Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 40.

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Here is this chapter in Chinese

Chapter 40     Shen Tui Men’s Greed

Because Xuan Luo stepped in, the disciples from Shen Tui Men had no choice but to leave. The second dang jia had lost his life. Who would have thought?

But Shen Tui Men have always been arrogant; they often targetted the weak and young -death cannot wipe out the crimes they have committed.

The skin on Xuan Luo’s wrist had totally been flipped open. The villagers were very grateful towards Xuan Luo for stepping out to help them. They didn’t say it verbally though; it was something they kept within their hearts.

“Ah! So painful!” Xuan Luo didn’t feel the pain on his hand during the fight. However, now, the pain was abnormally intense.

At least, the incident at the village had been dealt with. Sadly, Hu Zi’s left arm was totally gone. He was now a person of disability. Once Shen Tui Men left, the villagers quickly carried Hu Zi to the old man’s straw room. Xuan Luo’s condition looked much more optimistic. He did lose some blood, but it was torn skin only.

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