A society with messed up values


A couple weeks ago, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend. I was telling him that I don’t have facebook on my phone because the app is too heavy (takes up too much space) and my phone cannot handle it. Surprisingly, he told me his phone cannot handle whatsapp!

Clearly, we should get new phones.

But we are both reluctant. We both shared our reasons.

  1. Phones are constantly changing. Even if I buy the latest model, something better will come out in a few months.
  2. Phones are expensive. We rather spend the money elsewhere. (Ex. travelling)
  3. We do not want a data plan because we feel that it’s unnecessary. It is useful to be able to access the internet whenever or wherever we are, but unnecessary. Therefore, since we do not use our phones as often as most people do, we do not have to get it upgraded so soon.

We do not want to be controlled by what society expects of us.

Then he said something that really struck me.

“You know, everything we buy is designed to break down. Electronics break down quickly because they want you to buy a newer model. The clothes we purchase are not made to last. That is how they get us to keep on spending.”

I was perplexed.

Then I snapped out of it and realized that our society is always contradicting itself.

We want people to eat healthy, yet fast food is the cheaper option. In the United States, McDonald offers 50 nuggets for $10. The same $10 could probably only get me a salad that can barely fill 1/3 of my stomach. WHAT WOULD A RATIONAL PERSON CHOOSE? We blame people for making poor eating choices, but we make “bad food” so much more affordable.

We tell people to line up because that is fair (first come first serve). Yet, amusement parks now offer fast passes for those who are willing to pay more. What does that imply? If you have money, you don’t have to line up. IS THIS WHAT WE WANT TO PROMOTE?

We always tell children to tell the truth, yet as adults, we lie all the time. How often do you actually say what you really think? 

We know perfection doesn’t exist, yet all the celebrities we see in beauty magazine covers and commercials look flawless. 

I can go on and on.

Anyhow, eventually our conversation changed direction and I was telling my friend how difficult it would be to become a writer, as most people do not want to pay to read.

His response?

“Isn’t it sad how our society is willing to constantly buy and spend on new, temporary things, yet we are not willing to spend on something that can have a permanent and profound effect on us?” 


What do you value?


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

44 thoughts on “A society with messed up values”

  1. Wow, what a deep conversation and post! I agree that society has gotten on the wrong track when it comes to values but I think with a little help from us, we can continue improving. I know I definitely value trust, natural beauty, words, and positivity. Great post and thank you for sharing! 😊

  2. Thanks for this post, Grace! I think it’s ironic sometimes. Our society really is built on money and making the rich even more rich. Core values don’t matter as much anymore unfortunately. All the big companies just want your money and will idealize different things to make you buy, buy, buy.

  3. Our society do revolve around money, “money makes the world go round” as they say. Companies are willing to forgo values to make a quick buck, but it’s us as consumers are the ones that influence these contradictions.

  4. The urge to buy new things is called neomania. It’s actually an addiction like any other addictions. It’s the driving force of mindless consumerism. At the root of it is the belief that by buying the last model or following the last diet or fashion, or trend or anything new for that matter one is on tune with progress. It’s also a question of status and egomania though. There is also the false assumption that by acquiring something new one will be happy which is totally the reverse as the more one has the less satisfied one becomes and the less one values things. It’s all due to a wrong education system and ignorance. The more ignorant people are kept the easier is to manipulate and control them. I value my health and very simple things the simpler the better. I always try to diminish rather than add in order to be lighter and freer. As long as I’ve health and a little bit saved for a rainy day I don’t need anything else.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree!!! Having too much causes us to value things less. Some people have nothing (materialistic wise), yet they are so happy.

  5. Great post Grace. We are living in a disposable world. I love buying antiques and vintage stuff. Repurposing, not just recycling. Buy your dresser for $100, landfill in a couple years. Buy antique, it’s around in another 100. At some point, people will get it. I hope. OR maybe manufacturers will stop making stuff with “built-in” obsolescence.

    1. Aww, thank you!! I think as long as you see the ads, I would get something. But if you click on it, I would probably get more!? Haha. I’m not actually sure how much they pay me if you click on it though. I get 1 penny for every ten impressions.

      But no need to purposely click on ads you do not like or want to. The fact you are so supportive already means a lot to me. ❤ Thank you and I love your youtube videos. Your voice is soooo soothing.

  6. I wear clothes until they have holes in them… and then I sew up the holes. Considering that I managed to pay off my school loans a few weeks ago and have retirement savings, I think it’s worth it…

  7. Very interesting blog. I don’t think everything is design to break down. We may not have the technology to build something that will last (at least not known in the public eyes), which I think should be an object that self-regulate and repair itself like a biological form. About phone, a new model doesn’t mean it is better. It just means it’s the current model and will have added features or something different.

    As a society we have values, but how we set up our system created many conflicts. About adults lying, I think that depends on situations and your self interest. What is my values and norms may not be the same as you. How I was raised, what I experienced, my perspective, etc is different from yours. We are all so diverse that our actions should be question as individuals and not as a whole. Unless, we can see a pattern then it could be a culture norms and values. And oh–I tend to say whatever I am thinking most of the time.

    There are so many levels to society. We think as individuals we don’t have any impact, but we do. This all result from the system we created as everyone is motivated by self-interest. I would like to point something out. You made some very good points, But because they are short points it is easy for people to generalize them. Perhaps go research, find out solutions—find out details leading to things the way they are—groups that are resisting or going for it–maybe how screw up some people’s mind are–groups that have conflicting values etc.

    It is frustrating, but society is slowing changing. Hopefully for the better and not the worst. The news hasn’t been good, but that may just be someone rich moving chess pieces behind the screen. Americans don’t want to think about it, but our news are censored to some extent.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. It’s very interesting. I agree as well…

      “What my values and norms are may not be the same as yours. How I was raised, what I experienced, my perspective, etc is different from yours. We are all so diverse that our actions should be question as individuals and not as a whole. Unless, we can see a pattern then it could be a culture norms and values”

  8. This might be a late comment but… welcome to the world of capitalism! Well I won’t get into the details of its philosophy, but capitalism gives you the right to do anything, even if immoral, as long as you can afford it. Because this system rules the world currently, people with low-medium income try to fit in it by spending their savings on temporary things as you mentioned. It is as they say, the stronger has the say.

    So unless this political view is changed, everything will become worse 🙂

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