Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 52.

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The story is gonna get more interesting soon…

Anyhow, the term I would like to teach today is 有没有. This basically means “Do you have?” However, if I were to literally translate, it would be “yes no” haha 有没有 can be typed if you type in “you mei you” in the pinyin keyboard. However, in the real world, it actually sounds more like “yo may yo” lol So whenever you’re asking for something, you can say  有没有 __________?

Chapter 52

Lin Shan was trying to break from Du Jing’s grasp when suddenly it was as if her body had been shocked by lightning.

How…how did he find out?

Just as Lin Shan’s mind was going blank, Du Jing had already reverted to his smiling face. He casually said: “Aaaii, we’ve been looking for awhile. I am feeling kind of tired. Why don’t we go for a drink at the Leaning Vermillion House? My treat.” He laughed as he dragged Lin Shan with him.

Lin Shan had never been so anxious before. Even when Du Hao found out about her identity, she wasn’t as worried. But today, facing the secretive Third Prince, Lin Shan felt a fear that she had never experienced before.

How did he find out she was female? When did he find out? Why didn’t he tell others her secret? What was his motive?? Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 52.”