Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 37.

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Chapter 37     Brothers

Xuan Luo was honestly too worried about Bai Tian, he couldn’t eat mindfully. There weren’t much rice left though, so he quickly finished it and dragged Hu Zi to find Bai Tian.

“Da ge, thank you so much.” Hu Zi took him to where the old man lived and Xuan Luo was extremely thankful. His feet weren’t steady, but he ran straight into the straw room* The straw room wasn’t big, and Xuan Luo immediately saw a person lying there. Xuan Luo’s heart tingled as he rushed over; unintentionally, tears started rolling down from the corner of his eyes.

“Bai Tian, are you alright?” cried Xuan Luo as he noticed all of Bai Tian’s scars. But Bai Tian could not hear him. Bai Tian had fallen into a coma; he looked as if he died in his sleep.

“Ugh! What are you doing, young lad?” The old man came out. Seeing Xuan Luo kneeled down next to the patient’s bedside, he was frustrated. “You better not cause more damage on top of his current damage!”

Xuan Luo snapped back into reality and looked at the old man. He begged, “Doctor, please save him…” Seeing Xuan Luo’s sincere expression, the old man sadly shook his head, “It’s all on him now.”

Hearing this, Xuan Luo felt as if the clear sky had been covered by a clap of thunder. He sat in a daze and looked hopeless. The old man saw Xuan Luo’s expression and felt helpless. Although he was a doctor, he could not create miracles. When it came to circumstances like these, he could only try his best.

All of a sudden, Xuan Luo remembered the water from the cave and thought of a plan.

“Since the water droplets were able to  heal me in such a short amount of time, it should be able to heal Bai Tian as well!” thought Xuan Luo. When the two of them left Qian Deng Zhen, they didn’t carry much with them; since the mountains were so close to their hometown. They could have gone back whenever. They never thought they would have gotten lost.

Earlier, when Xuan Luo was testing the water droplet, he was very shocked. He didn’t think something like that existed. However, he was healed. Lots of strange things seemed to happen to him. Thinking back, the droplets had to be the reason why his body healed so quickly.

“I deserve to die! How could I not have thought of collecting some water before coming over?!” Xuan Luo couldn’t help but started to blame himself again. However, even if he had wanted to collect the water, there was nothing he could use to collect the water with. That was a fact.

Xuan Luo’s mind was racing. He had followed the direction of the stream to get to this village. If he goes back for the water now, it would be too late. Currently, Bai Tian was on the verge of death; he could die any time. One step could be too late.

But his damage was far too serious, if we were relying on him to heal himself, how would it be possible in such a short amount of time? Xuan Luo didn’t even care if Bai Tian could recover completely. Currently, he just wanted Bai Tian to wake up. Being awake would help the situation.

“Since I drank/absorbed so much of the water droplets, my blood definitely possess some of the powers of the droplets. If the water droplets were really this amazing….” Xuan Luo was so worried about Bai Tian that he started thinking of crazy solutions. To him, Bai Tian was way too important; Bai Tian was the only person he could speak his heart to.

Xuan Luo didn’t want to waste any more time. He directly asked the old man, “Doctor, do you have a small knife of some sort? I need a sharp object!”

The old man seemed bewildered by Xuan Luo’s question. However, he couldn’t figure out why Xuan Luo wanted it so he just handed a small knife to him.

Xuan Luo caught the knife, but he didn’t seem to be able to focus.

“You’re really going to do this?”

“I have to!”

Honestly, Xuan Luo had never thought of inflicting harm on himself. As he held the small knife, he didn’t know where to start. But when he looked at Bai Tian, determination shone through his eyes.

He used the small knife to cut his wrist, and blood immediately oozed out. The old man was in shock. Originally, he wanted to caution Xuan Luo before he did anything; but before he could say a word, Xuan Luo had already cut himself. Everything happened so fast.

Xuan Luo placed his wrist near Bai Tian’s mouth and poured his blood into Bai Tian’s mouth**

The old man was flabbergasted. He had no idea why Xuan Luo was giving Bai Tian his blood. Currently, he had the urgency to scream. Not only that, as a doctor, he felt at fault for not preventing Xuan Luo for hurting himself in front of him.

Xuan Luo’s face was turning paler and paler as he lost more and more blood.

