Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 50.

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Secondly, this chapter was very interesting but awkward to translate. In Chinese, the Emperor actually always refer himself as the Emperor. But it sounds so stupid that I changed it a bit. They are always speaking in 3rd person…

Lastly, the word I’m teaching today is the word 去 go. Type “qu” in the pinyin keyboard. 去 is a very important word. 我要去 = I need/want to go 你要去 = You need/want to go 他要去 = He needs/wants to go 她要去 = She needs/wants to go (I need you guys to constantly review in order to retain the word in your mind)

Chapter 50

“Lian Superior, are you planning to go against me?” Du Hao threatened.

“Your Highness, you leave me with no choice.” Lian Feng replied. He dodged a hit, and raised his sabre; the moonlight that was reflecting off his blade scattered.

Du Hao smirked: “Good timing. I’ve heard many great things about Lian Superior’s abilities. Show me what you’ve got.”  Right after, Du Hao charged at Lian Feng. Lian Feng blocked the attack, and once again the two of them started to fight.

Lin Shan didn’t expect the two of them to actually battle.  Du Hao’s sword play was bold and powerful. He was closing in. On the other hand, Lian Feng was lenient with his attacks. Thus, Lin Shan was very worried.

Lin Shan was angry because it was obvious that Lian Feng wasn’t giving his best efforts. Yet, she was also concerned that he would be harmed.

After witnessing Du Hao’s very close attempt of striking Lian Feng, Lin Shan couldn’t stand it any longer. She yelled from the bottom of her lungs: “Stop fighting!”

However, since her throat was injured, her voice honestly made no impact. Lin Shan panicked and without thinking, she lifted up her sleeves and stormed over.

Lian Feng didn’t expect Lin Shan to storm over and was momentarily distracted. Du Hao’s blade was heading straight for his chest. Everything happened in a matter of seconds. By the time Du Hao’s sword stopped, Lin Shan had already stood in front of Lian Feng blocking him. Although her eyes showed fear, her legs did not waver at all.

Du Hao felt his heart tug. He never thought the woman he liked would stand in front of an Imperial bodyguard to block his own sword.

He couldn’t even compete with an Imperial bodyguard? His heart ached, and the sword he held fell onto the ground.

The moment the sword fell onto the ground, Lin Shan snapped back to reality and quickly turned around to check on Lian Feng: “Are you alright? Did you get hurt? Where…?? Let me see???” She desperately tried to grab hold of his arm to check for injuries.

Lian Feng did not move at all. He stared at the anxious woman in front of him. Although he had thousand of words he wanted to say, only three words came out: “Are you crazy?” he hollered.

Lin Shan was too worried and responded casually: “I’m average. Good enough to get by.”

Lian Feng literally wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Regardless of when or where, Lin Shan always had the ability to destruct his most intense emotions. Sometimes, her immature actions would make him feel all warm. Although she was impulsive, it made him wanted to cherish and love her more. He wanted to protect her forever.

Was this fate?

While Lian Feng was in a daze, Gu Zuo suddenly appeared. “Your Highness…..” He whispered in Du Hao’s ears. Du Hao’s expression immediately changed.

“Song Luo, return with me.” Du Hao ordered.

What the hell is wrong with his brain? Does he not understand the word no? Lin Shan’s first reaction was to lift her leg and kick Du Hao’s sword. However, one kick was not enough. She had to kick it a couple more times. If Lin Shan knew Du Hao’s sword was actually worth more than Lian Feng’s golden sabre, she would probably be crouching in a corner drawing circles against the wall.

“Stop.” Du Hao interfered. “Return with me. Ming Yue is missing.”

Du Ming Yue…. is missing? What happened?? Long story.


After returning from the ge lou, Du Ming Yue was very depressed. The more she thought about it, the more she felt like there was something going on between her husband and her brother.

Two men…alone…underneath the moon and dark silent sky…heavy rain…together in a room…clothes were in disarray… any element alone already sounded wrong. If you put them all together, it was downright dirty.

As Du Ming Yue analyzed her thoughts, she couldn’t help but remember how cold Song Luo had treated her after they were married. Even after when she had plastered herself on him, he seemed to take no interest in her. As a normal functioning man, how could he reject such a beautiful Princess like herself?

The only reasonable explanation was…Song Luo was interested in men!!


If it weren’t for an arranged marriage, Lin Shan couldn’t imagine any man wanting to marry the Princess.

Then again, Lin Shan couldn’t imagine a lot of things. She would never have thought a man would be so fearless that he would storm into the Palace -alone- just to see the Princess.

That unlucky man was He Lao San!

He Lao San’s love life was even more depressing than Du Ming Yue’s. At least, Du Ming Yue had loved a few people before. He Lao San didn’t even have an opportunity to love any woman until he mistakenly met Lin Shan.

Finally, he could look forward to love. But Lian Feng was too powerful as a rival. He Lao San couldn’t compete in terms of status, martial arts, or looks.

