10 Good Questions

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers 2

I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Tikeetha. Please check her out here. I love reading her blog!!! Honestly, I usually do not like being “nominated” for anything because it requires work. (I know, I’m terrible). But these questions are awesome!!! Therefore, I have decided to answer them. I hope you enjoy my responses as well!


1. You have all the resources needed to change ONE thing in the world with a snap of your fingers —what are you changing for the better? 
I would end poverty for all. At least, everyone will have a better chance at life. 

2. What is the most attractive feature or trait a woman can possess [physical, mental, spiritual]? 
Honestly, I think it’s self-confidence. A woman who believes and sees value in herself. 

3. What is your next big self/life/career-improvement project?
I’m not sure. But I know what I enjoy doing. I still want to be a financial advisor. I also enjoy writing, singing, creating music, and motivational speaking. I am probably going to keep translating and tutoring. In addition, I plan on starting a youtube channel. 

4. What dream location is at the top of your Next 5-year Bucket List and why? 
I don’t have a dream location at the moment. There are lots of places I haven’t been to, and I want to go. I want to explore Europe. I also want to go to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, certain cities in China (I want to see historical stuff), as well as visit my Moo Moo in Cambodia. I want to ride an elephant. lol

5. To be . . . or not to be . . .? [Pick one, and complete the phrase] 
To be brave enough to follow your heart. To be determined enough to finish the race. 

6. Who are 3 woman/sisters in your life you could not made it to this point in life without? 
I would say my mother, my aunt Gilda, and my close girlfriends. Without my mother, I definitely wouldn’t be here today. Her support and love is something I definitely need. Without my aunt, I wouldn’t have been exposed to so many inspirational books. She taught me a lot about life and gratitude. Without my close girlfriends, I wouldn’t have had people to rely on during my darkest moments. I can’t choose just one friend, because I have many who have shown me what true friendship is (whether my condition is 10x better or worse, they will not change). 

7. What is your favorite movie? 
I would probably say, “The Sound of Music”  

8. You are an explorer of the sublime: what is your fancy?—outer space, the bottom of the sea, Mt. Everest?
I think I would choose bottom of the sea if it looked as pretty as a Disney movie. However, in reality, the bottom of the sea is very dark and scary. So…I’ll go with outer space. But then again, outer space is dark and scary as well. Ai ya.. whatever, I’ll go with outer space. I don’t want to climb Mt. Everest. 

9. Three things you love about you and/or your life? 
I love how I can make others feel good about themselves. I love how I have so many amazing friends and supporters (hehe, the blogging community and some of my readers). I love how I know my passions and acknowledge my strengths. 

10. Reflect on your life’s experiences and lessons . . . Then think of a young woman, or girl who is roughly 10 years younger than you. . . What is the most important lesson you have learned to date you would like to share with Her?
I would tell her to, “Don’t lie to yourself. Ask yourself what you would be doing with your life if you didn’t have much time left. Don’t live a life of regrets. Stop trying to seek approval from others. What they think and say should not dictate your life. Do what makes YOU happy…because ultimately, it doesn’t matter how highly others see you if you feel like shit.”

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. Anyone who feels like doing this is nominated! Haha.
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I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

11 thoughts on “10 Good Questions”

  1. oh! “The Sound of Music” yes! yes! yes!
    Actually, I’m in love with all of your answers Queen Sister. The Bottom of the sea/Outer space answer had me laughing sooo hard. I could not do the sea, probably not even if it looked like Disney *eh* #10 is ♥ You’re wonderful, I’m so glad you were on Tikeetha’s nominee list!!!

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