Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 38.

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Chapter 38     The village’s incident

Hearing the noise, Xuan Luo instantly felt unease. Xia Luo village was similar to Qian Deng Zhen; they would never participate or bother with worldly affairs. Xuan Luo had a very bad feeling about this.

Since Xuan Luo felt rushed, he subconsciously unleashed his tai chi steps towards the village. He definitely didn’t realize how fast he was going. However, if others saw him, they would merely see his shadow.

Without intending, he had arrived at Hu Zi’s house. Since Hu Zi’s house was right at the entrance of the village, it was very easy to spot. However, he was immediately overcome by fury.

Hu Zi’s mother’s upper body was covered in blood; she was just lying at the entrance; her eyes were wide open. She was already dead…

“Hu Zi ge! Hu Zi ge!” Xuan Luo felt a sense of dread as he quickly pushed open all the doors. He was shrieking anxiously.

Xuan Luo opened all the doors, but Hu Zi was nowhere to be seen. Xuan Luo then ran out and knocked on every neighbour’s door. However, there were no one.

But Xuan Luo was sure he heard weapons clashing. He definitely wasn’t hallucinating.

“Yes! The weapons…” Xuan Luo loudly yelled. Therefore, he used his hearing to find his direction.

In an open space, Hu Zi was being detained by a big husky guy. The big husky guy held a huge broadsword; his face looked menacing.

All the villagers were standing in the open space. Their eyes clearly showed fear. It was certainly not an act.

“If you guys do not obey our orders, this will be you!” Suddenly, a rough voice spoke up; his voice was hateful and loud.

Then, that person gave the big husky guy a signal, and the guy swiftly chopped off Hu Zi’s left hand.

“Ah!!!!” Hu Zi cried in pain.

“Even if I become a ghost, I am not going to let you guys get away!” Hu Zi’s eyes were scarlet and his face looked sinister.

Seeing this, all the villagers were shaking; their faces were deathly white. However, no one dared to make a sound. The man leading the group smirked as he looked at the villagers’ reactions. Then, he lifted his hand to signal once more; indicating the broadsword guy to finish Hu Zi off.

Xuan Luo had arrived just in time. Seeing this, he couldn’t help remember the straightforward teenager from years ago. His face darkened and his eyes gleamed.

Each of Xuan Luo’s tai chi steps were filled with the principle of tai chi. Although it hasn’t been fully mastered, it was still considered ‘small success’.

Right when the big guy’s broadsword was about to slaughter Hu Zi, Xuan Luo managed to get to him using his tai chi steps. Without holding back any strength, Xuan Luo punched the broadsword.

The broadsword vibrated a bit, and then, it shattered into pieces.

Another punch. This time, Xuan Luo directly punched the face of the man who was holding the broadsword. The force caused the man to fly out. Everything happened within a blink of an eye.

Xuan Luo did not hold back at all. He used a thousand jin worth of strength on that man’s face. Who knew what the man’s condition currently was…

The big husky guy was flying towards the man leading the group.

That man was in shock, but quickly reacted and horizontally kicked the man away. Thus, the man was now flying in the opposite direction. When he landed on the ground, he was no longer breathing.

“Ahhh!” The man yelled. He stood up and looked at Xuan Luo. His eyes revealed the thought of pain. He experienced the strength of Xuan Luo when he was kicking back the guy. Currently, his leg felt numb.

As for the big husky guy, his face had totally been caved in. It no longer looked like a face.

Xuan Luo didn’t pay attention to the man’s eyes. He bent down and anxiously asked the bloody Hu Zi, “Hu Zi ge, are you alright?!*”

Seeing Xuan Luo, Hu Zi couldn’t remember who it was at first. However, after seeing the kind intention from Xuan Luo’s eyes, he remembered all of a sudden. With gritted teeth, he said, “My mother… she has been murdered by this group of people….”

Xuan Luo already knew. But hearing Hu Zi speaking in such a broken tone, his heart was aching. His eyes flashed, “Hu Zi ge, I will help you get your revenge!”

Xuan Luo was currently fifteen years of age. However, that didn’t mean he didn’t have a heart of a hero. Regardless if he was seeing this from a logical or emotional perspective, he would help Xia Luo village. After all, if it weren’t for the kind villagers, he wouldn’t have been able to see Bai Tian again. Xuan Luo was a thankful guy. At this moment, his evil side was revealing for the first time ever.

Xuan Luo got up and coldly looked at the man. “You…. you will pay for what you have done!”

“HAHAHAHA!” The man was laughing. He didn’t take Xuan Luo’s words seriously. “Alright. I’ll show you who’s going to be paying the price!!!”

Although Xuan Luo had only spent a few days with Hu Zi, he still considered him a ‘big brother’. Hu Zi was straightforward, honest, liked to shake his head, kind, but most importantly, filial. Because he came from a single parent household, Hu Zi basically took care of everything. Yet, he never complained. Instead, he lived his life to his fullest. Xuan Luo and Hu Zi got along very well. During the times when Bai Tian was in a severe condition, Xuan Luo and Hu Zi hung out a lot.

When the man saw Xuan Luo arriving to the open space like a ghost, he could already tell that Xuan Luo was no ordinary person. Most importantly, the punch that looked “weak” actually caused the broadsword guy to fly. The man definitely knew the strength Xuan Luo possessed.

The man wasn’t in a rush to fight. Based on appearance, he looked approximately thirty years of age. He had a thick killer aura surrounding him; he had probably slaughtered hundreds of lives.

Nonetheless, that didn’t matter. What matters was that he had harmed Hu Zi, he had killed Hu Zi’s mother. How could Xuan Luo accept that?

Xuan Luo made the first move and swiftly approached the man using his tai chi steps.

During his practices with Tian Yu Zi, Xuan Luo’s life was never in danger. However, this was totally the opposite. Any mistake he makes could lead to a serious injury, or even death.

Xuan Luo didn’t care though. Because he wanted to get revenge for Hu Zi’s mother…


*What a stupid question. His hand just got chopped off. WHAT DO YOU THINK?




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