Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 41.

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Chapter 41ย ย ย ย  Father and Son

Xuan Luo’s speed was already super fast. He didn’t care about the injury on his hand. Currently, all he was thinking about was whether the villagers from Qian Deng Zhen were under the control of Shen Tui Men. He was especially worried for his Stepfather and Master Li.

The colour of the sky indicated that it was near sunset. However, that did not hinder Xuan Luo. Since he had left Xia Luo village, he basically hasn’t taken a rest. He wanted to get to Qian Deng Zhen as quickly as possible.

Xuan Luo also hasn’t eaten anything all day. But to him, eating was not considered an important matter. While he was practicing martial arts, he would often forget to eat. Generally, to martial artists, eating was something that could totally be skipped and it wouldn’t affect them very much.

By the time Xuan Luo arrived at the entrance of his village, the Sun had set. Instead, the bright moon had taken its place.

The night view of Qian Deng Zhen looked normal. All the houses had a big red lantern hung up highly outside their doors; everywhere was brightly lit.

The village was calm and it didn’t appear to have any issues.

Arriving at Qian Deng Zhen caused Xuan Luo to think of Bai Tian again. Originally, both of them left together to look for a Clan. However, now, Xuan Luo was all alone. He missed his sidekick…


“Stepfather!” Xuan Luo lightly called out as he pushed the door open.

However, no one responded from inside the house. Xuan Luo’s heart began to tighten again. By now, Guan Shan Jue should be home; sitting on the rock outside, drinking his wine. However, since Xuan Luo didn’t see his Stepfather, he was starting to feel anxious.

“Stepfather! Stepfather!” Xuan Luo loudly hollered. He looked through every room, every corner. He basically looked everywhere, but he just couldn’t find Guan Shan Jue.

Suddenly, Xuan Luo gazed passed the rock outside and looked at the small door from outside the fence.

“Oh yes!” He seemed to remember something and quickly got up and headed towards the restaurant.

As expected, although the door of the restaurant was shut, there was light inside.

“Stepfather!” Xuan Luo yelled as he pushed open the door.

The view he witnessed caused Xuan Luo to boil up with anger. Inside the restaurant, the cups and dishes were in complete disorder; the tables and chairs were all shattered on the ground. There wasn’t one bit that was undamaged/untouched.

Guan Shan Jue was cleaning up. His old body was crooked, and he was moving extremely slow.

Seeing this, Xuan Luo’s heart felt sour and tears couldn’t help but spill out.

Xuan Luo’s tears fell from the corner of his eyes and slid down from his cheek. The tears started dripping onto the ground. Since it was so quiet in the background, the sound of the teardrops could be heard clearly.*

Perhaps he was surprised, but Guan Shan Jue’s movement clearly stopped. He slowly straighten up his crooked back and lifted his head up. As he looked at the teenager in front of him, a kind smile formed around his mouth.

“Xuan Luo, you’re back!” Guan Shan Jue’s voice was light, but right now, Xuan Luo had totally lost control of his tears.

“Step…Father…” Xuan Luo stammered. His eyes were hazy, and he was crying so hard that it was difficult to hear what he was saying.

“Let me help you…” Xuan Luo took the broomstick from Guan Shan Jue’s hand and helped him tidy up the restaurant. In regards to why the restaurant was in such condition, Xuan Luo didn’t ask. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to know, but right now, he just wanted to enjoy the moment with Guan Shan Jue.

Inside the restaurant, only a small oil lamp was lit. The dim light created a very interesting perspective; the shadows of an elder and a youth was stretched very long due to the lighting.

They were silent. However, it didn’t mean that Xuan Luo had nothing to say. Likewise, Guan Shan Jue had questions to ask. But right now, the atmosphere was perfect. Neither of them wanted to disturb this touching moment.


By the time they were done tidying up the restaurant, it was near midnight. Xuan Luo lent his arm to Guan Shan Jue as they returned back home. On the way back, Xuan Luo experienced a lot of emotions. Stepfather has aged….stepfather has truly aged…

The house was filled with the strong love Guan Shan Jue and Xuan Luo had for each other. That night, Guan Shan Jue surprisingly didn’t drink or sing his awful song. Instead, he asked Xuan Luo what he had gone through during the past two years.

Just like that, the night went by…

Xuan Luo and Guan Shan Jue didn’t sleep separately like how they used to. Instead, both of them snuggled up against each other and slept very peacefully…

The eastern sky has whiten, and had already brighten up the entire sky. But inside the house, there was no disturbance. There was only soft breathing and love.

Xuan Luo couldn’t remember the last time he had experienced such feeling; the feeling of not having to worry about anything. At Wu Dang, although Tian Yu Zi treated him well and Xuan Luo considered him as his grandfather, he still didn’t experience this type of feeling.

Guan Shan Jue had woken up and gently raised the blanket for Xuan Luo. This gesture caused Xuan Luo to want to cry, but he held back.

Actually, the moment Guan Shan Jue got up, Xuan Luo had already woken up. As martial artists, their five senses were much stronger than the average person. Generally, any slight movement would trigger their senses. After all, they must be prepared.

Jiang hu was dangerous. At any moment, they could face an enormous threat. Although this didn’t happen while Xuan Luo was in Wu Dang, Tian Yu Zi did a lot of stuff to torment Xuan Luo. For instance, while Xuan Luo was in a deep sleep, he would sneak into his room and put disgusting things on his bed…

Xuan Luo slowly opened his eyes and looked at Guan Shan Jue, “Stepfather, you’re awake…” At the same time, Guan Shan Jue looked at Xuan Luo and said, “Xuan Luo, you’re awake….”


In regards to the restaurant, Xuan Luo had a lot of suspicions. Who caused the mess in the restaurant? But fortunately, Guan Shan Jue did not appear to have any injuries.

“Stepfather, why was the restaurant in such disarray?”

Guan Shan Jue was caught off guard. He didn’t want anything to happen to Xuan Luo. Thus, he smiled and said, “The tables were unsteady to begin with. They were damaged because some people sat on it… aiii.. stop thinking so much. Come drink with me…”

Guan Shan Jue was definitely a terrible liar. There were holes all over his lies. But seeing his expression, Xuan Luo decided not to push it. However, he had another plan…

There are so many villagers in the village, of course someone would know what has happened!

“Okay. There’s no more wine in the house, right? I will go out and buy some!” Xuan Luo responded quickly and volunteered to buy more wine.

*Wow, that’s a lot of tears. Dripping tears that could be heard? o_O


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  1. So Xuan Luo going find the restaurant destroyers and give rekt them? While handcrafting some new tables,chairs,dishes,cups and repair stuff to repay his step father two-folds?

  2. Thanks for the chapter Grace! Hang in there, the mc’s progressing is slower than other novels, but the situation should improve once the story picks up more.

  3. Thank you for the chapter. I’m ill too T.T and really don’t want to do anything.

    I think that the person who rates 1 star is probably just a leacher anyway.

    One of the things I like about this novel is that it seems more human than the others. The author seems to be setting things up well and nothing outrageously unlikely is happening.

    1. Aww, me neither. I’m so tired. I don’t want to blog or translate or do anything -_-.

      Hehe. I like how this story is more human too. Haha, probably because the immortal stuff sounds way too unrealistic. ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for continuing to read my translations. ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate your comments and donation as well!!

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