Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 53.

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Chapter 53

Wu Ying’s speed was astonishingly fast. He quickly zoomed by the busy city streets, as if there were no one around. Lin Shan only heard the wind whistling by her ears. The ride was extremely bumpy and to prevent herself from falling, she had to tightly wrapped her arms around Lian Feng’s waist. Shortly after, they arrived at the South city gate.

Outside the city gate were already a few men and horses waiting. The moment they noticed Lian Feng, they promptly got off their horses to greet him.

“Superior, we have already assigned the troops to their rightful spots. They are currently waiting outside of the city. This is the full map of Black Dragon Mountain. Please take a look.”

A soldier quickly came over and handed Lian Feng a map.

Lian Feng looked over the map and ordered: “This mission is critical. Our time is tight and the area is dangerous. We must proceed according to our plan. Fireworks will be used to communicate. If we do not bump into each other by noon on the third day, we will meet at the foot of the mountain on the North side. Do you understand?”

“Your subordinates understand!”

“Good. Let’s go!” Lian Feng commanded and flipped himself back on the horse as it sped out of the Capital.

At this moment, Lin Shan realized Lian Feng had already done all the preparations to search outside of the Capital. For days, she had been depressed. But now, she finally saw some hope. She felt touched and couldn’t help but snug against Lian Feng.

After awhile though, she suddenly felt nauseous.

Could it be that she was holding on too tightly? Lin Shan tried to loosen her grip, but felt a burst of dizziness. She nearly fell off the horse.

Lian Feng was focused on finding Ming Yue when he suddenly realized Lin Shan was acting out of the ordinary. He briskly pulled on the reins and turned his head back to look at her. He noticed Lin Shan’s face was turning white, and her body was shaking so violently that she was practically falling off the horse.

He hastily leaped off the horse and steadily picked her up and hugged her.

The woman in his arms seemed lighter than before. She looked withered and stressed. When she crinkled her brows, it made others concerned. Yet, she refused to admit her weakness. Lin Shan mischievously laughed: “It’s alright.. I’m just a bit dizzy from the horse…”

Actually, Lin Shan had a rather sad life. In her previous life, she often got carsick and seasick. In this life, she got horsesick.

Seeing her like this, Lian Feng no longer wanted to rush the search. Instead, he quickly found a shady tree for Lin Shan to rest under. He poured some water on a handkerchief and wiped her face.

After awhile, Lin Shan’s condition slowly improved. She pulled on Lian Feng’s arm and exclaimed: “Why are we stopping? We have to keep searching!”

Despite her poor condition, Lin Shan was determined to find the Princess. Clearly, she meant business. Lian Feng helped her wipe away the sweat and said: “Your body is weak. We will rest for a bit longer before we search.”

“Who says I’m weak?” Lin Shan was agitated. “I’m totally fine! I can run faster than a horse!” She tried getting up but ended up stumbling into Lian Feng’s arms.

The touch of her soft body made Lian Feng blushed. He speedily steadied her and wanted to console her not to push herself. However, he swallowed his words because he could tell how anxious she was. Although Lin Shan seemed thoughtless and a gold digger most of the time, deep down, she was a kind hearted girl.

“Haha. I sat for too long so my legs are numb….” Lin Shan dryly laughed as she tried to put on a front. She pulled on Lian Feng’s arm again: “Let’s go. It will be dark soon.”

Lian Feng finally gave in. He grabbed onto Wu Ying and said: “You sit in the front.”

Sit in the front? Doesn’t that mean he will have to hold me tight? Wow, I guess being horsesick has its benefits. Not bad!

Thinking of this, Lin Shan felt super alert and got onto the horse with the help of Lian Feng.

Lian Feng was being considerate of Lin Shan’s condition and decided to ride slowly and took the more steady route proceeding forward.

Honestly, the reason why Lian Feng sent so many troops outside the Capital was because he heard from a reliable source there was sighting of the Princess. This was actually aligned with Lin Shan’s prediction. Therefore, he decided to take the risk and search beyond the Capital.

Leaving the Capital was a last resort because Black Dragon Mountain was a vast area. The jungle covered the majority of the area, and humans were rarely seen. In addition, there were many poisonous snakes and dangerous beasts around. The local people called this area the black forest. The chances of finding a person in the black forest was very slim.

But there was no time left. Even if the chances of finding a person was one out of ten thousands, Lian Feng was willing to try for Lin Shan. Although, Lian Feng didn’t expect Lin Shan to secretly tried to go off and search on her own. Fortunately he caught her, or else the aftermath would have been inconceivable.

“When we enter the forest, you must not leave my side at any time. Understand?” Lian Feng reminded Lin Shan right outside of the black forest.

“I understand!” Lin Shan nodded solemnly.

