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10 Facts About Me

Once again, Shannon has nominated me for an award! This time, it is the “One Lovely Blog Award”! Honestly, I think Shannon just wants me to get more exposure. She is so sweet. I love how the blogging community is so giving … Continue reading

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Things to consider when investing

Last week, I shared some conversation tips with my readers. This week, I would like to share some investment tips. Originally, I wasn’t planning to blog about this today. However, the recent stock market turmoil has pushed me to do so. … Continue reading

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Conversation Tips

Do you want to have a good conversation? Is there someone you want to talk to, but you don’t know how to proceed? Today, I’m going to share some of my conversation tips with my readers. Note: These tips are … Continue reading

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The Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much to Shannon (Forevershannon) who recently nominated me for my first virtual award ever (The Blogger Recognition Award)! Please take some time to check out her amazing blog!! She is only 14 but her posts are so inspirational and touches me … Continue reading

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A society with messed up values

A couple weeks ago, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend. I was telling him that I don’t have facebook on my phone because the app is too heavy (takes up too much space) and my phone cannot … Continue reading

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Blogging and Life

Since I have started blogging, I have been noticing some similarities between blogging and life. Here are 4 things that really stood out to me: 1.Timing is important Depending when I publish my post, the amount of views I get … Continue reading

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