“Stop what you’re doing now! You want to die!?!?” The old man hollered as he noticed Xuan Luo’s condition. “You don’t know how to love your body. How could you do such a thing?”

The old man quickly rushed to get gauze to cover Xuan Luo’s wound. However, Xuan Luo was stubborn and refused. Since he noticed his cut was closing, he created another cut close to the original area because Bai Tian hadn’t woken up yet.

Earlier, Xuan Luo was too fast and the old man couldn’t stop him. But now, the old man was close enough to Xuan Luo and he quickly knocked him out. He used the gauze to wrap around Xuan Luo’s wounds.

“This child honestly does not value his body!” The old man frowned. He was very angry at Xuan Luo.

Currently, Bai Tian’s complexion had improved. Compared to before, he looked much better. Xuan Luo did not waste his blood. If one were to look carefully, Bai Tian’s fingers were twitching a little.

Although the old man didn’t know why Xuan Luo did what he did, but seeing Bai Tian’s improved condition, he somewhat figured it out. He looked at the unconscious Xuan Luo with admiration.


Xuan Luo passed out for a couple of hours. However, he still woke up before Bai Tian. Looking at Xuan Luo, the old man was confused, “How come your blood….?”

Although Xuan Luo woke up, he was experiencing some post trauma effects from the loss of blood. However, since the old man mentioned this, he knew his reasoning was correct. Although it had been quite awhile since he had absorbed the droplets, the healing power still remained inside his blood.

“When I was on the mountains, I was also hurt. My condition was similar to his. However, I randomly swallowed something and it healed me. Not only was I healed, I felt like I have unlimited amount of strength!” Xuan Luo smiled as he explained.

Bai Tian must be doing well. That was a good sign.

“How is he doing?” Xuan Luo was curious.

“He’s healing quite well. He should wake up soon!” The old man was somewhat amused. It turned out his prediction was correct.


“Bai Tian, you’re finally awake!” The moment Bai Tian opened his eyes, he heard the familiar voice of Xuan Luo.

However, seeing Xuan Luo’s worried expression, Bai Tian weakly smiled, “Can you stop looking like that? Your crying face makes me want to spank you!”

Bai Tian had just woken up, yet he was already teasing Xuan Luo. He didn’t act like a patient at all. However, that was Bai Tian’s personality. Xuan Luo knew deep inside that if Bai Tian had acted differently, he would not be Bai Tian.

“Ok. No more. How are you feeling?” Xuan Luo was curious and couldn’t help but ask.

“I feel much better now! Earlier, it was as if there was a warm current running through my body. It took away most of my pain. But after awhile, the warm current disappeared!” Bai Tian seemed a bit sad about it. Since he was in a coma, he didn’t know the warm current was the result of Xuan Luo’s blood.

“Whatever. I don’t want to bother you anymore. Quickly get better. We have been gone from home for a long period of time now. I’m sure our families are freaking out. We have to rush to get back!’ Xuan Luo definitely knew why Bai Tian felt the warm current. However, that was something he must hide from Bai Tian. If Bai Tian knew, based on their friendship, Bai Tian would give him back all his blood…

That’s what brothers do for each other. If one needs help, the other would never just stand aside to watch. He would try his very best to help his friend. Xuan Luo and Bai Tian’s relationship was as solid as a boulder.

Just as Xuan Luo was still thinking back about the old times in Xia Luo village, he noticed that Xia Luo village was in flames. It looked very wrong. From far away, he could hear the sounds of metal weapons clashing and fighting.***

Hearing this, Xuan Luo felt very anxious and rushed towards Xia Luo village.


*The straw room is a room filled with straws on the ground. It looks something like this: http://graphicleftovers.com/graphic/interior-of-old-barn-straw-bales-85857/ <– but not European. Think Ancient China.

**Oh my goodness, that’s nuts. I can’t believe he cut himself and made Bai Tian drink his blood..wow.

***Xuan Luo is back in the present again. Everything prior was a memory.


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  1. Looks like Xuan Luo going save the remnants of the Xia Luo village to transfer them back to his village.

    1. Hmm.. that’s actually a pretty good prediction. He doesn’t transfer them to his village, but he will definitely be doing something to save the day! 😉

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