The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Helping Brother Li

Hearing Le Yao Yao’s words, Leng Jun Yu had one hand lightly rubbing against his chin while the other hand was softly tapping onto the table. His eyes narrowed a bit; as if he was thinking about something. He didn’t immediately speak.

There was a moment of silence. Aside from Leng Jun Yu’s sharp hand tapping, there was no other sound in the room.

Everyone’s hearts were also pounding with his tapping. Le Yao Yao was no exception.

She never shifted her bright big eyes away from the handsome man’s face.

But Prince Rui’s pupils were kind of restrained. His eyelashes were thick like a brush, and it blocked part of his expression. It made it impossible for others to read his thoughts.

Just as everyone thought he was going to reject Le Yao Yao’s offer, Prince Rui opened his mouth.

His voice was like the sound of a string instrument when a flower floated down from a tree. It was extremely seductive.

“What if I am unsatisfied with your dish?”


Le Yao Yao lowered her head as she thought about it. Almost instantly, she lifted her head and responded, Continue reading

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Xiao Yao Zi’s plead

In the past, every few days, Le Yao Yao would go eat Sichuan food with her roommates. They would eat A LOT!

Fortunately, she was the type that never gains weight despite how much she eats. If not, a foodie like her would be one chubby girl!

As Le Yao Yao reminisced, the sour hot smell got closer and closer. She even noticed a familiar shadow.

It turned out the people carrying the various dishes from behind the chief manager were Brother Li, the man who gave her the drumstick yesterday, and Xiao Mu Zi.

The moment Le Yao Yao saw Xiao Mu Zi, she remembered that he had told her today he would be working in the kitchen. In addition, when  Xiao Mu Zi walked in, he had clearly noticed Le Yao Yao as well.

But Xiao Mu Zi only took a quick glimpse at Le Yao Yao before immediately breaking off eye contact as he lowered his head respectfully. He cautiously stepped forward and removed the previous dishes to replaced them with the new ones.

This time, it was indeed the pickled cabbage fish. Continue reading

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: He’s a picky eater


Hearing Leng Jun Yu’s words, Le Yao Yao lightly bit her lower lips as she secretly took a peek at his handsome face. She noticed Leng Jun Yu’s eyes revealed a flash of hopelessness. She was surprised.

After all, she had already done so many wrong things. How come this man still hadn’t punished her? Instead, he just looked hopeless.

This didn’t sound like the King of Hell from the rumours.

While Le Yao Yao was still unconvinced by her heart, Leng Jun Yu spoke again.

“This time is an exception. I’ll do it myself now. Take a look and get it right next time.”


Le Yao Yao whispered and Leng Jun Yu began to fasten the belt himself.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao noticed how nice Prince Rui’s hands looked.

His ten fingers were long and delicate. His joints were clearly distinct. Even his nails were nicely trimmed. He was like a piece of art work in a gallery. She couldn’t stop admiring.

Prince Rui’s actions were very elegant. In no time, he had tightly clasped the belt onto himself.

“You saw clearly?”

As he fastened his belt, Prince Rui rearranged his appearance again before speaking to Le Yao Yao.

“Mm. Your servant saw.” Continue reading

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Are you messing with me?

Leng Jun Yu looked at Le Yao Yao’s determined expression and didn’t end up saying anything. It looked as if he had silently agreed to Le Yao Yao’s words.

After all, the little eunuch was so determined. It was as if mending the item was a very important task to him. Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu honestly didn’t know what to say.

Whatever, I’ll let “him” do whatever that makes him happy…

Seeing how Leng Jun Yu didn’t say a word, Le Yao Yao assumed it meant he was okay with it.

So, she sighed a breath of relief and placed down the torn undergarment. She reached out and grabbed hold of a snow white undergarment and quickly put Leng Jun Yu’s arms through it.

Oh man, he was so tall!

He was over 180cm. When he stood in front of her, she felt like he was Mount Tai!

Sadly, she was only slightly above 150cm. Clearly, puberty wasn’t treating her well. Perhaps the quality of food here was really too poor. Yesterday, she touched her boobs and wanted to crash her head against the wall!

Because, back then, she was a proud C cup. Now that she came here, she was merely an A cup!

