Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 47.

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This is the chapter inΒ Chinese

Chapter 47 Β Β Β  An unexpected change

Just as Xuan Luo was about to brutally pounce on Hu Han, Dong Fang Xin released a yell and stopped him in his tracks.

“Wait! Don’t take his life temporarily!” Dong Fang Xin anxiously called out. Her voice was evidently weak. It was obvious that the statement consisted of all her strength.

Earlier, Dong Fang Xin wasn’t careful, therefore she was wounded by Hu Han. Currently, her situation wasn’t looking very optimistic. Xuan Luo didn’t know what to do in order to help cure her. Honestly, Dong Fang Xin was overly worried. She had mistaken and thought Xuan Luo was about to kill Hu Han. If that was the case, they wouldn’t be able to find out the whereabouts of Dong Fang Yu.

Xuan Luo didn’t think much and directly headed towards Dong Fang Xin. Seeing Dong Fang Xin covered in fresh blood, Xuan Luo felt extremely guilty. If he was able to do something earlier…then Dong Fang Xin wouldn’t be injured right now.

“Where ..is my…sister?” Dong Fang Xin weakly questioned. Yet, she was still forcing herself to stand as she fixedly stared at Hu Han. Β 

“Hummpt! If you want to kill, then kill. Why say so much?” Hu Han didn’t give a shit.

Wang Yuan was furious at Hu Han because he had injured Dong Fang Xin. If not, he wouldn’t have charged at Hu Han without a thought. Sadly, his abilities were no match for Hu Han. During their short match, Wang Yuan wasn’t able to touch any part of Hu Han, and his blade was shook off due to the vibration of Hu Han’s blade.

In reality, Wang Yuan liked Dong Fang Xin*; she was petite and cute. Dong Fang Xin knew well, but she had never directly acknowledged it. Initially, Xuan Luo thought Wang Yuan treated Dong Fang Xin like a younger sister. But now, he could clearly see the distress in Wang Yuan’s eyes…

It was actually very obvious to anyone who paid attention. Xuan Luo didn’t know why Wang Yuan hadn’t confessed to Dong Fang Xin…perhaps he didn’t know how.

Seeing how weak Dong Fang Xin was, Wang Yuan rushed towards her to lend an arm. Although he was also injured, his injuries were not too serious.

“Hurry and tell me where my sister is!” Dong Fang Xin’s voice was becoming more feeble. However, the anguish could still be heard.

“Haha! You think I’m going to tell you?! Go find out yourself!” Hu Han laughed menacingly. As he looked at Dong Fang Xin and the others, his eyes only showed contempt.

But to Xuan Luo, questioning with torture was definitely not an issue. Don’t judge him based on his appearance. In reality, Xuan Luo was actually quite vulgar. If not, he wouldn’t be so close to Bai Tian!

“You won’t say? Fine!” Xuan Luo let out a treacherous smile as he turned to Wang Yuan, “Do you have _____?”

Wang Yuan stared blankly at Xuan Luo, while Dong Fang Xin and Cai Qin blushed; they looked very embarrassed as they stared down.

Hu Han looked hesitantly at Xuan Luo; wondering what on earth Xuan Luo was thinking. But based on Xuan Luo’s expression, he started to feel a deep sense of dread.

“You pervert!” Cai Qin glared at Xuan Luo. She said nothing else.

Xuan Luo looked at the big bulky Wang Yuan. How could a man not carry that type of “good medicine” with him on a trip? He wanted to look down on him.

“You, come here!” Xuan Luo randomly pointed his finger and called one of the Shen Tui Men’s disciples over.

The disciple’s legs started to shiver. If the third dang jia could not beat Xuan Luo, then he had no chance.

“Da…da….ye**…you…call..call the little me???” The disciple was stuttering and shaking. He was worried Xuan Luo was going to snap him in half.

“Do you have ____?” Xuan Luo asked.

“Yes…yes… we have something called “thick and solid king”. You could be in a battle three hundred times within one night, and still have no issues!” Suddenly, the guy took out a package of white powder, which was ____.

“What the heck are you doing? Just destroy him! Why are you putting so much effort into this?” Dong Fang Xin’s situation was slowly deteriorating and Wang Yuan didn’t want to waste any more time.

“Wang xiong, if he refuses to speak. You think beating him will be effective?” Xuan Luo refuted. “My method works. Trust me. I’ve tried it many times before.”

“In the past, I’ve tried this with my sidekick. We gave a dog some of ____ and placed him in a cow shed. Guess what happened?” Xuan Luo smirked.

Hearing this, Hu Han started to break out in cold sweats. He squealed, “If you have guts, you will kill me! I will never tell!”

“Okay…!? Then don’t tell! I’ll just pretend you’re the dog!?” Xuan Luo slowly approached Hu Han, as he held the _____ in his hands. He let out a sinister laugh.

“Don’t..don’t come near me!” Hu Han didn’t dare to think about the possible outcome. This was not just about “face”, who knows what this dirty minded Xuan Luo was going to do?

“Are you going to tell???”

“No! Even if you kill me, I won’t tell…” Hu Han didn’t dare to look at Xuan Luo’s eyes.

“Fine…” Xuan Luo made an expression as if he was opening the _____, and directly placed in front of Hu Han.

Seeing this, how could Hu Han handle it? Xuan Luo truly knows how to play mind games.

“No….I’ll say. I’ll say everything..!!!” Hu Han wailed.

It turned out that Hu Han’s abilities were not high to begin with. Shen Tui Men was formed two years ago by him, Shang Hua, and Gou Tian Hu. Originally, they didn’t know each other. However, when they encountered each other in jiang hu, Shang Hua suggested that they create Shen Tui Men together. Their target was Qian Deng Zhen.

Shang Hua was formally a disciple of Jun Zi Tang, but his abilities were far too inferior. He had some background in leg techniques and thought he could fly***.

According to Hu Han, there is also another person behind Shang Hua. However, he wasn’t sure who it was.

As for how Hu Han became so much stronger, Shang Hua taught him a secret spell. The secret spell was able to arouse his whole body’s potential within a short period of time. Although his abilities has increased dramatically, there were also side effects. Hu Han had personally experienced it as well. The body would suddenly become limp and powerless, and at that moment, basically the person would be like a fish that was being slaughtered.

Currently, Shang Hua was hiding somewhere secretive to cultivate. As for Dong Fang Yu, Hu Han didn’t mention. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to tell, but he actually had no idea.

“Where is Shang Hua now?” Xuan Luo asked coldly. Hu Han had spoken enough, but didn’t get to the most important point.

At that moment, a dart flew from the sky and directly stabbed into the middle of Hu Han’s brows.


*Note: Even though Wang Yuan calls Dong Fang Xin “sister”, they are not actually blood related. It’s very common in the Chinese culture for people to call each other brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles even if there are no blood relations.

** Da means big, ye means grandfather or boss (depending on how you use it). So he’s calling Xuan Luo “big boss”

*** not fly literally. But more like he thinks he is unstoppable.


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  1. Thick and solid king…..hahahahahaha I love Chinese to English translations of these kind of things.

      1. Haha the only other light novel I’ve read so far with this kind of thing is limitless sword God. The names in that were equally hilarious. Wish I could remember them.

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