Should you be allowed to hang out alone with the opposite sex if you’re in a relationship?

talking with the opposite gender

This is another controversial topic. I’m going to share both side of the arguments before stating what I think.

Why you shouldn’t be allowed 

+ There are no reasons why you need to see your friend alone. You shouldn’t be sharing things with him/her that you wouldn’t be sharing with me.

+ Men and women cannot be friends. Even if you do not like him/her, he/she probably likes you.

+ It’s not that I don’t trust you. I don’t trust him/her.

+ I should be more important than your friend. Is our relationship more important, or your friendship?

Why you should be allowed

+ She/he was in your life before your partner came in. You used to hang out alone all the time.

+ You guys are honestly just friends.

+ Your partner should trust you enough to be ok with you hanging out with the opposite sex.

+ You shouldn’t have to bring your partner everywhere.


I can see the points from both side of the argument. Personally, I would be extremely upset if I had to choose between my guy friends or my partner. I have many guy friends, and there are some I’ve been friends with since elementary school. In my opinion, it is unfair if I cannot even have a coffee with a friend I have known for 20 years without my partner being there. I would feel offended because I would feel like he doesn’t trust me.

However, I do believe that the frequency of the meetups play a very strong factor. Obviously, if I were to see my guy friends alone on a regular basis, it is inappropriate. But if I were to only meet up once or twice a year,  I think it should be acceptable. (Note: This is my personal opinion)

I do have friends who do not allow their partners to see anyone of the opposite sex though. In their opinion, they want to ensure that nothing can ever occur between their partner and their partner’s friends. Therefore, by not ever allowing them to be alone together, they can minimize any possibilities.

Some people are insecure based on past experiences. If they have been cheated on in the past, they probably won’t let you see friends of the opposite sex (alone or in groups). If they do not believe men and women could be friends, they will most likely be against it as well.

Basically, everyone’s comfort level is different. If you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, you should tell your partner initially. Sometimes, you’re going to have to compromise. Communicate and come up with something that both of you can agree on.

What are your thoughts??

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Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 41.

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This is the chapter in Chinese

Chapter 41     Father and Son

Xuan Luo’s speed was already super fast. He didn’t care about the injury on his hand. Currently, all he was thinking about was whether the villagers from Qian Deng Zhen were under the control of Shen Tui Men. He was especially worried for his Stepfather and Master Li.

The colour of the sky indicated that it was near sunset. However, that did not hinder Xuan Luo. Since he had left Xia Luo village, he basically hasn’t taken a rest. He wanted to get to Qian Deng Zhen as quickly as possible.

Xuan Luo also hasn’t eaten anything all day. But to him, eating was not considered an important matter. While he was practicing martial arts, he would often forget to eat. Generally, to martial artists, eating was something that could totally be skipped and it wouldn’t affect them very much.

By the time Xuan Luo arrived at the entrance of his village, the Sun had set. Instead, the bright moon had taken its place.

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