Who would walk alone in this creepy place? Even if you put a knife on me, I wouldn’t!

Lian Feng felt slightly relieved by Lin Shan’s obedience. After making a simple arrangement, he split his people into six groups and entered the forest.

The route had already been marked on the map. In order to prevent from getting lost, anywhere that hadn’t been marked was restricted. Regardless, Lin Shan was freaking out from the tall strange plants that surrounded them. She cautiously stayed by Lian Feng’s side.

By now, the Sun was starting to set. According to the map, there should be a hunting village if they kept heading going straight. Lian Feng decided they should stay there for the night as well as ask the hunters if they noticed Du Ming Yue nearby.

Unfortunately, since the black forest was very remote, the map was evidently out of date. By the time they had arrived at their destination, the village that was supposed to be there was long gone. Plants from the wild had already taken over most of the land. Many of the wooden houses couldn’t restrain from the harsh wind and had already collapsed. There were still a few remaining, but the conditions were terrible.

By now, the Sun had set. The surrounding forest was starting to come alive with voices of animals and insects. It sounded rather eerie.

Lin Shan had watched many horror films from the past. What she was currently experiencing could be taken straight out of the movies. She couldn’t help but shiver as she tightly grabbed onto Lian Feng’s sleeves. She vigilantly looked around her surroundings.

“Looks like we’ll have to stay here for the night.” Lian Feng stated. He looked towards the least broken house and asked: “How about this one?”

Lin Shan lifted her eyes and almost wailed. What? This is a house?

All the tiles from the house had fallen off, the windows were dangling, and the door was a piece of board!

“This house is too worn out. Are you sure? Perhaps the moment we go in, it will collapse.” Lin Shan mumbled. Before she finished her sentence, there was a rumbling sound.

The house then collapsed….

Everyone was shocked.


Lin Shan snapped out of it and dryly joked: “Haha. Good thing we didn’t go in yet…..”

Everyone: “…….”

Just as everyone was staring at the collapsed house, suddenly an old monstrous voice could be heard: “Ai ya, another one collapsed….”

“Ghost!” Lin Shan shrieked like a pig being slaughtered. She grabbed onto Lian Feng’s sleeves and tried to sprint. But within two steps, she was pulled back by Lian Feng like a little duckling.

“Why are you afraid? It’s a human.”

Human? Lin Shan was flabbergasted. She reluctantly opened her eyes and realized the ghost was actually a white haired old woman. The old woman was currently glaring at her.

“What ghost? You’re the ghost!” screeched the woman. Although she was old, she sounded quite lively while yelling.

After the old woman took a look at the group of people around Lin Shan and Lian Feng, she spoke in the regional dialect and demanded: “Who are you people? Why are you here?”

Out of the group, there was a soldier that grew up in Black Dragon Mountain. Therefore, he instantly went up to explain the situation. Lin Shan only heard gibberish and couldn’t understand a word.

At the end, the soldier went back to report to Lian Feng: “Superior. This old lady is the village head of this place. She said all the villagers have moved out and left. Her house is the only one that has remained. She said her wooden house is nearby, and she is willing to let us stay for the night…however…” The soldier stopped and looked troubled.

“However, what?” Lian Feng questioned.

“The old lady said her home isn’t big enough for all of us. Therefore, someone has to sleep in the firewood room.”

“That’s fine. I’ll go.” Lian Feng nodded.

“No….” The soldier awkwardly looked at the person next to Lian Feng.

Since the soldier was looking at her, Lin Shan reacted right away.

What the hell!? That old woman wants me to sleep in the firewood room? What the f***!? Just because I called her a ghost?

Lin Shan stared at the old woman and the woman just happened to be glaring at her. It was as if she was saying: Take that, you little! Calling me a ghost, eh? You regret it now, don’t you?

Lin Shan returned her dirty look: Granny. You’re not a ghost. You’re scarier than a ghost!

Clearly, the strange village head had decided to go against Lin Shan. Regardless of how they tried to negotiate, she refused to bend. Therefore, Lin Shan had no choice but to admit defeat. At least, she had a firewood room to sleep in. It was better than sleeping on top of a tree.

Once everyone knew they had a place to stay, they were happy. Like a swarm of bees, everyone followed the old woman.

Lian Feng slowed down and turned around to whisper to Lin Shan: “I’ll come stay with you tonight.”

Hehe. This is what you call “Misfortune turning into good fortune”! When I get horsesick, I get wrapped in an embrace. When I sleep in a firewood room, I get company. What is delightful love? This is delightful love!

Lin Shan was beaming on the inside. She slyly blinked at Lian Feng and caused him discomfort.

What’s wrong with this girl? She’s even content with sleeping in a firewood room?

Little did he know, Lin Shan was hitting on him.

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