Logically, He Lao San should have given up. Yet, he was bitter and suffered from lovesickness. He couldn’t stop thinking of Lin Shan, and even his fan was unable to console his lonely heart. After battling in his head for a day, he decided to charge into the Palace to find his lover.

He Lao San thought it over. The reason why Lin Shan didn’t like him was because he didn’t come off strong enough. Didn’t his big boss tell him? Women prefer men that dominate. He Lao San knew his weaknesses and strengths. He may be bad at literature and dance, but he definitely knew how to “come on strong” from his experiences as a mountain thief!

Therefore, He Lao San didn’t bring anything else but a sack as he energetically skipped his way to the Palace to find his Princess Lin Shan.

As for Du Ming Yue, she was suffering tremendously from her imagination.

Oh God. I’m a Princess! Why can’t I find a normal man to love? Bodhisattva! Buddha! Laozi! When will I, Du Ming Yue, find my true Prince!?!?!

Just as Du Ming Yue was sighing to the moon alone, a sack fell from the sky and she was caught inside. He Lao San tossed the sack on his shoulders and said the most satisfying line he had said in the past twenty plus years.

“Mother! I’ve finally found a wife!”


Lin Shan and Du Hao quickly arrived back to the Palace. By now, the Emperor had been notified of the missing Du Ming Yue. He was currently in the Study screaming at all the guards responsible for the Princess’s safety. Seeing Lin Shan’s arrival made him even angrier. He slammed down his documents and shrieked: “As a Prince Consort, you can’t even protect the Princess. Why do I need a son-in-law like you?”

This was the first time Lin Shan had seen the Emperor so furious. She didn’t know how to react.

At that moment, Du Hao spoke up: “Father, please do not blame Prince Consort. I told him to stay with me for a couple of days because we were having a lot of fun. That is the reason why he couldn’t protect sister.”

The Emperor did not expect his son to interfere. He became even more enraged: “Are you telling me that I’ve wronged him?”

“Your son does not mean to offend you, Father. I just want you to temporarily put the responsibility stuff aside. Currently, the most important task is to find sister, and give Prince Consort an opportunity to make up for his crime.” Du Hao calmly replied.

“Make up for your crime, eh?” The Emperor coolly laughed. “Fine. I will give you the opportunity. Song Luo, take my command!”

Lin Shan was a clever soul and instantly got onto her knees: “Your subordinate, Song Luo, accepts the Imperial command!”

“I’m giving you ten days to find the Princess. If not, no need to return!”

Lin Shan was so emotional, she nearly cried. Emperor, you are truly too wise! Not returning would be awesome! Ideally, I would never return.

Then, the Emperor added his next line: “There is no need for you to return. Your father, mother, and brother also do not need to return. The day you find the Princess is the day your whole family can come back.”

Lin Shan was almost paralyzed. Emperor, you’re too cruel!

At that moment, Du Hao suddenly spoke up: “Your son is willing to assist the Prince Consort in locating Ming Yue.”

“Alright. I didn’t know your relationship with the Prince Consort was so good. If that’s the case…come, my servant!”

Lian Feng was waiting right by the door. He immediately came in and kneeled as he briefly looked at Lin Shan and said to the Emperor: “What can I do for you, my Emperor?”

“Lian Feng, I’m ordering you to lead the Imperial army to correspond with the Crown Prince and Prince Consort to locate the whereabouts of the Princess. You must ensure the Princess’s safety. Error will be unacceptable.”

“Your subordinate accepts your command.”

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  1. Thank you so much the chapter (≥ v ≤)/ things are really going to get even more complicated…. but don’t tell me there is actually a new pairing with the odd duo, Du Ming Yue and He Loa San ^^;

  2. *lol* and here i thought lin shan could wait the 10 days and voila be free. maybe there she could fake her death. but he lao san is dump or? and the soldiers should alle go to a bootcamp. how can it be that he lao san could infiltrate the palace 2!!! times and each time abduct someone? do they sleep all the time? terrible security! *lol*

    cu koyama

  3. hahaha! what a nice pair! 2 luckless person! im sure their relationship will be full turbulence! their social status is enough to make them swim with countless troubles! haha
    Im rooting and wishing them luck though! Sigh! theyre so pitiful!

    Thanks for the chap gchan! looking forward to LF and DH’s face off!

    1. Lol you’re welcome!! :p now they have to find the Princess! No more fighting… Although the 3rd Prince is gonna come in the picture soon….he is trouble!!

      1. no more fighting? phew! i guess I was worried for nothing 😀
        On 2nd thought, scratch that! the main antagonist is coming! Sigh…. I hope he wont get hooked by LS’s beauty and cute charms! or else his scariness will triple!

  4. Hahaha, I feel like I know where the story is heading.
    Heartbroken (+arrogant) princess
    Heartbroken (+delusional) bandit
    = (twisted) love fate?

  5. If princess come to love this kidnapper, the emporer is going to have a heart attack. I can already imagine princess beating up n bossing him around.

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