Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 49.

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Chapter 49

Lin Shan ran back and hid in her room right after the incident.

Although she seemed carefree and random, she was very serious when it came to relationships. She hated to be forced into doing something she didn’t want. She despised Du Hao for not respecting her.

Love isn’t something that belonged to you just because you have power. You think you can dominate everything simply because you have authority? No!

After all, Lin Shan had been a modern person for twenty years. Her modern mindset was deeply rooted. Not only did Du Hao’s kiss failed to get to her comply, it evoked a lot of negative emotions.

F*** you, Crown Prince! Lin Shan slammed the table. She wiped the tear stains off her face and yelled at herself: “Why the f*** are you crying? He has already kissed you. Are you going to chop off your mouth? Instead of crying, figure out a way to escape!”

That’s correct! There’s no way I’m staying here anymore. I’m leaving now!

At that moment, Lin Shan had made up her mind. She quickly lifted her mood and started packing her belongings.

By now, the sky was totally dark. Although the possibility of Du Hao coming was slim, the two Imperial guards were still guarding her room. Escaping will not be an easy task.

However, that wasn’t going to stop Lin Shan. If she can’t leave through the door, she will climb out from the windows. As long as she could escape from the Crown Prince, she would even dig through a dog hole! Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 49.”