Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 48.

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The word I would like to teach today is: 在. 在 indicates where something is or the location of something or what you’re currently doing.  在 school means at school. 在 sleeping means currently sleeping. 在 table means on the table. You can type 在 by typing “zai”. We do not have prepositions in Chinese: on, at, in, etc.

Chapter 48

Since Lin Shan didn’t really have any other choice, she could only follow the old servant. They walked straight up to the third floor. The old servant pushed open the door and gestured her to go inside.

Lin Shan was cautious with every step she took. When she turned around, the door had already been shut behind her. She felt like she was being separated from the real world. It was extremely quiet, and there was a faint scent of orchid in the room.

Huh? How come there’s nobody here?

Lin Shan was confused. She took a couple of steps around the area but soon ended back at the entrance once more. She scattered her eyes around the room and noticed there was a circular table filled with goodies.

Eight treasure rice, osmanthus flower cake, sweet fermented sticky rice ball, angelica sinensis stew chicken….there were desserts and meat dishes!! Lin Shan’s eyes gleamed. She was drooling.

Seeing the food, Lin Shan instantly recalled how she hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Her stomach started to growl.

Du Hao is such a jerk! He tells me to come for a meal, yet he isn’t here. Does he want me to suffer from looking at this?

Lin Shan hesitated for a bit longer. But after awhile, Du Hao still hadn’t arrived. She was unable to resist the temptation in front of her, and she bravely took a few steps forward. Like a thief, she reached out and took the closest walnut cake to her.

The cake was rich in flavour and soft to eat. Lin Shan couldn’t help but silently praised: Delicious!

She quickly gobbled the rest of the walnut cake. Seeing how Du Hao still hadn’t arrived, she decided to head for butter cookie platter. She took a bite. It was sweet, yet non greasy; loose yet crispy. So heavenly!!

Lin Shan was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t realized a person had stopped behind her. His mouth was curved into a smile as he watched her eat without the least bit of apprehension.

Lin Shan was half way through her butter cookie when the person behind her spoke up: “Does it taste good?”

That one line frightened her so much that she gulped the whole thing in her mouth. She nearly choked.

*cough cough* After coughing vigorously, Lin Shan turned around and glared at Du Hao. She noticed that he had switched to a greenish black gown. His complexion was completely opposite of it was when he struggled in the waters.

Wow, he’s definitely the Crown Prince. Even his healing abilities are stronger than a regular citizen. Lin Shan thought to herself.

Du Hao opened his mouth: “Why aren’t you eating?”

Eat your sister! I was nearly frightened to death by you!

Lin Shan pointed at Du Hao angrily and gave him a warning stare.

This reaction did not bother Du Hao. Instead, he pulled out the chair next to her and said: “Come. Sit down and eat slowly.”

At this moment, Lin Shan’s mind was flashing the words: Conspiracy!

Lin Shan was quite sure she knew Du Hao’s personality by now. Treating her to a meal? Helping her pull out a seat? Thanking her for saving his life? You’ve got to be kidding me.

She was very skeptical as she sat down. The moment she sat down, Du Hao sat on the right seat next to her. They were sitting very closely together.

There’s so much space! Sit further! Lin Shan silently fumed. She leaned her buttocks towards the left side. For the longest time, she didn’t lift her chopsticks from the table.

Du Hao didn’t force her. Instead, he picked up his own chopsticks and started eating on his own. The dishes were definitely one of the finest. The standard was even higher than the Imperial kitchen. Lin Shan could tell just from the aroma. Seeing Du Hao enjoying himself, she could barely restrain herself.

Umm.. so what if he has a conspiracy? I still need to be full in order to fight back! Thinking this, Lin Shan grabbed her chopsticks and started eating.

The moment Lin Shan started eating, Du Hao stopped. He poured himself a glass of wine and silently observed her. Although he was alright, he did nearly drown. He was mentally exhausted and his eyes looked far less intimidating from his usual self.

At this moment, Lin Shan’s mental strength increased substantially.

Since I have decided to eat, I don’t give a shit if you watch me! The more you watch, the more I shall eat! Plus, I’m not paying for the bill anyway!

