Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 50.

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Chapter 50

“Lian Superior, are you planning to go against me?” Du Hao threatened.

“Your Highness, you leave me with no choice.” Lian Feng replied. He dodged a hit, and raised his sabre; the moonlight that was reflecting off his blade scattered.

Du Hao smirked: “Good timing. I’ve heard many great things about Lian Superior’s abilities. Show me what you’ve got.”  Right after, Du Hao charged at Lian Feng. Lian Feng blocked the attack, and once again the two of them started to fight.

Lin Shan didn’t expect the two of them to actually battle.  Du Hao’s sword play was bold and powerful. He was closing in. On the other hand, Lian Feng was lenient with his attacks. Thus, Lin Shan was very worried.

Lin Shan was angry because it was obvious that Lian Feng wasn’t giving his best efforts. Yet, she was also concerned that he would be harmed.

After witnessing Du Hao’s very close attempt of striking Lian Feng, Lin Shan couldn’t stand it any longer. She yelled from the bottom of her lungs: “Stop fighting!”

However, since her throat was injured, her voice honestly made no impact. Lin Shan panicked and without thinking, she lifted up her sleeves and stormed over. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 50.”