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Part 1

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Part 2

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Ba gua – http://www.eightbranches.ca/bagua/

Bai Tian – Xuan Luo’s best friend

Biao tou – The owner of a store that helps deliver people’s valuables safe for a price. People will come redeem their items after.

Bu fa – Footwork

Che – 1/3 of a meter, the length of a ruler, it is how Chinese people measure “feet”

Chun Yang Palace – the group that focuses nei li, while using style to assist

Chun yang wu ji gong – the strongest nei gong xin fa from Wu Dang

Da ge – big brother or a polite way of addressing a male that is older than you

Dang Jia – somewhat like the boss of the household (usually the eldest is the boss)

Dao – direction/path/principle/truth/reason

Di zi – disciple

Dong Fang Yu – One of the most powerful person in Qian Deng Zhen (a woman)

Du Cheng – One of the major cities

E mei – One of the big Clans

Feng Sao Mei Hua – Literal translation: Wind spread plum blossoms (usually, people chant their spell when they fight)

Feng Shui – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feng_shui

Gai Bang – One of the big Clans

Ge – older brother or a polite way of addressing an older guy

Gong zi – a polite way of addressing a male

Guan Shan Jue – Xuan Luo’s stepfather

Hu Han – one of the bad guys/ the one who beat Guan Shan Jue

Hu xin gong – most basic nei gong xin fa from Wu Dang

Jian fa – sword spell

Jian qi – sword energy

Jiang hu – society/fighting world

Jiang hu zhong ren – a person that is part of the society, usually referring to the fighting world

Jie jie -older sister or a polite way of addressing a lady that is older than you

Jin – weight equal to 0.5 kg

Jing mai – where all the blood/energy flows to in the body

Jun Zi Tang – One of the big Clans

Ke guan – a polite way to address a guest to a restaurant or hotel

Kung fu -Martial Art skills

Lao san – 3rd eldest (san means 3)

Lao tou – an impolite way of addressing an old man (could be father or any old figure)

Liang yi gong – the second level nei gong xin fa from Wu Dang (out of 3)

Luo Cha Men – One of the big Clans

Luo Cun – a village near Qian Deng Zhen

Mei zi – a polite way of calling a younger girl

Mi hun biao – Literal translation: hallucinating darts

Nei gong – Internal strength/ability

Nei li – Internal power

Qi -Energy/state of mind

Qian Deng Zhen – The town Xuan Luo has lived in since he was 8

Quan fa – Fist spell or fists (it’s not really boxing. The online dictionary says boxing …)

Shang Hua – Hu Han’s eldest brother

Shao Lin – One of the big Clans

Shen Tui Men – One of the Clans

Shi di – junior male fellow student (The shi indicates that they are under the same Clan or follow the same master)

Shi jie – senior female fellow student

Shi mei – junior female fellow student

Shi xiong – senior male fellow student

Shi Zi Yao Tou – Literal translation: Lion shaking its head (spell)

Shuang Han – The name of one of the two who fought in the air

Shu – It means uncle. It doesn’t have to be someone who is biologically related to you. It’s also a polite way to address an older man you don’t know

Tai He Dian – Hall of Supreme Harmony

Tai ji ba gua – http://baike.baidu.com/pic/%E5%A4%AA%E6%9E%81%E5%85%AB%E5%8D%A6/2566445/0/ae8267314e071235ebc4afa4?fr=lemma&ct=single#aid=0&pic=ae8267314e071235ebc4afa4

Tai Ji Jian Wu -Literal translation: Tai Chi Sword Dance (spell)

Tang Men – One of the big Clans

Tian Yu Zi – Xuan Luo’s master

Wai gong – Outer strength/martial arts (wai means outer in Chinese)

Wu Dang – One of the big Clans

Wu xiu – A person who studies Martial Arts ( Wu = Martial, Xiu = study)

Wu zhe – A true Martial Artist (Wu = Martial, Zhe = person)

Xiao jie – lady

Xiao xiong di – little brother or a polite way of addressing a boy that is younger than you

Xin fa – The spell

Xuan Luo – The main character of the story

Xuan Yuan – Xuan Luo’s two-character surname

Ye ye – Grandfather or a polite way of addressing an elderly man

Zhang gui -shopkeeper or inn keeper

Zhang lao – the elder (lao actually means “old” in Chinese)

Zhang Men – the Clan keeper/the one in charge

Zhang Ri – The name of one of the two who fought in the air

Zhen fa – This is very hard to explain. It has something to do with the positioning of the fighters. Everyone has a part and they have to work together in order for it to be effective. Here, watch this youtube video: what zhen fa looks like <– It’s something like that. (so you have an idea). But in the novel, they’re not in armours.

Zi Yang Palace – the group that focuses on style, while using nei li to assist

NOTE: Although there are so many “Zhang” (above), it’s actually a different character in Chinese. It is spelt the same in English, but the intonation is different.


Zui Wu Dao. Part 1 -Chapter 2

To my dear readers,

I have translated Chapter 2 for you guys! I am trying to minimize the 3rd person usage. They keep doing that in the book, but it sounds ridiculous in English. I hope it flows better now. This chapter took me a very long time to translate, but I think the fight scene is worth it! I hope you guys like it.

This is the Chinese version

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Chapter 2       Anger

The early morning sky had already began to turn pale. Xuan Luo had remained on the roof the entire night. When he got up, he realized his clothes were covered in dew. Smiling, he directly jumped off the roof, landing steadily on the ground.

There was no one in the room. Judging from the time, he knew that Guan Shan Jue must have gone to the restaurant. The year he was eight, he fainted outside his house. Guan Shan Jue, showing kindness, took care of him for a few days until he woke up.

But when he woke up, it was as if he lost all his memory. He could only recall his name, nothing else. Guan Shan Jue was speechless. Since he had no child of his own, he decided to raise him as his child. It had been five years since he became his stepfather.   Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Part 1 -Chapter 2”