This was definitely the first time Du Hao witnessed a woman eating so ridiculously. It was as if she did not give a damn about the rest of the world. The rules in the Palace did not apply to her. The way she ate was truly a gruesome sight. Yet, it was very interesting. The way she focused on the fish was comparable to a kitten. It was rather cute.

It wasn’t just cuteness. Du Hao had experienced so much emotions from her. She stunned him. He missed her. He was disgusted by her. He was conflicted because of her. He wanted to push her away yet couldn’t stay away. Sometimes, she made him laugh his ass off. But sometimes, she made him so angry that he was speechless. It was as if he had used all his emotions on just her alone.

The feeling was too difficult to describe. However, he was certain of one thing. He truly liked her; regardless if it was the past or now.

Lin Shan didn’t notice the change in Du Hao’s gazes. Currently, she was too focused on eating the yummy dishes in front of her. She had bits of pastry powder stuck on her lips and she extended her tongue to lick it. She smiled with satisfaction as she reached out to take a second piece.

“There’s more.” Du Hao suddenly spoke up without thinking.

Huh? Lin Shan looked curiously at him.

“There.” Du Hao pointed to the corner of her mouth.

Ohhh! Lin Shan extended her tongue again. She caught the pastry powder into her tongue and enjoyed the savory taste. Hence, she continued to lick happily….until Du Hao’s finger touched the corner of her mouth. He wanted to get rid of the remaining bits.

Lin Shan was caught off guard. Her tongue ended up licking Du Hao’s finger instead. At that moment, they were both shocked.

Du Hao’s finger lingered on her mouth and his eyes deepened. It was as if there was something that wanted to pop out from his heart. He had always been the type that did whatever he wanted. He only thought about it for half a second, then he made his move.

The finger that was on Lin Shan’s mouth slid down to her cheek and onto her chin. He lifted her chin and using another hand, he grabbed onto her nape.

Lin Shan felt a strong force hurling her forward. The next moment, her lips were firmly seized.

Du Hao’s kiss was much more experienced compared to Lian Feng’s. He lightly sucked her lips, and used his tongue to explore. The tip of his tongue was pressing against her pearly white teeth.

If Du Hao was less demanding, Lin Shan would probably still have been in a confused state. Just when she was about to pry open her mouth and accept the fiery kiss, she realized the one kissing her was Du Hao!

Therefore, she immediately rebelled and shoved Du Hao.

Since Du Hao was already in the moment, he wasn’t going to let this opportunity go. Although Lin Shan was rejecting him, he didn’t care. He used more force to make Lin Shan remain tightly in his embrace. However, that did not stop Lin Shan from fighting back. She refused to open her mouth no matter what.

Du Hao was starting to become frustrated. He decided to use one hand to pinch her cheeks together. There was no way Lin Shan could keep her mouth closed if he did that.

But the next moment, Lin Shan ruthlessly bit his lips.

Du Hao tasted blood and felt pain. He backed off and before he knew what was happening, Lin Shan slapped him. Although she didn’t slap him very hard, this was the first time anyone had ever slapped him in his twenty something years. Therefore, it left a very profound impression. He froze.

Lin Shan had already gotten up from her seat. Her eyes were brimming with tears. She violently pushed Du Hao and said: “I hate you!” This was the first time she said a word for many days. As a result, although her voice was husky, it was filled with hatred.

Right after, Lin Shan turned around and ran out of the room in tears.

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  1. Thanks for chapter. Our heroine knows who she likes instead of muddled head by wealth & power. Can’t wait.For her LF to be back. Thanks. Send some energies to lift your mood

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  4. Oh! What will LS do? Jumped into LF’s arm? LS should have punch him for forcing her!!! Then, kick him! LS u run now! The only responsibility DH will do is making u his concubine. And LS should have said, don’t ever show your face in front of me ever again!! No one has ever command him, so u should be the first!!

    1. Lol good idea!! Haha Lin Shan should command Du Hao! 😝 Du Hao is going to have a hard time accepting the fact that Lin Shan wants Lian Feng instead of him..

      1. Ancient Princes and Princess always have hard time accepting that they r unwanted at some point in their life. After all, they were raise to believe they were the descendent of god.

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