Day 5: Sept 13th

Today was my birthday! I did A LOT today, so hopefully this post won’t be too long. I promise it’ll be interesting though!

I ate a piece of pork jerky for breakfast as usual, and then I headed to Chinatown. The closest subway stop to my hotel was Fort Canning, and Chinatown was only one stop away. Previously, I was planning to walk, but Mino suggested it was better to take the subway.

The walk would have been 15-20 minutes, and honestly, I would usually walk if it’s under an hour in Toronto unless I’m in a rush. But it was so hot that I did what a Singaporean would do; take the MRT.

I was meeting Mino and Cosy at noon, but decided to leave earlier to check out the mall and look at the nice stores around. When I got off the station, I entered the mall that was right there (Chinatown Point?) and began checking out each floor.

There were so many different food options and also shops to see! I saw a supermarket that was called, “Fair Price Supermarket” and decided I had to go in to check if the items were fair priced. See what I did there? 😉

I was so proud of my joke that I kept telling everyone, and Cosy was so fed up that she complained she heard the same joke 7x on the last day! HAHAHAHA.

Sorry for repeating myself so many times, but it was with a different group each time, ok? So I’m not that sorry.

Mino used to translate on Wuxiaworld. He was also one of the twenty translators I had chosen back in the summer of 2019. Mino is a lawyer, but he was on a sabbatical and was taking a break at the time.

Mino was/is a super pro translator because he is so articulate. I think having a strong vocabulary really made/makes him stand out! Sadly, his workload became too much, and he stopped translating last year in August.

Nonetheless, we still talk once in a while, and I said I would come to Singapore to meet him one day. When I decided I was coming, I asked him if he had time. I also asked him if his wife or Adrian would like to join as well. Adrian had edited the first 700 chapters of Keyboard Immortal, and he is PRO. Adrian was Mino’s referral, and his friend in real life, so I thought it’d be nice to meet if they were all free.

Unfortunately, Mino says neither his wife nor Adrian were available, and due to his busy schedule, he only had time to meet for lunch. We met at Chinatown because his office was in the mall.

Mino said he usually eats at a hawker centre, but because I couldn’t handle the heat that well, I wanted somewhere with A/C.

Then, he suggested the Breakthrough Café. Mino said that the café is actually run by previous drug offenders. Their mission is to help them integrate into the society again. I find that very admirable, and thought it would be an interesting experience.

Mino and I met at the mall, and when he arrived, I gave him a hug! He did hug me back, but I think hugging is just too weird in Singapore, so he wasn’t that comfortable. Sorry Mino! LOL

We then went to the café first because Cosy was running late. When we got there, Mino ordered a bunch of items so that I could try; he ordered everything in Mandarin.

I praised Mino for having great Mandarin, and he said, “No, I suck. I cannot do business in Mandarin at all. It’s too hard to get my point across. I can only say simple stuff.”

This reminded me of my brother. HAHA. My brother has very lousy Cantonese, but extremely great English. I recalled he wanted to tell my parents that he went to see the Northern Lights with Charlene (his lovely girlfriend), but he told my parents he saw the green sky. LOLOLOL. (I wonder if he’ll read this? *hehe* Charlene convinced him to read Day 1-3, so I think he might see this. What kinda bro are you. You should care about your sister!)

Anyway, Cosy arrived just as the food was coming, and I asked them why criminals would commit crimes when the laws in Singapore were so strict and crazy!!! Both her and Mino think probably the pros outweigh the cons, and their lives might have been so shitty that they felt like they had nothing to lose. Perhaps, if they had gotten away with it, they would have become a millionaire or something.

We chatted as we ate, but a lot of the food was spicy to me. Cosy made fun of me and said that I think even salt and pepper is spicy. (Sorry, I have very low spice tolerance)

I brought up my chat with Bunbun and Prem yesterday, and said I think Singapore is so hardcore and strict with their laws. Dray even told me that prior to 2020, you could get a criminal record if you fail to commit suicide. What the heck?!

