Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 49.

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Chapter 49

Lin Shan ran back and hid in her room right after the incident.

Although she seemed carefree and random, she was very serious when it came to relationships. She hated to be forced into doing something she didn’t want. She despised Du Hao for not respecting her.

Love isn’t something that belonged to you just because you have power. You think you can dominate everything simply because you have authority? No!

After all, Lin Shan had been a modern person for twenty years. Her modern mindset was deeply rooted. Not only did Du Hao’s kiss failed to get to her comply, it evoked a lot of negative emotions.

F*** you, Crown Prince! Lin Shan slammed the table. She wiped the tear stains off her face and yelled at herself: “Why the f*** are you crying? He has already kissed you. Are you going to chop off your mouth? Instead of crying, figure out a way to escape!”

That’s correct! There’s no way I’m staying here anymore. I’m leaving now!

At that moment, Lin Shan had made up her mind. She quickly lifted her mood and started packing her belongings.

By now, the sky was totally dark. Although the possibility of Du Hao coming was slim, the two Imperial guards were still guarding her room. Escaping will not be an easy task.

However, that wasn’t going to stop Lin Shan. If she can’t leave through the door, she will climb out from the windows. As long as she could escape from the Crown Prince, she would even dig through a dog hole!

Lin Shan had suffered through a traumatic experience and did not care anymore. She packed up everything and waited in the room. When the Imperial bodyguards were switching shifts, it would be her opportunity to leave.

Outside the window was a garden. Currently, there were no guards patrolling because they were switching shifts. This was the optimal time to escape. Lin Shan was betting on the fact that she was tiny. Therefore, she was able to easily slip out from the window. After swiftly looking around her surroundings, she decided to follow the walls and headed north.

Honestly, Lin Shan was quite sensitive to her surroundings. By following the walls of the garden, there were many items for her to hide behind whenever she came across the guards. She managed to stay undetected due to her alertness.

By now, she was near the lotus pond from this morning. There was a huge tree by the wall.

Actually, Lin Shan noticed this tree earlier today. It was big and close enough to the wall. If she climbed on the tree, she could probably flip herself over the wall. Once she was outside the wall, it would no longer be part of the Crown Prince’s residence. She would be free.

Lin Shan lifted her sleeves and started to climb.

This was not the first time Lin Shan climbed onto a tree. Her first time was at school. That day, she was late for class. Therefore, she tried to enter from the back by climbing onto a big tree as she flipped herself over the wall. However, the moment she landed, the Principal was standing right behind her.

The Principal laughed at her in a mocking manner and said: “Student. Your skills are quite good. Are you interested in performing during morning practice?”

Of course, that was all in the past. Elementary school was a long time ago, but her climbing skills were still sharp.

Lin Shan skillfully leaped from the tree branch onto the wall. However, she didn’t realize that the wall from the Ancient times are made of different materials. Instead of stepping onto the flat surface of a modern wall, she stepped onto the wall tile. Her feet slipped and she tumbled down.

But at this crucial moment, someone strong suddenly caught her. Lin Shan only saw the sky spun. By the time she realized what had happened, she was in the air and a familiar scent went up her nose. It smelt like….

It was as if something was jabbing her heart. She widen her eyes and saw the crescent moon above the head. Underneath the hazy moonlight was a silver mask. The moonlight made it look extra unique.

Lian Feng?

Lin Shan thought she was dreaming. She pinched herself and felt pain. However, she still didn’t believe it. She reached out to touch Lian Feng’s face.

Lian Feng felt a bit awkward by Lin Shan’s boldness and lightly placed her down. After hesitating for a slight moment, he reached out to fix her messy hair.

When his fingers touched her forehead, it felt warm and familiar. Lin Shan finally accepted that Lian Feng was in front of her. Her nose tingled and she flung her body against his and hugged him tightly.

Lian Feng was stiff because he didn’t expect such a reaction. His heart felt touched because he could sense the warmth and the trust from Lin Shan. He calmly patted her twice on the back and quietly said: “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

But Lin Shan hugged him even tighter. Her face was still against his chest. He began to hear soft sounds of weeping.

She was crying? Lian Feng was shocked. He quickly held onto her two shoulders and pulled her into an embrace: “What’s wrong?”

Lin Shan inhaled and wiped away her tears. She pulled onto Lian Feng’s hand and said: “Take me away. I want to leave this place.”

Her eyes were red. She must have gone through some difficulties. However, her eyes were very determined. At this moment, Lian Feng felt an urge to take Lin Shan far away and travel to the ends of the Earth.

“Alright.” Lian Feng nodded. He grabbed her hand and turned around.

At this moment, a shadow came out from behind the fake mountain* and blocked their path. The moonlight shone on him and stretched out his shadow. The greenish black gown looked as black as the night sky. It gave off a very heavy feeling.

“Lian Superior came to my residence at such a late hour, yet didn’t plan to say a word before leaving? Do I not matter in your eyes?” Du Hao said icily. He was smiling but the words he said had thrones. This was what you called, “shiver all over though not cold”.

Seeing Du Hao, Lin Shan immediately went on alert mode. Like a reflex, she hid behind Lian Feng.

