10 reasons why she doesn’t text back

no text back

Have you ever messaged a woman and wondered why she doesn’t message you back?

In the past, I had always thought it was common courtesy to respond to anyone who had messaged me. However, after using my first dating app (Unveil), I’ve came to an understanding as to why some women do not return messages.

(Note: The app uses your voice instead of text, but it’s the same concepts)

After using the application for a few months, I have identified many reasons why women may not respond. Here are ten reasons:

1. She wasn’t serious all along

Some people sign up for dating apps due to boredom or curiosity. She may not have any intentions of meeting anyone. Sometimes, she just wants to know how many people she could match with.

Initially, I downloaded unveil so I could write a review on it. Now, I use it for research purposes.

2. You’re too serious

If you sound too serious early on, you can scare her away. For example, once a guy messaged me and told me his entire life story the first time we exchanged messages. I was wondering, “Why is he telling me so much personal information? I barely even know him!”

Don’t invest so much emotion into someone unless she has shown a bit of interest.

3. You seem desperate

If you make it seem like she’s your only option, she will be turned off. Don’t always be the first one to message her. Allow her to respond or initiate. If you’re constantly trying to get her attention, she will think you’re super needy and will most likely find you less attractive.

4. She is just not interested and doesn’t want to lead you on

She might not be responding because she thinks there is no point. She might want to reject you but decides being unresponsive is the easiest way. Perhaps, she wants to let you down lightly.

5. She has changed her mind

If she had given you her number initially but then never responded back, most likely, she has changed her mind and decided she isn’t interested enough to continue.

6. You sound like you’re full of shit

You bullshit too much. For example, “You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I think God created us so that we can be together.”

If you are saying those kind of stuff, she’s probably going to automatically eliminate you. Obviously, there are exceptions. If she is already attracted to you, she might consider that as funny/cute. But I would highly advise you not to exaggerate so much until you get to know her on a deeper level.

7. You talk too much or give her too much attention

You should mirror her responses. If she is only saying a few words, don’t write her an essay. If you’re constantly messaging her and her responses are just a few words, she is not interested. Stop talking so much and see if she ever tries to continue the conversation.

8. You’ve said something very inappropriate or asked for something inappropriate

Unless she asks, do not send her a dick pic or ask for nudes. If you make her uncomfortable, she is probably not going to respond. It’s common sense.

9. You’re the same as everyone else

Guys, women get a lot of attention. If she’s on a dating app, she probably gets hundreds of messages. If you’re asking the same questions or saying the same things as all the other guys, she would be less likely to respond to you. You’re too predictable!

Plus, what’s the difference between your “hey” vs all the other guys?

10. You’re not the only guy she is talking to

In this modern age, most people are usually talking to more than one person at a time. It is not surprising for men or women to be seeing multiple people until they have decided to become exclusive.

In order to get a response, she has to be more excited to talk to you than the others or she will simply stop responding.

That’s all for now! Currently, I have written a short ebook guide in regards to texting. I will be sharing with my readers 22 reasons why she doesn’t message you back, 5 ways to improve your chances of getting a response, what not to do, weak texts vs strong texts, your goal in texting, as well as some real life examples of SSI texts.

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If you do not know what SSI texts mean, read 3 helpful dating tips for men (and women!) 

Dating has really changed from what it used to be. Twenty years ago, texting wasn’t even a thing. Now, if you can’t text, you’re almost doomed in the dating world!

My ebook guide will aim to help you gain a deeper understanding of how most women think and increase your chances of getting the ladies through texting!

P.S. If you’re a reader of my translations, I’ll be posting chapter 6 and 7 in a few hours. I’m just doing some final editing at the moment. I know you guys are suffering! Don’t worry, Grace is here to save the day! LOL


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

12 thoughts on “10 reasons why she doesn’t text back”

  1. Most men have no idea what kind of egg shells they are on at the messaging stage – I can tell by the tone of her messages if she is being bombarded by other guys. I can also tell if she isn’t. It tends to be the ones that aren’t that want to send novel length messages or call and talk for hours before even meeting. She also wants to move to text very quickly, sometimes I think as a tactic to try and get ME off the site and solely into her. Unfortunately, this is usually the girl that used old pictures and you can barely recognize her when she walks into the date.

    1. Thank you for sharing!! Yeah.. the pictures can really be tricky. Angle, makeup, and filters can make a huge difference!! Hopefully you are not tricked often!

      1. I was tricked multiple times when I first started dating, now I can spot them a mile away. I understand women want to put the best pictures of themselves on their profiles, but if they don’t look like that anymore, they are just asking for rejection.

  2. Good effort on this post! I agree with some of the reasons that you’ve posted and want to add in a few perspectives of my own:

    Someone might not text back if they’re busy. If a girl (or guy) has a deadline that she has to complete (for example, in my line of work, I have deadlines all the time and will often not check my phone for hours at a time or until I get to a break), then she isn’t going to be on her phone 24/7.

    The first couple lines of text exchanged between a potential beau is already telling. If the conversation is going well and there’s genuine interest shown between the two individuals, then it’ll likely to go well. However, if within the first couple of lines, the exchange is already dwindling or it seems like both parties are scrambling at straws to think of what to say, then it’ll likely the chemistry is lacking.

    Overall, I think there’s way more to dating than just texting. Texting is a tiny, tiny surface and often misrepresentation of what a person is like. If after more than a week of texting and there are still no serious intentions of meeting up in person, I really think more needs to be done in order to “consider” whether the girl is even interested or not. You can’t just base initial attraction or any feelings based on pure texting. My two cents!

    1. Thank you for the detailed comment, Karen!! I agree with you! If after a week of texting and there are still not serious intentions of meeting up in person, the girl is probably not interested.

      Personally, I wanna help those to get pass the texting stage and perhaps get an actual date to meet the girl in person.

      1. Lol, I think it goes both ways. If after a week of texting, the guy is probably not interested in asking the girl out either.

        Ultimately, I think if the chemistry is right, it will work out really easily and smoothly.

      1. lol it’s okay! Haha I’m just reading your blog right now and you have some interesting tinder experiences! Haha. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. She doesn’t reply to your text? I had the same problem but since I found a video on YouTube my texting game have changed… I think it was this one (https://youtu.be/k_F3rEc0XME) The trick with the name in the video is just so simple but really effective. I tried it for myself and nearly every girl replied back. Sometimes it is a so simple haha. You guys should do it the same way to make them respond.

  4. She doesn’t reply to your text? I had the same problem but since I found a video on YouTube my texting game have changed… I think it was this one (https://youtu.be/k_F3rEc0XME) The trick with the name in the video is just so simple but really effective. I tried it for myself and nearly every girl replied back. Sometimes it is a so simple haha. You guys should do it the same way to make them respond.

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