Anyway, Cosy then mentioned that the Singaporean government wants to control the sugar intake of everyone now because Singaporeans are consuming too much sugar.

She said that starting next year (I forget exactly when), bubble tea is no longer allowed to be advertised. Singaporeans drink too much bubble tea. But I mean, it’s yummy and is cheap (it’s half the price of our bbts). I know it’s not healthy though, so it’s good to cut back.

After we finished eating, Mino had to return to work, so me and Cosy looked around Chinatown briefly. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet me, Mino!!!

Here’s a picture of me and Mino. There aren’t going to be many pics in this post. I know you guys want pics, but people are private.

We walked by a hawker centre, and Cosy asked me if I wanted to get a sugarcane drink. Unfortunately, I was too full. Next time, I will definitely go to a hawker centre!!!

Next, we went to the beancurd place where we would meet Eud. When we got there, we went upstairs to find seating, but they didn’t have A/C. It was like a room where you turn on your own fan. I felt like I was going to be a steamed bun.

I had never sweated so much in my life. I don’t think there was a single spot that was dry. Omg. No wonder some Singaporeans say they shower multiple times a day sometimes!

We ordered some beancurd and soya milk and waited for Eud. Eud is a volare translator who had translated over 2000 chapters for us! HSSB had to be dropped because of Qidian, but he also translated Still, Wait for Me. Eud started on volare before I did, so he’s an OG.

Eud is a very quiet guy, but I know his mind is very active. Eud has a blog (, and I’ve read a few of his posts before. He’s extremely philosophical and deep. However, he is far more quiet in real life.

When Eud arrived, I was shocked to see he was wearing a jacket. How was he not dying from the heat?

Additionally, he also wore a volare shirt! Etvo, my previous boss, had gone to Singapore back in 2017 and gave the translators/editors volare shirts! It was so cute! I never got the one that they got since I wasn’t at the gathering. Eud had worn it quite often as it looked very used. Even though I wasn’t the one who gave it to him, it was so touching for him to wear the shirt!

We didn’t stay at the beancurd place for long because I was dying from the heat. So we left and went to a dead mall nearby. It was actually SO quiet. I have no idea how businesses even survive.

They have a very cool sink outside the washroom though! I took a picture because I’ve never seen such a neat sink!

Here’s a picture of the sink and washroom door:

This door looks so funny!! XD

We sat around and waited for a bit because the escape room wasn’t until 5pm. I think it was probably four something at the time. I asked what Eud liked, and he said he enjoys playing tennis and reading. Eud had also studied in Japan for a semester before, and he also knows some Japanese. (I feel like I met at least 5 people who knew Japanese). Damn.

Later on, Fallen arrived and then we headed to the escape room location. It was on the third floor of another dead mall. I feel like these malls are screwed.

Anyway, Aru arrived around 4:45pm. Aru is a moderator on our volare discord, and she also used to help edit and translate a little! She was already on volare before I was, so she’s another OG. I’ve known Aru for years, but we don’t know each other that well because we didn’t work on a novel together and neither did I hire her. I know she read some of my eunuch translations back in the days though. Thanks, Aru!

Aru also wore the volare t-shirt that Eud wore! It was so cute how they both wore matching tops! Hahaha.

When Aru saw Fallen, the first thing she said was, “I didn’t expect you to be so good looking.” LOLOLOLOL

I was laughing so hard (out loud and deep down). I mean, I kind of said the same thing too. But the funny thing is, Aru had met Fallen years ago when Bunbun had a gathering with the volare people! I think maybe he had a short haircut at the time. But, how different could he look?

Anyway, I was getting really worried since Raku was running late. We had booked the room from 5-6pm, but we couldn’t start without her, so I was rushing her via text. Luckily, she arrived a few minutes after 5, and we were able to put everything into the locker and entered together!

