Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 48.

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The word I would like to teach today is: 在. 在 indicates where something is or the location of something or what you’re currently doing.  在 school means at school. 在 sleeping means currently sleeping. 在 table means on the table. You can type 在 by typing “zai”. We do not have prepositions in Chinese: on, at, in, etc.

Chapter 48

Since Lin Shan didn’t really have any other choice, she could only follow the old servant. They walked straight up to the third floor. The old servant pushed open the door and gestured her to go inside.

Lin Shan was cautious with every step she took. When she turned around, the door had already been shut behind her. She felt like she was being separated from the real world. It was extremely quiet, and there was a faint scent of orchid in the room.

Huh? How come there’s nobody here?

Lin Shan was confused. She took a couple of steps around the area but soon ended back at the entrance once more. She scattered her eyes around the room and noticed there was a circular table filled with goodies.

Eight treasure rice, osmanthus flower cake, sweet fermented sticky rice ball, angelica sinensis stew chicken….there were desserts and meat dishes!! Lin Shan’s eyes gleamed. She was drooling.

Seeing the food, Lin Shan instantly recalled how she hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Her stomach started to growl. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 48.”

Zui Wu Dao. Finale?

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I’m contemplating whether I should translate Vol 2. Chapter 51-60. The reason why I’m debating whether to translate 51-60 is because I am going to be introducing another 10 characters, but then I will be forced to stop because Part 3 doesn’t connect to Part 2, and there will be even more unanswered questions. Hence, I think it will be even more frustrating because as of right now, we already have so many questions that have yet to be answered.

At the beginning, my friend Kyle recommended me to translate this novel because he thought it was related to the manga version. At the time, I decided, sure why not? (It turns out the novel isn’t related to the manga at all. I know most of you were disappointed)

Anyhow, it wasn’t until after I translated a couple chapters did I realize that the author actually had written all 156 chapters, and then went back to edit her/his work. HOWEVER, she/he changed A LOT of the story because part three is totally different from part two. In part 3, Bai Tian was with Xuan Luo all along, and he was one of Wu Ya Zi’s disciples. Not only that, Dong Fang Yu got raped by a character that wasn’t even mentioned in part two. It is so different that I think the author gave up and stopped editing.

After I realized my mistake for translating a dropped novel, I still continued on because I didn’t want to quit after a few chapters. In addition, I felt like some part of the story is actually quite good…so it was worth it. Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Finale?”

Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 50.

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This chapter was very difficult to translate because the sentence structure was so backwards (Sometimes, it’s less backwards). I tried my best.

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This is the chapter in Chinese

This is what delivering the “biao” looked like in the past. “Biao” are the items that the biao ju is ordered to deliver/keep safe for a price. Basically, it’s like sending express mail with bodyguards.

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Chapter 50     Analyzing

By the time Xuan Yuan Duan Ai and Tang Chen were finished telling Xuan Luo the whole story, a couple of hours had already gone by. Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was very detailed; he didn’t leave out a single detail. Xuan Luo vaguely sensed a conspiracy was going on.

“There is something fishy about this.” Honestly, Xuan Luo didn’t have to meddle in this muddy water. However, since he had arrived in Du Cheng, his heart felt very troubled. Yet, he couldn’t really explain why. Perhaps the incident with Shen Tui Men had caused him to over think.

“I think so too! That day, I was told to protect the items on the carts and to bring it to the Nan gong family’s residence. The client had already put down a deposit, and the deposit was no less than twenty thousand silver tael (currency from the Qing Dynasty). I didn’t think anyone would be so generous!” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai exclaimed.

“We truly need to deeply analyze this situation.” Xuan Luo repeated again. He had no idea what he was getting into.

“Let’s analyze.” Tang Chen said calmly. He also had strong feelings about this; because why on earth would the client asked the biao ju to deliver* a bunch of gunpowder? Not to mention, the Nan gong family definitely had enough potential without the help of the biao ju.

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Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 49.

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Sorry for the wait. I’m still kinda meh, so it’s taking me awhile to translate nowadays. I hope you like this chapter though. It is kind of awkward but I tried to make it sound as normal as I could.

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This is the chapter in Chinese (The author had some typos but I disregarded it). Remember, my translations are usually between 85%-90% accurate. There are some phrases and terms I cannot translate and I usually opt for something similar.

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Chapter 49     Hu Wei Biao Ju

Note: Biao ju is a store that helps deliver people’s valuables safe for a price. People will come redeem their items after.