Lin Shan’s reaction caused Lian Feng’s brows to crinkle. The moment he found out the Lin Shan was staying at the Crown Prince’s residence, he knew things weren’t so simple. Now that Du Hao had appeared, Lin Shan dashed behind him. Clearly, he must have done something to her.

Lian Feng could feel a slight tremble from Lin Shan’s hand. Lian Feng’s eyes turned as cold as ice. His other hand tightly held onto his sabre.

“Your Highness, you’re a smart individual. There are things I do not have to state so clearly.” He coldly replied.

“Oh, is that so?” Du Hao arched his brows. His eyes focused on Lin Shan, who was currently hiding behind Lian Feng. Du Hao’s eyes instantly darkened. “I think it’s best to make it clear.”

Lin Shan was scared at first but after seeing that accusing glance, as if she had committed adultery, she was immediately enraged.

You are already disrespectful. Now, you’re arrogant as well. You think the whole world has to do as you say? You’re just the Crown Prince! Originally, Lian Feng had an opportunity too!

Thinking of this, Lin Shan almost burst out in anger. But Lian Feng stopped her: “Don’t be rash.” He shook his head.

Lin Shan was very annoyed, but she seemed to have calmed down after Lian Feng intervened.

Seeing them looked at each other pissed off Du Hao: “Come here. Return with me.” He said to Lin Shan.

Lin Shan naturally refused to follow. Instead, she pulled onto Lian Feng’s sleeves and took a step back.

Lian Feng protected her and firmly stated: “Your Highness, it is obvious that Prince Consort does not want to go back with you.”

“Doesn’t want to?” Du Hao lightly laughed. “Lian Superior, I’m afraid you have misunderstood. I’m not asking you guys for your preferences..I’m commanding you. Song Luo, come here!” Du Hao bellowed as he harshly glanced at Lin Shan; refusing to give the slightest amount of leeway.

“Your Highness, please do not force someone to do as you wish.” Lian Feng tightly gripped his sabre.

“And what if I will?” At that moment, Du Hao’s voice turned frigid. He pulled out the sword from around his waist and aimed straight at Lian Feng.

Lian Feng quickly reacted and used one hand to shove Lin Shan and the other to pull out his sabre. With a blink of an eye, the weapons were clashing against each other and sparkles could be seen.

The sounds of metal clashing interrupted the quiet night sky; even the moon seemed to be covered in a layer of hostility.


*fake mountain = man-made scenery in the palace.

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  1. I have always wondered what a fake mountain looks like in these fancy courtyards. I’m guessing a pile of stones with plants? I tried googling it once but I think I would have better luck if I know the correct Chinese word for it. Does anyone know or have a link to a picture?

      1. By the way, twin do not have the same DNA. Their DNA will be very so similar. DNA mold to the environment. Their finger prints r different too.

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  3. Woooowwwww
    If I didn’t hate the crow prince before, I certainly loathe his immaturity now.
    Jesus, I know ancient men saw women as commodities to own but seriously. F you bro, you can’t order someone to love you, that’s not how it works. If you wanted to repair that relationship the etter choice would have been to give her the space she needs =.=

    1. Lollll aww you sound so angry! Haha Du Hao has always gotten everything his way so he doesn’t know how to appreciate. But he is still a good guy! (Not evil unlike some characters *suspense*) hopefully you will like him more later on!

    I guess DH is really hooked this time. That’s what u get LS for not realizing that u are a beauty that can destroy a country.
    Now I’m happy and nervous at the same time! Happy because LF is back but nervous cus he’ll offend DH the fuking crown prince! Ohh I hate and love angsty scenes! I blame “A Step Into The Past” for that! I cant believe I survived that novel though! It’s one of my achievements in life! haha
    I pray all will be well!
    LIN SHAN!! u cute trouble maker!! GRRR!!


    Ohh and Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    1. Lollll!! I actually watched a TVB drama called a step into the past before! Did you like the novel? From what I remember, the king turned evil in the end. :/

      Haha. We have a happy ending in this story!

      1. Yep that ungrateful king turned evil! If u want to read the novel, I advice u brace for impact! lol!
        Prepare a lot of tissue! Bcus tears will be shed! lol
        Aaaaand I discovered I have a potential to be an M! Well all those who finished that novel have the potential to be an M! haha! but on the bright side it has a happy ending!
        The TVB drama is nothing like the novel, there were no H scenes and the Tragedy scenes were mellowed out, u can say its the chinese version of GOT! lol

      2. lol what’s an M? and H??? (sorry, I don’t know anything).

        Wow.. . I guess I might read it one day! I don’t know if I wanna cry though 😛

      3. hahaha…. I dont want to explain the “M”, 😀
        but the H means Hot, Hot as in Game of Thrones level Hot scenes! 😀

        I recommend it, but prepare ure heart! 😀 its a bitter-sweet kind of story, I mean Extremely Bitter-Extremely Sweet! lol

  5. Ai! Don’t tell me that Lian Feng will actually accidently kill the crown prince and have to replace him? Or maybe will injure him badly and run away with Lin Shan?
    Ya! That Du Hao really think that whatever he wants can be obtained… wake up kid, this type of thinking brings ruin =/

    Thanks for the chapter!!

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