When we entered the escape room, it was so dark. We were given two flashlights. The theme was mausoleum, so it was very creepy. I chose it since it was super famous and well known in Chinese history (look up terracotta warriors).

There were signs on the walls that we had to figure out. And drums at the corner too. There were also puzzles on the wall that we had to solve. Sorry, it is extremely hard for me to describe, and a picture would be easier, but we couldn’t take any pictures, so I’m just going to move on.

There was a terracotta warrior statue in the room, and I forget who solved the puzzle, but the statue started to move, and me and Aru screamed so loud.

We entered the second room, and there was the Chinese chess displayed on the screen. We were trying to memorize all the slides, but it turned out that only one of the slides was the real one, and we had to move the pieces on the chess board in front of us.

There were three rooms in total, but I don’t remember too much since it’s been too long. Nonetheless, it was nice solving the puzzles as a group. I am not very good at escape rooms, but I love doing them. Cosy was super pro though. I think she figured out most of it. We were all trying though!

Some of the puzzles were pretty easy, but some were harder. I personally liked this escape room more than the one I did on Day 2, but I’ve been to cooler escape rooms in the past.

I ended up solving the last puzzle and we managed to escape with just a few minutes remaining! Yay!

We took a picture as a group, and I got to keep the Polaroid one for myself. Unfortunately, my friends are private so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Afterwards, we went to eat at the tree café nearby. It was western food, but it was not too expensive and pretty nice. I liked it! But I was so full from lunch that I couldn’t eat that much.

The lady at the counter asked me if I was a student, since students get discounts. I was happy because that meant she thought I might be in my early 20s. Haha. Sadly, I think only Raku had a student discount. And probably Aru? I think.

Anyway, our seats were the comfy sofa seats, and we managed to find a table that fit all of us. I think it was just enough. Six is a good number!

We chatted about translation stuff, but I think it might be too boring for you guys, so I’ll just move on.

After we were done eating, we weren’t sure of what to do. Eventually, everyone decided to walk to my hotel and go to the bar at my hotel!

While we were walking, they started to make ball jokes. Raku was saying how she catch no ball (apparently that is a phrase in Singapore that means she wasn’t understanding the situation).

Then Cosy asked her whose ball she wanted to catch and everyone laughed.

When we arrived at the bar, Fallen ordered some bacon balls, and it looked quite yummy. He was eating, and Cosy eventually asked, “Can I have one of your balls?”

Fallen replied, “I only have two left, but you can have one!”

Someone commented and said his balls looked so good. HAHAHAHA.

It was so funny. I don’t know why, but everything sounds so inappropriate whenever those two are together. They’re also very ballsy too (you’ll see what I mean as you keep reading *wink*)

I had ordered a cup of red wine, and Cosy had ordered a cocktail, and I think Fallen ordered a beer. The other three didn’t order a drink, but they got a piece of cake to share. I took a bite, and it was pretty good.

They all said happy birthday to me! It was sweet, but also a bit weird lol. Apparently Cosy had told them all that it was my birthday, but she didn’t wish me a happy birthday the entire day. She asked, “Didn’t you find it weird how I didn’t say happy birthday to you?”

I thought she just forgot. LOL.

But it was so nice to spend my birthday with my volare crew! Not everyone could make it, but I think that was good since six is a good number. Afterwards, Aru suggested we play a game with our phones. The only problem was that my phone was pretty dead because my battery sucks. Fortunately, Aru had an iPad that I could use.

We played the game that was similar to broken telephone. Everyone needed to join a room virtually, and then each person had to come up with one prompt. For example: Grace is cool.

Then, someone else from the group will get that prompt and they would have to draw what they think “Grace is cool” means. 30 seconds later or so, another person will get the image and will try to guess and write out what they think the image is, then the next person draws, and it goes on until everyone has had a turn.

It was hilarious and extremely funny. I think we were all really bad at drawing except for Dray. Dray had joined the game via discord, and was surprised that we were actually all playing in person.

But it was super fun, and I think it was nearly midnight before we left.

