear readers, Last week, my ex neighbour Jack picked me up and we recorded an interesting podcast with his friend and co-host Gavin in his “studio” (his room). Haha. I haven’t seen Jack since 2002. He was 9 … Continue reading

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Hm… thoughts?

Last Monday, I didn’t write my normal Monday post. I felt bad and I wanted to write, but I didn’t feel like venting or sharing some of my personal issues. However, I don’t want to skip my post again, so … Continue reading

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Nerdy Guys on Relationships

This week I’m doing something totally different from my usual blogs. I have a video instead!!! Originally, I was going to record all the answers by hand and write a post, but my friends suggested recording a video since it … Continue reading

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From the bottom to the top

This post is a collaboration post I did with my friend, Alex. Instead of always talking about my own opinions from my own perspectives, I thought it would be interesting asking someone else. In the past, Alex and I would … Continue reading

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Should you be allowed to hang out alone with the opposite sex if you’re in a relationship?

This is another controversial topic. I’m going to share both side of the arguments before stating what I think. Why you shouldn’t be allowed  + There are no reasons why you need to see your friend alone. You shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Why people test each other

This week’s relationship topic was suggested by my friend, Dan. I am focusing on relationships here, but in general, people test each other all the time. Here are some of the reasons why I think people test each other in relationships: 1. They … Continue reading

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Relationship Goals

This week’s post is inspired by my friend’s loving relationship with her boyfriend. She wants to stay anonymous, so let’s call her “Justine” and her man, “Justin”. Haha. Justine and Justin always seem so happy together. They never appear to … Continue reading

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