Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 46.

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Chapter 46     Hu Han

From all the chaos, out came a person with a huge blade on his shoulder. That person was Hu Han. However, the moment Xuan Luo saw him, he felt like Hu Han went through a transformation of some sort.

Since the main boss came out, the disciples from Shen Tui Men stopped fighting. They knew they were no match for Xuan Luo and his group. All of them were scared to die; especially since Wang Yuan fought with no mercy – he literally chopped anyone in sight. He had no regulations.

However, because Wang Yuan was the way he was, his presence alone was able to push down the enemy.

“Hu Han?” Xuan Luo faintly squinted his eyes. As Xuan Luo looked at him, he wasn’t quite sure.

Dong Fang Xin and the rest of the group were taken aback by Xuan Luo’s gesture, but they didn’t ask questions.

“It’s you?” Hu Han was in shock as he looked at Xuan Luo. Xuan Luo had grown up quite a bit during the past two years. But seeing Xuan Luo in front of him was unfathomable.

“Haha, today we shall deal with both our old and new hatred*!” Xuan Luo’s eyes harden as he clenched his fists.

Dong Fang Xin looked at Hu Han and immediately scowled, “Where is my sister?”

Hu Han only gave Dong Fang Xin a sideway glance; his eyes showed disdain.

The moment Xuan Luo saw Hu Han, he noticed Hu Hun’s aura had changed. Two years ago, he wasn’t familiar with this type of feeling. But now, he could definitely sense a dangerous aura leaking out from Hu Han.

This definitely wasn’t there before.

“Let’s see whether you have that ability!” Hu Han loudly yelled as he swiftly took out his blade and headed directly at Dong Fang Xin.

The move was so fast that Xuan Luo couldn’t even see it clearly. By the time he reacted to it, there was already a deep cut that has appeared on Dong Fang Xin’s body. Fresh blood was spewing out.

Xuan Luo didn’t know the name of the guy from Xia Luo village. He only knew that the man was Shen Tui Men’s second dang jia. While he was fighting the guy, Xuan Luo gave it his all. Although his tai chi fist was at “success”, it was still not to the point where he could face weapons using only his hands without being harmed.**

However, Xuan Luo’s coping abilities have dramatically improved.

“Xin jie!” At once, Wang Yuan and Cai Qin’s eyes were filled with tears as they looked at their injured sister. Wang Yuan’s eyes became scarlet as he charged at Hu Han.

Wang Yuan swung his blade very quickly, but Hu Han had no trouble blocking. It did not appear to affect him at all.

Hu Han had both his hand on his blade as he shook it. The vibration caused Wang Yuan’s blade to fall.

Seeing this, Xuan Luo knew the current Hu Han’s potential was certainly incomparable compared to the past Hu Han. Xuan Luo was curious. How could Hu Han have improved so drastically within two short years? Could it be talent? No, that’s not possible. If Hu Han had talent, he wouldn’t have been defeated by Xuan Luo during his mid thirties. There must be a hidden story behind this.

Hu Han looked at Wang Yuan and conveniently looked at the rest of the group as well. A cruel smile formed around his mouth; a smile that caused Xuan Luo’s pores to shut down***.

It was at this moment that Xuan Luo had came to the realization -at their current state, no one was a match for Hu Han; at least, not from their group.

Immense pressure was now pushing down on Xuan Luo. He totally didn’t and couldn’t understand how Hu Han could’ve improved so much so suddenly.

Currently, Shang Hua had yet to appear and they still have to save Dong Fang Yu. Not to mention, Xuan Luo also wanted to get rid of Shen Tui Men once and for all.

Xuan Luo had so many issues with Shen Tui Men, and when you hit a snake, you have to hit all seven inches. If you’re getting rid of grass, you have to pull the weed out. Xuan Luo knew that this was a “You die I live” situation. There could only be one winner. If not, it will cause no end of trouble.

If they were able to extinguish Shen Tui Men during this operation, then Cha Lin will have pulled out their roots from Qian Deng Zhen. If other influential powers wanted to intrude, they will have to think twice.

But a person with true powers wouldn’t want a small place such as Qian Deng Zhen. Although the profits from Cha Lin was nice, which true influential power didn’t have their own industry?

No one from Wang Yuan’s group had fought face to face with Hu Han, but they were already forced to retreat. Xuan Luo knew their abilities. Out of the four, Wang Yuan was the strongest. However, Wang Yuan only used brute strength and lacked skills; that was his biggest flaw.

Tian Yu Zi’s theory included learning the style to the point of perfection. Under that circumstance, the moment you react, you’ll be able to create damage. In addition, your heart will dictate your hands. It wa automatic when it came to the heart. Also, you needed to be quick. As long as you were faster than your opponent, you will have an advantage. Then, using your flexible style, you could quickly control your opponent.

“It’s your turn!” Hu Han loudly hollered.

“Ha!” Hu Han lifted his blade and charged at Xuan Luo; about to chop him.

The blade flashed in front of Xuan Luo and there was a *whoosh* sound that passed by his ears. Hastily, Xuan Luo changed the position of his right foot, while his left foot lightly faced forward; he stooped over and managed to avoid the strike ever so slightly.

Although Hu Han’s blade was huge, it was also ridiculously heavy. Thus, the amount of strength it held was enormous.

As Xuan Luo turned his body, he tried to push the blade away by using his hands to push the handle of the blade. However, it was no use.

Xuan Luo couldn’t think of any other tactics under this situation. Right now, he could only gamble. There must be a secret as to why Hu Han’s skills have improved so drastically. Xuan Luo had an idea, therefore, he decided he needed more time to find the hole****.

Hu Hun’s attack was only increasing. In addition, he was getting faster and faster. Although the blade was over a hundred jin, Hu Han didn’t even break a sweat as he swung it.

Xuan Luo was getting very exhausted, but he was still calm and trying to find the hole.

Suddenly, Xuan Luo seemed to see something, and his eyes lit up.

The moment was now!

Xuan Luo’s heart bellowed. At this moment, Hu Han’s attack had increased substantially. But that was just at the beginning, afterwards it would slow down.


Xuan Luo’s punch landed on Hu Han’s face. Immediately, the impact caused Hu Han to fly with his blade.

*This sounds so awkward…I would say problems, but it’s not problems. It is hatred in Chinese, but it doesn’t sound right in English.

**This paragraph came from nowhere… I don’t know why the author is talking about the other guy when we are dealing with Hu Han right now. Ughh

***Please don’t take it literally.

****hole as in, a flaw that he could break through.


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