Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 49.

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Chapter 49     Hu Wei Biao Ju

Note: Biao ju is a store that helps deliver people’s valuables safe for a price. People will come redeem their items after.

After dealing with everything, Xuan Luo didn’t return to Qian Deng Zhen. One of the things he despised most was saying goodbye. Most of all, he didn’t want Guan Shan Jue to witness his tearful face.

As one gets older, he/she will feel more lonely. During these past two years, Xuan Luo knew how painful it was to miss someone. Although he really wanted to be by his stepfather’s side, currently, that wasn’t an option.

When he left home with Bai Tian, he could only imagine Guan Shan Jue’s emotions. His stepfather took care of him for five years, and definitely invested a lot in him. Likewise, he also loved Guan Shan Jue very much.

Nowadays, his nightmares were happening less and less. However, they were getting clearer and clearer. Xuan Luo knew that his dream had something to do with his past. Each time he had that dream, he would feel very frightened and he would be drenched in cold sweats. From time to time, he would wake up scared.

His dream has been slowly unfolding in his eyes. However, there were still a lot of blank moments. He was positive there was definitely a fire involved. Everything else, he wasn’t sure.

Xuan Luo didn’t know what happened in between. He wonders when the dream will totally reveal itself.

Before arriving at Du Cheng, Xuan Luo went back to Xia Luo village to check up on Hu Zi. Hu Zi looked a lot better compared to before; however, when Xuan Luo asked him about his plans for the future, Hu Zi didn’t say anything. Xuan Luo felt hopeless because he knew Hu Zi’s mother’s death was very traumatic to him.

After dropping by the village, Xuan Luo headed to Du Cheng on his own to meet up with Tang Chen and Xuan Yuan Duan Ai. They had decided to meet at Hu Wei biao ju. It had been days since then. Xuan Luo wasn’t sure if the issue has already been dealt with. Or perhaps, they haven’t even began.


Du Cheng looked extravagant as usual. The soldiers in the city gate were roaming about like always. People came and left. As Xuan Luo watched, he couldn’t help but think back to the incident with Shen Tui Men. Jiang Hu was honestly a very difficult place to live/mingle. Oftentimes, a lot of unpleasant things can happen. For instance, Qian Deng Zhen was pretty much away from everything, yet there were still people like Shen Tui Men who appeared and tried to take over. A big city like Du Cheng would certainly have many more conflicts and issues.

Xuan Luo sighed. He knew Shen Tui Men was merely a corner of the frozen mountain (metaphor).

In the past, when Xuan Luo first arrived at Du Cheng, he had heard about Hu Wei biao ju. However, he wasn’t aware of the exact location of it. Fortunately, as long as there were people around, the path wouldn’t be difficult to find. Thus, the moment he arrived at Du Cheng, he started to seek out people to ask for directions.

“Excuse me, Miss. Could you tell me how to get to Hu Wei biao ju?” Xuan Luo released his sunshine smile at the lady in front of him.

The lady was in her teens, and had an egg liked round face. Her eyes looked like black pearls and her cheeks were blushed. She wore a pink outfit and had a rather attractive body*. That’s the reason why Xuan Luo specifically chose to ask her.

After all, pretty women can cause the heart to crack. As one was getting directions, he could also nourish his eyes and get closer. Of course, that’s what Bai Tian would think. Xuan Luo was actually quite honest**.

The girl looked at Xuan Luo and didn’t say a word. She immediately dropped her item and ran off.

Seeing this, Xuan Luo was amused. He said to himself, “Could it be that I’m too ugly?”

Xuan Luo didn’t know why she acted this way, and he also didn’t want to think about it. He quickly disregarded his previous thought.

Within no time, he found out the location of Hu Wei biao ju.

Hu Wei biao ju was one of the most well known biao ju of Du Cheng. There were four big biao ju from various cities, and Hu Wei represented Du Cheng. Therefore, Hu Wei biao ju must have a lot of insiders’ information. However, that was based on what the commoners say. For martial artists, aside from practicing daily, they only care about achieving dao. They wanted to achieve the peak of wu dao.

Outside of Hu Wei biao ju stood two huge stone lions. Since they were placed right at the entrance, it gave the biao ju a very powerful and intimidating aura. The biao ju stood on over a dozen fields***. It was quite gigantic.

As Xuan Luo got closer, he noticed that there weren’t anyone patrolling around the entrance. He was surprised because in Wu Dang, there were always disciples patrolling around the mountains. Thus, there should also be people patrolling around the biao ju, right?

Since no one was outside, Xuan Luo walked in like it was no big deal. However, no one was inside. Xuan Luo wasn’t sure what he should do.

Then someone came out from a room.

“Xuan Luo, you’re finally here!” That person was Tang Chen. Tang Chen’s forehead eases now that Xuan Luo had arrived.

Xuan Luo noticed this reaction and commented, “Tang da ge, what happened? Why do you look so stressed?”

Tang Chen smiled awkwardly and said, “Come in first and I’ll get into the details.”

“Duan Ai xiong!” Once Xuan Luo entered, he called out. However, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was deep in thought and clearly didn’t hear him.

Thus, Xuan Luo went up to Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s ear and loudly yelled, “Duan Ai xiong!! Xiong! Xiong!!!!”

Xuan Luo’s voice caused Xuan Yuan Duan Ai to quiver and jump up. He angrily yelped, “What the hell!?!”

Xuan Luo had never seen Xuan Yuan Duan Ai so worked up and was extremely delighted. He teased, “Duan Ai xiong, what are you thinking about? You were so deep in thought! I called you a couple of times! Are you thinking of your woman?!”

“Get lost! How is that possible?” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai cut Xuan Luo off and glared at him. “Zhao biao tou has been kidnapped! As of right now, we don’t know who did it. Currently, the nan gong family is under the highest suspicion. However, we don’t have any evidence. Also, we’re unsure if someone is trying to frame them.”

Therefore, Xuan Yuan Duai Ai and Tang Chen were very frustrated because of this. Xuan Luo just realized how serious this situation was. He instantly stopped being silly and gravely asked, “What exactly happened?”


*ass and butt were sticking out at the right places.

**honest as in he doesn’t have ulterior motives (but didn’t he choose her specifically based on her appearance? -____-)

***it’s translated as fields but it’s also a unit of area equal to 1/15 of a hectare


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