Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 31.

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Chapter 31     Enemy remains still, I remain still

Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi’s ridiculous battle made the competition much more entertaining. As a result, a bunch of disciples were already talking amongst themselves.

Zhang Men helplessly smiled as the zhang lao in charge continued to try to get in between the two elders. Those two usually never caused others to worry.

As he thought about it, Zhang Men showed signs of regret and hopelessness between his brows.

“Master…I heard something fun is happening here!” Out of nowhere, out jumped a lady. She came across as extremely perky and lively, as she directly lingered around the zhang lao in charge.

That lady is Zi Yan; she was the one who refused to let Xuan Luo go once upon a time. If Xuan Luo saw her, he would recognize her immediately. If Zi Yan were to ever catch him entering the female territory by mistake again, that would probably be the end of him.

Soon after, Zi Yan saw Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi still continuing their ridiculous fight on the side. She instantaneously grinned and cheered, “Wonderful! Awesome! Beat him! Beat him!”

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