Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 43.

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Chapter 43     Cha Lin

Note: The Cha Lin is where Dong Fang Yu and her business is located

It was night time and surprisingly quiet. After Guan Shan Jue fell asleep, Xuan Luo sneaked out of the room and headed to the Cha Lin to search for clues.

Ever since Xuan Luo found out from Li Shao Miao that Dong Fang Yu had been captured by Shang Hua, his heart could not remain calm. Shen Tui Men’s appearance had definitely created a lot of tension within Qian Deng Zhen. Their behaviour resembled thieves, and it was something Xuan Luo could not endure. As martial artists, they aimed to bring peace and justice to the world.

Seeing this, how could Xuan Luo restrain himself? Most importantly, Shen Tui Men had caused harm to the closest person to him.

Although Shen Tui Men had established themselves in Qian Deng Zhen for two years, no one truly knew where their headquarter was. Qian Deng Zhen was surrounded by mountains and forests, hence, there were a lot of areas that hadn’t been touched or developed yet. In the past, due to Cha Lin watching over the village, Shen Tui Men never really made any drastic moves. It wasn’t until recently that they revealed their wolf-like greed to swallow the whole village…

Cha Lin was not located in a very concealed area. After all, Dong Fang Yu’s business was legitimate and followed the standards. There was no sketchy or unlawful behaviour. In fact, Cha Lin was a very profitable business. The amount of money they generated wasn’t something that an average person could picture. Plus, Qian Deng Zhen’s deng xin tea was famous in the whole empire.

Although Dong Fang Yu was a very powerful figure in Qian Deng Zhen, she had never done any terrible and evil things. It wasn’t that she didn’t have the ability, it was because she didn’t want to use her powers as a base to harm people.

However, with the appearance of Shen Tui Men, this peace had been shattered. Dong Fang Yu and Shen Tui Men’s eldest dang jia were constantly giving each other a hard time. After all, a mountain cannot allow two tigers. Obviously, Dong Fang Yu wasn’t going to let Shen Tui Men do whatever the hell they want within her territory. In addition, Shen Tui Men had already seriously disobeyed  a lot of the rules. In order to become the master of the universe, they have done a lot of bad deeds and affected many people in a negative way.

Xuan Luo wasn’t familiar with Cha Lin, but through Xiao Fang, he managed to find out the approximate location of it. Actually, a lot of Guan Shan Jue’s materials/food source came from Cha Lin.

In the middle of the Cha Lin, there was a wooden plank that led to a house. The house was well lit and through the windows, a couple of shadows could be seen. It looked like a discussion of some sort.

Xuan Luo secretly proceeded and hid by the window. He poked a tiny hole through the paper window, and using his eyes, he scanned across the room. In the house, there were a total of four people; two females and two males. The guys looked big and bulky, while the women were as beautiful as jades.


“That asshole Shang Hua doesn’t know the difference between good and bad! First he tries to take over our area. Now, he directly captured Yu jie!” The person speaking sounded extremely furious.


Someone slammed the table and a voice could be heard, “That breast of a bear*, he sure has a lot of guts! How dare he behave in such manner within our territory!”

“Yes, we really need to think of a solution!” A female voice broke out. As Xuan Luo listened from the outside, he was surprised. Through the woman’s voice, he could feel her wisdom. Although her voice sounded very strong, he could feel the fire within it -yet no anger could be detected. If one only judged based on the voice, most would assume it was someone of a high authority. But actually, that was not the case.

“Yu jie’s martial arts is something we have all seen before. Shang Hua is only a small character that has recently emerged. He thinks after learning a couple of leg spells from Jun Zi Tang, he is now shen tui**!?! Very funny!”

“But how did he capture Yu jie? That’s the question!” The female voice analyzed. “Yu jie’s martial arts hasn’t deteriorated. In fact, she is stronger now! How could Shang Hua’s abilities have improved so much within the past two years?”

“Shang Hua that asshole must have used some crafty trick.” The two men looked at each other as one of them stated.

“I don’t think so. If he had a trick, he wouldn’t have waited so long before using it.”

“True…why is he making a move now?” The two tall and husky men were confused.


Suddenly, Xuan Luo stepped on something and it made an obvious sound.

Everyone in the house were on alert and quickly grabbed their weapons and rushed to the door. “May I ask which mighty person is listening to us? Please state your name. If not, don’t expect us to remain in place!”

Everywhere was quiet. It was so quiet that they could all hear each other breathing. Yet, no one appeared. Obviously, Xuan Luo wouldn’t come out to get himself killed, right? Well, that’s what’s supposed to happen, but Xuan Luo actually came out of his hiding spot with a smile on his face.

“Hehe, sorry for disrupting you guys!” Xuan Luo appeared in front of them, wearing all black. Although he was sincere, he gave the group a very bad feeling. The four of them did not treat him like a kind visitor. What type of guy would sneak around wearing all black in the middle of the night? This guy must be a thief or a bad guy of some sort.

The four of them were experienced jiang hu people, they did not plan to go easy on Xuan Luo. All of them had their weapons and headed towards Xuan Luo.

Actually, the reason why Xuan Luo came out was simple. Since he had already exposed his tracks, even if he were to stay hidden, the four of them would be much more careful with their words. Who would be stupid enough to spill out their plans if the know someone was listening? Obviously they wouldn’t. Until you knew whether you were dealing with a friend or foe, nothing was going to happen.

“Did Shang Hua send you here?” The two men roughly asked.

“Of course not! I’m not from Shang Hua!? I came to find you guys. I apologize for listening to your conversation without permission.” Xuan Luo sincerely apologized.

The four of them looked at each other, their eyes clearly showed they were unconvinced.

One of the men holding a big blade said with disdain, “Where are you from, you punk? You seriously think we believe your words? Take this!” And he swung his blade towards Xuan Luo.

Xuan Luo didn’t expect the man to react this way. They had barely spoken, yet the guy was already taking action. Fortunately, he managed to awkwardly avoid the strike.

Another lady who hadn’t spoken yet opened her mouth, “Wang Yuan, don’t rush. This xiao xiong di is probably not a bad guy!”

Wang Yuan was stunned. He didn’t expect his older sister to say that. Therefore, he reluctantly backed off.

“Da jie, we need to be careful. This is not something to be taken lightly!” Wang Yuan retorted.

However, Wang Yuan couldn’t understand. Xuan Luo looked like a young punk with such a clear face. He was probably one of those rich little snobs. How good could his martial arts be? Plus, based on how awkwardly he avoided his strike, Xuan Luo clearly was no match for him.

“I can tell through his eyes he means no harm. If not, once we had detected him, he could have escaped or attacked us!” The woman analyzed.


*Okay, I have no idea what “the breast of a bear” is supposed to be. I think it’s an insult? Perhaps it’s a way to make fun of a person in Chinese..I am translating literally.

**Shen Tui literally means godly leg. Omg, that sounds so weird in English.


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