ISIS’s PR campaign + Rap

My title looks ridiculous, but you’ll understand as you keep reading.

Last week, I caught up with a friend and we had a conversation about ISIS. She said, “I wouldn’t underestimate ISIS. They have a pretty good PR campaign going on.”

Without thinking, I blurted out, “What?”

She elaborated, “These people are not some old men living in a cave. They are really good at reaching out and recruiting people through the internet. All their propaganda videos, articles, etc. They are internet savvy!”

“Ohhh. Yes, you’re right! I think it’s even easier for them now that there is so much hate and discrimination towards the Muslim population.”

“Yes. That’s exactly what ISIS wants. They want all the Muslims to know that their enemy is The West. Their message is probably something like this:
The West will never accept you.
The West will never respect your beliefs.
The West will treat you like shit.
Don’t believe me? Just watch.
BUT if you join us, we will fight for our God.
You will live a life of glory.

I stared at her, slightly stunned.

“You’re right!….I mean, look at all these recent attacks happening in Toronto! I can’t believe it. We’re supposed to be a multicultural city that accepts all immigrants. I mean, I know people discriminate, but it has never gotten to this point? At least, not that I can recall.”

I continued angrily, “How would you feel if you were spat on, insulted, harassed, pushed around, yelled at, and robbed FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT WEARING A HEAD SCARF? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

“Do you know why they attack women?” My friend asked.

I thought about it for a second. “…because it’s more obvious? I mean, if you’re wearing a head scarf/hijab/niqab, then you have to be Muslim? For men, it’s harder to tell….although SOME PEOPLE ASSOCIATE THE TURBAN AS TERRORISM (you can see I was getting so angry). Oh my goodness. Did you hear about that guy whose picture was altered? He’s Canadian and he’s Sikh, but was mistaken to be part of the Paris bombing. Apparently he was on the Spanish newspaper.”

“Yeah, that’s ridiculous. Sikhism is a totally different religion! But yeah, those people are COWARDS. They attack the ones who are weak and obvious. Yet, they don’t have the guts to attack the men…not that they should be attacking anyone to begin with.”

I sighed. “What do you think is going to happen?”

She looked at me. “If this continues on, it’s only going to get worse. I don’t know.”

And then our conversation streamed into something else. I think I said, “I hope the Americans don’t end up electing Donald Trump as their president….he seems so racist.” Haha.

Anyhow, last week I posted a post on my thoughts on the Paris shooting. My friend Dan responded with a rap (on my facebook). I rapped back. We rapped back and forth and I would like to share it with you!


Pray for Paris, pray for the world,
Isn’t it religion that’s got this whole place twirled?
Enough with the fear , killing, and insanity
We should be focusing on what’s best for humanity


Honestly, I think, religion is good
It tells us to act, the way we should
It gives us hope, and should give us peace
Yet why is hatred, on the increase?


You don’t need religion to know what’s right or wrong
You just need to open your eyes to see what’s going on
The government feels that they can do as they please
Because the regular folk are just blinded by greed
Money makes the world go round and round
So instead of contributing to society we’re upside down
Invade Iraq just for gasoline
Ice cube said it best, fucked by a white boy… with no vaseline


Seeing this unveil, boggles my eyes
I’m sick of all this terror, hatred and lies
Why can’t we learn to love and respect
Despite our differences, religion and sex
I want to live in a world where we’re all free
Free to be who we want to be
Instead we fight for control and power
At this rate, there will be no future


It happens because there’s not enough people who care
They don’t think about their home and how it could happen there
They think it’s not their problem, it’s not their burden to bare
But only when it happens to them, will they understand fear
Peace for humanity would indeed be ideal
But are we past that point? must we kill or be killed?
What is the answer to stopping the Islamic state?
Or is world war three our inevitable fate?


Love is the only thing that can dissolve hate
But to love is hard in our current state
We are suffering too much and we don’t care
We want revenge although we’re scared
So here we are, an eye for an eye
We slaughter and kill, and then we cry
We cry for our people -the innocent victims
Yet we’re the ones who allowed this outcome

Perhaps, you’re right
WW3 is inevitable
Perhaps, living in peace
Will never be possible


Love is an ideology that barely exists
Digits in the bank are our marriage prerequisites
The nation is like a business that in order to succeed
Has to crush those without power to feed their power and greed.
Eventually people will have enough of their shit
They’re tired of running, they don’t want to be hit
So they come together and strap on their mitts
And let everyone feel a wrath that won’t quit


I hope you enjoyed our raps! Feel free to leave me a comment!