She couldn’t even feel her boobs! Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao wanted to break down in tears.

Looks like she will have to buy some papaya to improve her situation whenever she finds the opportunity!   Continue reading

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: I’m satisfied!

“What?! T-take… off your undergarment…?!”

Le Yao Yao couldn’t hide the shock from her voice.

Then, she stared at Prince Rui’s body.

Prince Rui was merely wearing a thin undergarment. There was a loose knot tied around his waist.

From the collar though, his bronze sexy chest could be seen.

Although he wasn’t revealing too much, it was the partly revealed areas that would turn a person nuts.

It could cause a person’s beastly side to come out. The beast would want to tear apart the undergarment to violate this handsome and demonic man.

Obviously, Le Yao Yao wouldn’t actually do these type of things. She would only use her imagination. If she really wanted to violate this man…eh, forget it!

He only needed to lift a finger to crush her.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but shiver. She was still daydreaming until she heard a loud cough above her. Then, she realized she almost forgot what she was supposed to do.

If this man in front of her was unhappy, her brain was a goner!

So, Le Yao Yao didn’t even care anymore. She quickly used both her hands to take off Leng Jun Yu’s undergarment.

Since the knot was a simple loose knot, she easily untied it.

The moment she untied the knot, a body of perfection was immediately displayed in front of her.

His skin colour was a healthy wheat colour. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist; his legs were perfectly straight and his butt tocks were sticking out a bit. He honestly could be compared to a powerful wild African cheetah!

This was the hottest body Le Yao Yao had never seen in her life. Even the models from TV and magazines couldn’t compare!

Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but gulped down her saliva that was nearly coming out. She looked at the man with twinkling eyes; just like a naughty cat.

Prince Rui was pleased by her reaction.

“Are you satisfied by what you see?” He teased. (end of Ch.35 raws)

“Mm, satisfied!” Continue reading

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Dress me

The early morning sunlight was bright and dazzling. It sprinkled on top of the pool and emitted a layer of golden radiance on top.

The breeze was soft and gentle. It caused a little ripple on the water.

It was a breathtaking view!

But regardless of how beautiful the scenery is, they all become secondary when Prince Rui was around.

Currently, the golden sunlight was shining through the open carved windows and onto the man’s body.

His outfit was white as snow and his hair was as unruly as a waterfall. The light breeze was blowing against his sleeves, and a few strands of his hair was also in the air. It looked very elegant.

Prince Rui was simply quietly standing and staring into the distance. It was as if his entire body was encircled with a ray of golden light. His beauty was honestly a bit disturbing.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao felt like she had been shocked by lightning. Her heartbeat was beating irregularly.

The moment her bright eyes landed on his back, she couldn’t take them away.

Originally, Prince Rui had his back faced towards her. But suddenly, he glanced slightly onto the side. Most likely, he had sensed her burning gaze.

The Sun shined onto the side of his face. It was perfection. Le Yao Yao felt like she was admiring a supernaturally fine craft. This was the work of God!

His skin was smooth and white like jade. There was also a hint of transparency like crystals.

His eyelashes were long, thick, and dense; just like a black brush. Le Yao Yao was surprised. She wondered if he was secretly wearing fake lashes (tl: so lame..-_-).

After all, she had never seen a man with eyelashes this long. Plus, they looked great! Continue reading

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Irritated and mad

“Xiao Mu Zi, do I really have to go and serve that man? Can I not?”

“Oh my goodness, Xiao Yao Zi. Are you nuts? How can you refer the Prince as ‘that man’? That is so disrespectful! If the chief manager hears you, you’re going to be spanked!”

Xiao Mu Zi’s face turned pale because he was so afraid of Le Yao Yao’s words. He even reached over to cover her tiny mouth; as if he was afraid she would utter something inappropriate again.

After all, in this Palace, they were only little eunuchs. Their lives were worth the very least!

If they did something wrong, a small punishment would result in being spanked with a rod; a bigger punishment would be getting their heads chopped off.

Le Yao Yao made a “wu wu” sound since Xiao Mu Zi used forced to cover her mouth. Then, she aggressively pulled his hand away from her mouth as she rolled her eyes at him. Continue reading

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