After dealing with everything, Xuan Luo didn’t return to Qian Deng Zhen. One of the things he despised most was saying goodbye. Most of all, he didn’t want Guan Shan Jue to witness his tearful face.

As one gets older, he/she will feel more lonely. During these past two years, Xuan Luo knew how painful it was to miss someone. Although he really wanted to be by his stepfather’s side, currently, that wasn’t an option.

When he left home with Bai Tian, he could only imagine Guan Shan Jue’s emotions. His stepfather took care of him for five years, and definitely invested a lot in him. Likewise, he also loved Guan Shan Jue very much.

Nowadays, his nightmares were happening less and less. However, they were getting clearer and clearer. Xuan Luo knew that his dream had something to do with his past. Each time he had that dream, he would feel very frightened and he would be drenched in cold sweats. From time to time, he would wake up scared.

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Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 48.

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This chapter was easy to translate but there were a lot of meaningful phrases that sounds extremely odd in English. I tried to be as accurate as possible, so I’m sorry if you’re confused? I hope not.

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And this is the chapter in Chinese

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Chapter 48     Hu Han is dead

A small blood hole appeared in between Hu Han’s brows. Xuan Luo immediately stood up and tried to locate the direction of the dart.

However, the sky was clear and not a movement could be detected.

“What did you just see?” Xuan Luo asked Wang Yuan, who was at the closest distance to him. Everything happened so quickly, but some grass must have felt the wind!

“What!?” Wang Yuan was confused and had no idea what Xuan Luo was talking about. He was surprised and curious as to why Xuan Luo seemed so stirred up.

As Xuan Luo looked at Wang Yuan, he turned to Cai Qin and Dong Fang Xin as well; all of them had bleak expressions on their faces. They looked at Xuan Luo awkwardly.

“What’s wrong?” Cai Qin has high IQ and knows Xuan Luo’s behaviour wasn’t normal. Something must have happened.

“Hu Han is dead!” Xuan Luo replied quietly.

“WHAT?!?!” Xuan Luo’s statement was like a shocking lightning to them. It had a direct impact on Cai Qin and the rest of the group.

Seeing their shocked expressions, Xuan Luo pointed his finger towards Hu Han, whose eyes had rolled backwards and only whiteness could be seen.

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Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 47.

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This chapter was very strange and amusing. When you read it, you’ll understand what I mean. The ____ is probably some type of “drug” that makes a man horny? lol I don’t know. You figure it out. 😛 (the author didn’t actually write the word out)

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This is the chapter in Chinese

Chapter 47     An unexpected change

Just as Xuan Luo was about to brutally pounce on Hu Han, Dong Fang Xin released a yell and stopped him in his tracks.

“Wait! Don’t take his life temporarily!” Dong Fang Xin anxiously called out. Her voice was evidently weak. It was obvious that the statement consisted of all her strength.

Earlier, Dong Fang Xin wasn’t careful, therefore she was wounded by Hu Han. Currently, her situation wasn’t looking very optimistic. Xuan Luo didn’t know what to do in order to help cure her. Honestly, Dong Fang Xin was overly worried. She had mistaken and thought Xuan Luo was about to kill Hu Han. If that was the case, they wouldn’t be able to find out the whereabouts of Dong Fang Yu.

Xuan Luo didn’t think much and directly headed towards Dong Fang Xin. Seeing Dong Fang Xin covered in fresh blood, Xuan Luo felt extremely guilty. If he was able to do something earlier…then Dong Fang Xin wouldn’t be injured right now.

“Where my…sister?” Dong Fang Xin weakly questioned. Yet, she was still forcing herself to stand as she fixedly stared at Hu Han.   Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 47.”

Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 46.

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This is the chapter in Chinese

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Chapter 46     Hu Han

From all the chaos, out came a person with a huge blade on his shoulder. That person was Hu Han. However, the moment Xuan Luo saw him, he felt like Hu Han went through a transformation of some sort.

Since the main boss came out, the disciples from Shen Tui Men stopped fighting. They knew they were no match for Xuan Luo and his group. All of them were scared to die; especially since Wang Yuan fought with no mercy – he literally chopped anyone in sight. He had no regulations.

However, because Wang Yuan was the way he was, his presence alone was able to push down the enemy.

“Hu Han?” Xuan Luo faintly squinted his eyes. As Xuan Luo looked at him, he wasn’t quite sure.

Dong Fang Xin and the rest of the group were taken aback by Xuan Luo’s gesture, but they didn’t ask questions. Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 46.”