I was going to show everyone my hotel room, but decided it wasn’t a good idea since I had been washing some of my socks and clothes in the room, so they were being hung everywhere.

I promise I’ll show you my hotel room next time, Raku! You could also stay with me if you want to sleep over! LOL

Fallen and Cosy decided to stay longer with me since it was my birthday. Fallen had said that he wasn’t going to come out again. He was exhausted from meeting me and all the outings.

I asked if he was tired, and he said, “Yeah, tired of you.”

I gave him a dirty look.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Fallen’s eyes were very dry, and he actually rubbed it so hard after the escape room that he thought his contact fell off. It turned out that it was still in his eye. So lame.

But having dry eyes is very uncomfortable. Poor Fallen. He ended up taking off his contacts when he got to my room and said everything looked like 240p.

We decided to order soju from 7-11 because they wanted to drink something, and at this time, who drinks bbt? Time for some alcohol!

Cosy ordered with her phone, we got a peach and a normal flavoured one. Fallen and Cosy sat on my bed, leaning against the bed frame, while I sat on the chair facing them. It was like 2 against 1!

Fallen then threw the item that was in his hand, and said it was for me. I was surprised because I didn’t think he would have gotten me a gift. It was so sweet of him, but I must say the wrapping was truly something else. He used bubble wrap and duct tape. HAHA.

I opened it and it was two leather hand-made bookmarks! It was very simple, but sweet. But why would he have leather at home. It’s so weird?!?!

Cosy made a snarky comment, “So you have leather and duct tape. What else do you have at home?”

And Fallen replied instantly, “Probably handcuffs and ropes too.” HAHAHAHA. They’re so inappropriate!

They made a lot of inappropriate jokes, and I was just stunned. I could not believe what was happening. But it’s been over two months, so my memory isn’t that great, and I don’t remember most of it. I should have written it down or typed it out!! Damn it!

We were talking about relationships, and Fallen said no one has been able to enter his heart and he was 黑心的人 (someone with a black heart). Then Cosy gazed at him and boldly stated, “I want to enter. Can you lead me the way?” She took out her hand.

I was so shocked that I fell on the floor. This girl has confidence level of 9000!! Damn. She could make my heart flutter and I’m not even a lesbian! Ugh. This girl is dangerous!

I think Fallen was very flattered and blushed slightly. He pretended to give her the key or something. HAHAHAHAHA. (so cute)

Then, I mentioned how Aru said she couldn’t believe he was so good looking. And I lifted my chin and grinned. “See? I told you! My reaction was normal!” And then Fallen looked at Cosy and flatly stated, “She thought I was ugly.”

I didn’t say that!! I thought Fallen was insecure about his looks and thought I would judge him for his appearance or something… not that he was ugly! It’s not the same thing, right? (right).

Anyway, Fallen said we keep stroking his ego. And more inappropriate stuff were said.

I have to try to keep everything PG here.

Cosy and Fallen were firing things at each other like a ping pong match. I was watching and couldn’t believe how fast their comebacks were. It was too fast, too furious!

In Chinese, there’s a saying, “一山还有一山高”. This means that there’s always another mountain higher. I had been told by multiple people that they think I’m charming and shameless, but they have not met Cosy lol. There is no comparison. Haha.

Afterwards, Fallen mentioned how my planning and scheduling was way too chaotic and exhausting. They said that I was crazy for trying to do so much every day. I was planning my schedule almost by an hourly/two hour block. Fallen said that the people I meet are mostly introverts, so they are not comfortable talking to each other all that much. So if I wanted to get to know people better, I shouldn’t be hopping to different places so quickly, since there may be awkward silences while we go from place to place.

He said most people aren’t like me, who can talk shamelessly and make lame jokes. And Cosy added I never planned where to eat either. I told them that I didn’t care about where I ate since I just wanted to do the activities.

