Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 1.

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Sorry I’m a day late at posting. I haven’t been feeling well, so I didn’t end up meeting my deadline yesterday. I think I can only handle 2 chapters a week. I was thinking of increasing it to 3, but it takes me much too long to do it. A sentence that may take you 5 seconds to read can take me 5 minutes to translate. V__V

Anyhow, this is just the beginning. I am 50 chapters ahead and the story gets really good. It feels like I am reading a television show. Haha. Hope you guys like it.

Here is the Chinese version of this chapter.

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Chapter 1                   The rescue

Qian Deng Zhen was surrounded by mountains. As a result, the villagers did not care much about what was going on outside of their town. Some would go as far and say that they were a separate land of joy and happiness.

However, it was still possible to leave Qian Deng Zhen and go to different major cities. Thus, Xuan Luo decided to go to the nearest major city, Du Cheng.  He wanted to find out more information from there. Although Master Li told him a lot, it was far from enough. Ever since Master Li was injured, he pretty much stayed in Qian Deng Zhen. Things change all the time, and sometimes things change all of a sudden.

Along their way, Xuan Luo and Bai Tian admired the scenery and enjoyed the soft blow of the wind.

“We’ve been walking for so long. When are we going to arrive in Du Cheng?” They had walked for half a day already. Bai Tian raised his head and looked up at the Sun; it was noon.

“I think we’re almost there. After we go through these woods, we should arrive.” said Xuan Luo. However, this was also the first time Xuan Luo had left Qian Deng Zhen. He didn’t know the exact directions either. He was just saying for the sake of it. Once, he had decided to go up the mountains -but ended up getting lost. This time, he didn’t have a plan either. He was only following his heart. In the back of his mind, everything will work out in the end. At least they were heading towards the direction of Du Cheng.

In all honesty, Qian Deng Zhen was surrounded by mountains. No one really knew what was on the other side. An example would be Luo Cun.  The people there are also very simple minded. The people would not leave their village either. They were satisfied with what they have. Their days were simple, happy, and free.

Xuan Luo was in a very good mood, with both his hands holding his head, he casually headed towards his destination.

At that moment, he heard something. It was weak, but it was still there. Thus, Xuan Luo turned around and asked Bai Tian, “Did you hear that?”

Bai Tian shook his head. Along their way, they heard a lot of noise from the wind blowing. So, Xuan Luo must be talking about something else.

Since Bai Tian didn’t hear anything, Xuan Luo thought he must have been mistaken. Hence, he released the thought and continued on. But as they kept walking, the noise started getting louder and louder. Finally, Xuan Luo turned around and said, “I think something is happening up ahead!”

Xuan Luo ran towards the noise. Without knowing, he unleashed a bu fa and within a few steps, he was already a couple meters away. Bai Tian rubbed his eyes and stared in astonishment.

It turned out Xuan Luo was correct about the noise. His nei gong xin fa had allowed him to perceive things further away. Although his core had already been filled with nei li, each time he practiced the xin fa, his nei li still continued to increase. The overflowing nei li started spreading throughout his body; and his body started changing. Not only had his strength increased, his hearing and sight had also been affected as well…

“Running away, eh?! Let’s see how far you can run! Watch me break your leg!” A wretched looking man cruelly hollered at a young girl.

Xuan Luo saw the man from a distance. The man looked familiar, but he couldn’t figure out why.

“Get away from me…please…get away from me…” The girl sobbed. Watching the man, the girl was clearly terrified.

This girl looked like she was approximately ten years old or so. Her hair was a big mess, and the soil on her face was still fresh. For some reason, her clothes were all torn as well.

The vulgar man disregarded what the girl said. Bending his waist, he ran towards the girl with a smirk on his face.

The girl began to turn around and tried to run away. But within a few seconds, the man had grabbed hold of her with one hand.

“Haha. Trying to run, eh? You can’t run anymore!” The man laughed.

Realizing she was caught, the girl’s face immediately turned pale. It was very difficult to escape. She was caught within two steps. She tried to break free, but it was no use. Boys generally have more strength than girls. But this was not even a boy she was dealing with. He was a man. How can a small girl like herself escape from his strong grip?

Although Xuan Luo wasn’t exactly clear of what had happened, he immediately stepped forward. “Let go of this girl now!”

Hearing his voice, the girl started to look hopeful; as if she found a herb that could save her life. But when she saw that Xuan Luo was probably around her age, all her hope went out the window.

The wretched man looked at Xuan Luo, frowning, “Oh, it’s you!?”

Xuan Luo finally realized why the man looked familiar. He was the same man who had beaten Guan Shan Jue from the restaurant. All his anger came back.

“Aahahaha.. oh.. it’s you. I didn’t expect you. Enemies on such a narrow road (idiom)” As he spoke, he twisted his neck; ready for action.

At the time, Xuan Luo was so furious that he did not care who his opponent was. All he saw was his Stepfather’s blood, and it raised his potential to the highest.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to say. You little doll. I still remember what you did to me. Now that you found me, I’m going to get my revenge!”

Although they said different things, their intentions were the same. Neither of them planned to let the other one go freely.

Without thinking, Xuan Luo lifted his fist and charged at the man. In the past few months, his body had definitely leveled up. His xin fa had definitely helped a lot. If he cannot beat his opponent, he could still run away…

The man looked at Xuan Luo and laughed. That day, he was too careless. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been beaten. It took him a month to heal. Due to pride, he didn’t tell anyone about what happened.

“Today, I’m going to destroy you!” The man loudly screeched, and charged at Xuan Luo.

Although they were both using fists, there was a pattern and rhythm to the man’s hits. Xuan Luo recalled some of the styles from the book Master Li had given him. Different combinations create different outcomes. Thus, Xuan Luo could tell right away that this man was skillful. He was also thankful that the man was careless that day, since he only knew how to strike and block.

But Xuan Luo has improved dramatically since then. At the time, his strength was about a couple dozen jin. But now, his strength is at least a couple hundred jin. It was definitely incomparable.


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  1. For 3 chp/weeks, it is very hard for beginner translator. Btw congrate for levelling up from 1/week to 2/week. Just taken it slowly step by step and you will levelling up to3/week and maybe one day if you got alot of time 3/day. Nothing is impossible. And as always thank you for your translations.

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