Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 48.

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Chapter 48     Hu Han is dead

A small blood hole appeared in between Hu Han’s brows. Xuan Luo immediately stood up and tried to locate the direction of the dart.

However, the sky was clear and not a movement could be detected.

“What did you just see?” Xuan Luo asked Wang Yuan, who was at the closest distance to him. Everything happened so quickly, but some grass must have felt the wind!

“What!?” Wang Yuan was confused and had no idea what Xuan Luo was talking about. He was surprised and curious as to why Xuan Luo seemed so stirred up.

As Xuan Luo looked at Wang Yuan, he turned to Cai Qin and Dong Fang Xin as well; all of them had bleak expressions on their faces. They looked at Xuan Luo awkwardly.

“What’s wrong?” Cai Qin has high IQ and knows Xuan Luo’s behaviour wasn’t normal. Something must have happened.

“Hu Han is dead!” Xuan Luo replied quietly.

“WHAT?!?!” Xuan Luo’s statement was like a shocking lightning to them. It had a direct impact on Cai Qin and the rest of the group.

Seeing their shocked expressions, Xuan Luo pointed his finger towards Hu Han, whose eyes had rolled backwards and only whiteness could be seen.

They stared at Hu Han in astonishment as they felt cold sweat running down their bodies. Wang Yuan stuttered, “What….what happened???”

Xuan Luo replied, “Just now a dart flew from the air and directly stabbed him in between his brows!”

Xuan Luo sighed. The hidden story was finally beginning to faintly appear. The most important part was that dart appeared while he had no guard on. He was only a step away from Hu Han. He could have easily been the one who died.

Xuan Luo felt lucky, but when he thought about it again, he was terrified.

“Looks like someone didn’t want him to explain the whole story!” Cai Qin analyzed. Sadly, they still have no idea where Dong Fang Yu was. Their goal was supposed to saved Dong Fang Yu!!

However, Xuan Luo had another motive as well. The incident that occurred in Xia Luo Village enraged him. Shen Tui Men’s behaviour was unacceptable and caused him to explode. If he cannot even protect the ones around him, then what was the purpose of learning martial arts?

“But we still don’t know where my sister is!” Dong Fang Xin started to freak out.

“If you don’t deal with your injury, you will die!” Wang Yuan was also freaking out, but he was concerned about Dong Fang Xin. Although her injuries weren’t deadly, if they don’t hurry to clear the wound, it might split apart and start bleeding again.

“Yes, Miss Dong Fang, if the mountain is here, we don’t have to worry that there won’t be any firewood. You’re injured right now. At this rate, you won’t be able to find your sister. Protect your own health first.” Seeing this situation, Xuan Luo rushed.


Since everyone kept persuading her, Dong Fang Xin decided to stop asking. As for the disciples from Shen Tui Men, their hearts were all over the place*. Since both their dang jias were dead, and Shang Hua never showed up, how could their hearts stay intact and work together? Right now, they’re a group without an owner.

Also, most of the disciples from Shen Tui Men were originally a bunch of losers that were roaming around the streets. Initially, they thought that Shen Tui Men will give them the luxurious life. But who knew this influential power would be destroyed within a matter of days?

The group from Cha Lin didn’t really care about the rest of them. The ones who should have died are dead. Right now, they just wanted Shang Hua.

Based on what Hu Han said, Shang Hua was currently hiding in a mysterious place. However, it seemed like Hu Han didn’t know where exactly Shang Hua was either. Therefore, the rest of the disciples probably had no idea as well.

As for Dong Fang Yu, they had no idea. Since Shang Hua was the one who took Dong Fang Yu, without him, there was no news.

However, Xuan Luo could understand the anguish Dong Fang Xin was experiencing. It was like how he felt about Bai Tian when Bai Tian went missing. But in his mind, he figured Bai Tian would be ok since he was a big boy. Plus, he had given Bai Tian the fist technique book from Master Li. Based on Bai Tian’s talents, he should be able to cultivate and save himself if something were to happen.

Seeing Dong Fang Xin like this, Xuan Luo couldn’t help but think of Bai Tian again.


It was like a regular day at Cha Lin. Xuan Luo was standing by the window as he looked up at the white clouds in the sky. There was sadness in his eyes as he lightly whispered, “Bai Tian, are you ok?”

Creak. Someone pushed Xuan Luo’s door open. Xuan Luo turned and saw Wang Yuan entering.

“How’s Miss Dong Fang’s injuries? Is she doing better?” Xuan Luo asked.

“She’s a lot better. By the way, I wanted to apologize for my actions from before.” Although Wang Yuan could be tiger minded** at times, he was still a good-natured guy. Although they had some issues from before, Xuan Luo still had positive feelings towards him.

“Haha. Wang da ge, don’t worry about it. Miss Dong Fang Yu has saved me before. Also, Shen Tui Men’s actions are despicable. I just happened to join you guys.” Xuan Luo smiled. Suddenly, he turned his whole body around and asked, “Oh yeah! Wang da ge, seeing you like this…. you must like Miss Dong Fang, huh?!”

Wang Yuan immediately felt embarrassed and shook his head. He didn’t know what to say, so he just laughed.

“Wang da ge, although I have never experienced this type of stuff before, I can see how much you care about Miss Dong Fang from the way you look at her. It’s so obvious!! Don’t miss out on any opportunities!!” Xuan Luo was being nosy again. Instead of worrying about himself, he was being nosy like Bai Tian and caring about other people’s businesses.

“Haha. Bring me to Miss Dong Fang! You guys join me as well. I have something I need to say.” Xuan Luo decided. He actually had a task to deal with… sigh. If it weren’t for the battle between Chun Yang Palace and Zi Yang Palace, he probably would be in Wu Dang Mountains practicing martial arts right now!

But first of all, he needed to make sure he arranged things for Guan Shan Jue. Guan Shan Jue was old and frail. Although he had a good temper, he couldn’t deal with all these little things. Plus, he was an easy target. If not, why would the Lee family first attack his business when they joined Shen Tui Men?


“Miss Dong Fang, how are your injuries?” Xuan Luo politely asked as he arrived at the main hall. Dong Fang Xin was wrapped around in bandages.

“Haha. Thank you gong zi. My injuries are fine… except…” The tone of Dong Fang Xin’s voice sounded bad. Xuan Luo knew it’s because they haven’t found Dong Fang Yu yet.

“Heaven helps the worthy. I am sure Dong Fang jie jie is okay. Just try to rest and heal up. I will try to find your sister.” Xuan Luo consoled.

“Thank you, gong zi!”

“Miss Dong Fang, can I ask you for something?” After thinking about it for awhile, Xuan Luo finally decided to ask.

“Go ahead, gong zi.” Dong Fang Xin could tell Xuan Luo was a bit nervous, thus she nicely smiled to show encouragement.

Xuan Luo told her about Guan Shan Jue. Now that Shen Tui Men was practically destroyed, he wasn’t worried about them anymore.

“Haha, gong zi’s stepfather! Of course I will help you take care of him!” Dong Fang Xin thought it was some type of big issue, but it turned out it was only about taking care of Guan Shan Jue. She promised right away. Plus, Guan Shan Jue’s business also did business with Cha Lin.

“Thank you so much!” Xuan Luo felt at ease with Dong Fang Xin’s words.

“No problem. Since gong zi has to go to Du Cheng, please try to find out more information about my sister along your way. If you find anything, please contact me immediately!” Dong Fang Xin’s concern has never decreased. Since she cannot go off and look for her sister on her own at the moment, she can only ask Xuan Luo.


*Don’t take it literally

** I don’t know what tiger minded means. I translated it literally. Haha


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