But I eventually got really emotional, and burst into tears. I said that because I had been sick for over a decade, this was the first time I could fly overseas since 2014. Back in 2014, I was so ill that I was only 39kg, and I was in a wheelchair. My period had stopped and my hair was falling out. I was actually dying. I was in the hospital in China for two months. Thinking about those times made me really teary.

Because of that, I’m really YOLOing nowadays. Singapore was the first trip that I had booked, and I wanted to meet so many people because I have so many Singaporean friends. I had wanted to visit back in 2017 or 2018, but I was still too unwell. And later on, Covid happened, so I couldn’t come until now.

As a result, I tried to jam as many things as possible. I still had a lot of things that I didn’t get to do on this trip, so I will have to do it next time.

Fallen and Cosy was so surprised to see me cry that they both got off the bed and went to hug me. It was a proper, good hug. I rate those hugs 5 stars. The other ones from before weren’t that good. Cosy isn’t a good hugger. (Take that!) But she was better that day.

I think they felt really bad, and Cosy also looked a bit emotional as well because I was crying so much. Fallen gave me the hug that seemed to say, “It’s okay. You’re fine now.”  Meanwhile, Cosy gave me the, “You poor thing. But you are strong. You are better now.”

I told them life is so fragile, and I don’t know how long I have to live (not that I’m dying, but you never know). I just didn’t want to live with any regrets. I know a few people who are going through chemo right now because they have cancer, and it is very sad. I’ve also have a few friends’ parents and family members who have also died from dementia or other health related illness.

So, I just want to make sure that I really do what I enjoy while I can. I don’t want to wait and plan for a future that may or may not happen.

Fallen and Cosy said I don’t need to act so strong all the time, and that I can show my weakness. But you know, I do show a lot of weakness. I cry A LOT. I think I cry weekly, but I also laugh at my jokes daily. I think I’m so funny even though many people disagree.

Then Cosy made another (terrible) suggestion. “You know, if you want people to hug you, you can just cry. Then everyone will hug you!”

I gave her the cut eye and said, “Humph!”

Cosy and Fallen are the closest people to me in Singapore, but they also roast me the hardest. At the same time, they also do the most for me. They have invested a lot of time and effort to make my trip really enjoyable and fun. They’re both haters and lovers. I am very grateful and thankful to them. I said touching things and they called me a masochist.

Cosy and Fallen ended up staying with me until 5am. I told them to just sleep over, but Cosy said she had to remove her makeup and her contacts, and Fallen also couldn’t see; so they ended up taking the Grab home.

That was the end of my Day 5! If you have read Day 1 to 5, you’re a true fan! I give you a 5 star rating! ❤

Day 6


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5 thoughts on “Day 5: Sept 13th”

  1. We had that suicide law too. If you failed, you are a criminal. It is not anymore, was removed a couple of years ago.

    The way you described how sweaty you were… ahahhahahaaaaaaa

    I have read “Still, wait for me”. Eud, if you are reading this, Hi!! You did a brilliant job translating it. It is such an emotion invoking novel… sometimes you hate it too much but still can’t keep it down.

    What in the world is a “dead” mall???? I am surprised the mall had washroom and they didn’t ask you to go somewhere else 😛

    I think you were screaming constantly in the Escape room and just didn’t mention it… that room sounds so creepy…

    I don’t think you succeeded in keeping things PG… and you might be revealing too much of their personal conversation!

    You had such a fun birthday!!! Don’t be sad anymore, okay?? You can go all over the world to travel… as much as you want.

    1. I haven’t shared this with most of the volare people yet! I want to wait until I am done all 7 days, but I am so busy that I don’t have time until maybe next year.. or the end of the year. I’ll tell Eud to read Day 5 though! Thanks for supporting us, Dimple!

      Haha a “dead” mall means the mall has almost no one apart from the people who work there.

      Lol I know Cosy was looking forward to the post. Not sure about Fallen 😂.

      I had just met Dreamer and Yuna in Rotterdam (they are also volare translators). I’ll catch up with you in a few weeks, Dimple! 😘

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