Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 45.

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Chapter 45     Came at them

“This is Shen Tui Men’s headquarter.” Dong Fang Xin pointed straight at a building.

Xuan Luo looked ahead and deeply murmured, “Shen Tui Men really knows how to pick their location.”

This mountain god temple was located very close to Qian Deng Zhen. Perhaps Shen Tui Men was quite superstitious, therefore they chose this location as a foundation to their influential power. However, this mountain god temple looked very worn down. If a random person glanced at it, he/she would probably assume it was an abandoned temple. Little did they know that it was a place where Shen Tui Men committed crime.

But compared to other places, this piece of land was very good. In fact, the construction of this building relied on the mountain; as if it was embedded in the mountain. Hence, it was very difficult to attack and easy to protect.

Subconsciously, Xuan Luo’s eyes grew hard. This was the first time he had experienced something like this.

“Don’t underestimate this worn out looking temple, this is just a leading sign. Based on our findings, the residence should be inside. It is definitely not smaller than a small palace.” As Dong Fang Xin explained, her loathing expression completely appeared on her face.

Xuan Luo didn’t have many people with him. It was only the four from Dong Fang Xin’s group and himself.

But that doesn’t matter because more people doesn’t necessarily mean success.

Xuan Luo and the group carefully proceeded forward, but realized that there weren’t a single person guarding from the outside. It just looked like a worn abandoned temple.

Xuan Luo was on his highest alert as he looked around his surroundings. His mind was spinning very fast. If they were to fail their mission, how would they escape?

As they entered the mountain god temple, there was nothing special about it. Everywhere was covered in thick dust, and it didn’t seem like a place where people actually stayed.

Xuan Luo crinkled his brows and asked hesitantly, “This is really Shen Tui Men?”

Xuan Luo’s question also caused Dong Fang Xin to frown. Her voice no longer sounded as sure, “That’s what our researchers have told us. Perhaps there is a secret entrance?”

“Yes. From what I know, this temple is just a sign. That’s how Shen Tui Men can hide from people’s sight!” Cai Qin finally spoke up.

Cai Qin started to pace back and forth in the temple. She was carefully looking around and started tapping on the walls and ground.

Suddenly, Xuan Luo felt the ground tremble.

*Ground shaking sounds*

The dust from the ground flew up, and revealed a hidden tunnel.

“This tunnel will probably lead us to the headquarters.” Cai Qin stated.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry!” As Wang Yuan watched, the blood running through his veins have already been accelerated by this situation. “As one approaches, I shall kill one. Two approaches, I shall kill two. No hesitation! We will rush down and overtake Shang Hua!”

Wang Yuan sounded extremely aggressive in his speech. He also stated the most important goal for them. However, they were unsure if there were hidden traps within the tunnel.

Hearing Wang Yuan’s aggressive tone, Dong Fang Xin’s eyes showed a smear of anxiety. She didn’t move, but remained standing in front of the tunnel with a troublesome expression.

“Let’s go. If there are traps, they would all have to go through it as well. So it should just be a simple tunnel.” Xuan Luo voiced out.

Actually, Xuan Luo had his own thoughts. If there really was a trap in the tunnel, then there would be many people gathering around the temple* Since Shen Tui Men chose the mountain god temple as their base, they would definitely not leave it unused. If there was no one in the temple, all of them must be at the headquarters.

Don’t forget. Shang Hua recently captured Dong Fang Yu. Would he really not expect people from Cha Lin to save her?? Of course not.**

Xuan Luo entered the tunnel, but deep down, he was unsure.


After some time later, Xuan Luo exited the tunnel and was totally toppled by the sight in front of him. Outside of the tunnel was a huge building. There was a big open space and residential areas. It was much more extravagant compared to the buildings he had seen from the outside. The view was definitely extraordinary. Plus, this was within a mountain!

“Wow, Shen Tui Men really knows how to pick their location.” Dong Fang Xin couldn’t help but praise.

“Be careful. I can already see their people.” Xuan Luo fixedly stared ahead and could see that there was a group of people that were split into smaller teams patrolling along.

“Humpt! Those dogs! You guys better hurry and wash your neck! I’m coming to get you!!” Wang Yuan’s behaviour was truly causing Xuan Luo’s heart to pound. Xuan Luo was sweating. Is Wang Yuan always like this? But then again, since they were here to cause damage and save Dong Fang Yu, there wasn’t a need to be polite or whatnot.

Hearing Wang Yuan’s shouting, Dong Fang Xin was frustrated, “Wang Yuan. What the hell are you doing? Do you really want to hit the grass to wake the snake?”

But words spoken was like pouring water out. There was no turning back. Currently, the best solution was to directly attack head on. They needed to get to the main guy.

“Everyone, stay alert! We have enemies!” Out of nowhere, someone hollered. Then, about a hundred Shen Tui Men people appeared before their eyes. However, Shang Hua was still nowhere to be seen.

“Humpt! I’m gonna flatten you all!” Wang Yuan lifted his blade and stated, “My blade has been thirsty for far too long!”

“Let’s go. They have created so much evil. They deserve to die!” Dong Fang Xin rushed to the crowd with her double sword; she was constantly changing her style (movement).

Obviously, Xuan Luo wasn’t just watching…

People screaming in pain, sounds of weapons clashing could all be heard everywhere.

Within a short period of time, all five of them were covered in fresh blood.

However, the blood did not belong to them. It was the blood of Shen Tui Men’s people. On the ground were many who were injured or dead. There were only a few of them left.

“Go….hurry…hurry and find the Clan master…” Seeing how strong and deadly Xuan Luo and the group were, a disciple from Shen Tui Men instructed another disciple.


“Clan master…we have a disaster…Clan master!!!….Cha…the people from Cha Lin are here…..” The voice trembled with fear, but it was clearly heard.


*I don’t get it. Why? They would probably know how to get over the traps if they created it themselves??

**I am super confused right now. I don’t know what the author is trying to say. Perhaps everyone went to the headquarters to hide from the people from Cha Lin?? If you’re confused as well, I’m sorry.


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