Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 53.

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Chapter 53

Wu Ying’s speed was astonishingly fast. He quickly zoomed by the busy city streets, as if there were no one around. Lin Shan only heard the wind whistling by her ears. The ride was extremely bumpy and to prevent herself from falling, she had to tightly wrapped her arms around Lian Feng’s waist. Shortly after, they arrived at the South city gate.

Outside the city gate were already a few men and horses waiting. The moment they noticed Lian Feng, they promptly got off their horses to greet him.

“Superior, we have already assigned the troops to their rightful spots. They are currently waiting outside of the city. This is the full map of Black Dragon Mountain. Please take a look.”

A soldier quickly came over and handed Lian Feng a map.

Lian Feng looked over the map and ordered: “This mission is critical. Our time is tight and the area is dangerous. We must proceed according to our plan. Fireworks will be used to communicate. If we do not bump into each other by noon on the third day, we will meet at the foot of the mountain on the North side. Do you understand?”

“Your subordinates understand!”

“Good. Let’s go!” Lian Feng commanded and flipped himself back on the horse as it sped out of the Capital. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 53.”