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

18 thoughts on “ISIS’s PR campaign + Rap”

  1. How to Put an End to ISIS

    How do we solve all this terror and discord?
    How do we end ISIS and their way of life?
    We can’t end ISIS with war
    We can’t end ISIS with talking
    The only way to have piece with ISIS
    Is to end why they hate us

    But why do they hate us, you ask?
    They hate us because of all that we have
    Instead of dropping bombs and killing
    We drop cargo after cargo of goods
    Goods such as movies, games, books, TVs, DVRs
    Goods such as xbox’s, drugs, alcohol, goods such as porn

    Turn them into the western way of life
    Then they will fight amongst themselves
    This is cheaper than sending troops
    This is cheaper than dropping bombs
    This will end all the hate ISIS has towards the US of A
    This saves us money and saves US lives

    1. that is some ignorant shit.
      how do you explain all those who left the US and left the UK. left behind those luxuries so that they could have to go fight along side ISIS?
      you think all those glorified luxuries is really solution to these issues?
      you Americans are really full of yourselves and that’s one of the reasons why you’re nation is one of the most hated. so maybe, if by following your logic of having them not hate us, Americans need to be less full of shit.

      if you want to know why they really hate us, it’s because after 9/11, americans decided to wrongfully invade iraq for their oil claiming it was to find osama bin laden.
      in doing so they bombed and attacked and killed many people. this was 14 years ago. Imagine being a child and living happily when suddenly american troops come in and start killing your friends and family. would you not hate those people who were doing this to you? fast forward 14 years, these children are now young adults who want revenge.

      ISIS didn’t exist back then. Americans created ISIS. You were the terrorists in their countries, now they’re the terrorists in ours. America the great? Please. Look at your presidential candidates.

      Get money out of politics.

  2. It is such a relief to see someone else’s point of view about Islamaphobia. It’s very real and it’s one of ISIS’s recruiting techniques. Just last week I had to unfriend someone I had known for 10yrs because she would not stop posting racist things on facebook. When I plead with her she stated that she did not condemn any attacks on Muslims in Canada. Her flawed reasoning was; why are muslim people crying just because a lady got punched in the stomach? ISIS is out there killing people in Paris, so a lady got punched, big deal. It’s revenge…let that sink in. So now I’m walking around wondering who else really hates me? It’s a weird thing to have in your mind all the time.

    1. Aww man, that sucks!! 😦 I’m sorry you have to go through so much hate. I don’t hate you!!! Although I am not religious, I still respect your beliefs. I hope you don’t feel alone.

      Hate seriously cannot solve anything. 😦

  3. Hey I like the conversation you have going on. I wont say I am religious, don’t like the term. I am a Christian and a practicing one.
    I leave in Nigeria and my country is mixed with Islam and Christianity as the main religions.
    We have Boko Haram and all that but we’ve learned to survive with one another. Most people in my country have come to realize this fights aren’t indigenous, they are borrowed and have learned to stop supporting it and subscribing to it.
    Our major problem here is illiteracy and poverty with politicians who are greedy using it to their advantage.
    Americans (west) can’t claim illiteracy or conservation since they support all things liberal. It begs the question, why are they suddenly reacting this way? Discrimination and racism. This is exactly what the enemy wants so why are they playing to their tune?
    Lol forgive my essay.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! Yeah…I agree. I think discrimination and racism is a big reason why they’re acting this way too. 😦 It’s so sad.

      Greed and corruption is awful too. The government wants to control the people (in general). But how can we stop it??

      1. Each situation is unique. For my country I think a sensitization of the people is needed. And also electing of the same people into office needs to stop. We have the same recycled agendas and people in power its sad.

  4. I’m Indonesian and a Moslem. In my country we usually practice standard Sunni Moslem. But in 90’s some Arabian brought to us a Wahhabi ideologist, this new ideologist brought us to new world “Terrorism”. Actually there is a lot of new kind of doctrines in Islam its the same with Christianity divide to 2 Protestantism and Catholics, Moslem divide in Sunni and Shiite. Mostly before those 9-11 we don’t have any conflict with Shiite which very minority in this country and off course we don’t have a problem with Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity with their both faction. But after 9-11 there is a lot of terrorist in this country. The Wahhabi sect of this country suddenly create a lot of ordinary Moslem like us becoming a victim of their action. Before Isis Al Qaidah already 4 time bombing us and mostly the victim is the ordinary and majority Moslem of this country. And after Al Qaidah gone after serious attack from police in this country. There is ISIS and they are not only bombing they assault us with Firearm like in the movie. And the fun fact is Wahhabi sect in this world firstly created in Arabs which having Lovey-dovey connection from USA. The first terrorist is having educations in USA, yes OSAMA bin Laden is college in USA. Also he having Intelligence educations from Langley CIA. So who is the one create Terrorism in this world ?? USA is the Creator. They are so creative to create a world mess. Paris, Jakarta, Turkey, Brussels we as a Moslem deeply feel sorry for you. And American government ” PLEASE STOP CREATING TERRORIST”.

    1. Thank you for your input! I am not very knowledgeable about Islam, but I do feel that the majority of the Muslims are peaceful and kind (Is there a difference between Muslim and Moslem??) I’m sorry people of your religion have been victimized as well. 😦

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