Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 32.

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This chapter was very confusing to translate to English because of the sentence structure in Chinese. It is very awkward because in this chapter, a lot of the times, the sentences ended with a question. But the intention is actually not for the reader/person to answer the question. It makes sense in Chinese but it is very strange in English. Anyhow, you will know what I mean as you read it.

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This is the Chapter in Chinese

Chapter 32     The Accident

Zhan Feng Hua’s attack was brisk and vicious. That was something Xuan Luo did not expect. However, just as Zhan Feng Hua was about to touch him, Xuan Luo suddenly shifted and avoided the hit.

Actually, when Zhan Feng Hua was only two steps away from him, Xuan Luo could already feel the wind from his fist. He knew there was massive power within the fist; he could feel Zhan Feng Hua’s nei li.

Back when he was in Qian Deng Zhen, Xuan Luo had accidentally unleashed his nei li before. His strength increased enormously when his nei li spread down to his fists.

Thus, he knew that if he were to get hit by Zhan Feng Hua, he was doomed. Therefore, he carefully analyzed Zhan Feng Hua’s movements; searching for his flaws. In an electrifying moment, Xuan Luo’s mind had already thought of many possibilities.

Therefore, Xuan Luo managed to avoid the hit by a thread. However, he still experienced an aching pain on his arm. The pain was from the outer nei li that Zhan Feng Hua projected.

Deep down, Xuan Luo sighed a breath of relief. He was fortunate he managed to avoid it just in time.

Although Zhan Feng Hua failed to land his punch, he reacted very quickly. Once again, he charged at Xuan Luo. But Xuan Luo had learnt his lesson, he was not going to get hit (well, he will try his best not to get hit lol).

Xuan Luo used his ba gua steps to avoid the hits, while at the same time, he also used his tai chi fist to dissolve Zhan Feng Hua’s attacks.

But although Xuan Luo battled with Tian Yu Zi daily, he had truly only dealt with Tian Yu Zi. Tian Yu Zi basically never attacked him. Each time, Xuan Luo was always the one who attacked first; while Tian Yu Zi defended. As a result, Xuan Luo’s experience was pretty much zero. Fortunately, in the past two years, he had learnt to quickly adapt to his surroundings and opponents.

Most of Zhan Feng Hua’s nei lai had been restored. Seeing Xuan Luo defending himself with his sequence of movements, Zhan Feng Hua felt irritated (like he’s not good enough). Therefore, he increased the strength of his attacks.

This was totally different from fighting with Tian Yu Zi. When Xuan Luo fought with Tian Yu Zi, he was always attacking while Tian Yu Zi defended. But now, the table had turned. Within a short period of time, Xuan Luo had already been striked  many times. He had bruises and scars everywhere. However, that wasn’t enough to stop him from backing down. Instead, he felt more determined than ever. For Tian Yu Zi, he must fight on!

But Xuan Luo’s understanding of the Tai Chi fist was incomparable to a regular person. Within this short period of time, he was already able to defend automatically. Compared to a couple minutes ago, he had already levelled up. Not only that, he could pretty much predict when and where Zhan Feng Hua’s next moves would be.

Tang Chen stared at Xuan Luo; his eyes revealed his admiration.

Right now is the time, Xuan Luo told himself. Seeing Zhan Feng Hua jumped his fist (I don’t know what ‘jumping his fists’ means… Ah…sorry), he definitely cannot let go of this opportunity!

Zhan Feng Hua’s forehead was covered in sweats. His stress had increased substantially. At first, Xuan Luo had defended himself awkwardly. But now, Xuan Luo could totally handle him. How could Xuan Luo improve so quickly in such a short amount of time?

Yet, the truth was right in front of him. He noticed Xuan Luo was about to strike, but he reacted too slowly; and it was too late.

With a blink of an eye, Xuan Luo’s fist landed directly on top of Zhan Feng Hua’s lower abdomen. Xuan Luo used a lot of strength in that punch. When he was in Qian Deng Zhen practicing his quan fa, his strength had consisted of a couple hundred jin. Now, his strength was near a thousand jin.

Although the Tai Chi fist used yin to overcome yang – with the focus on yin; it didn’t mean that the Tai Chi fist had no power. Within the yin, there was the yang. If not, how could it be considered an attack and defend quan fa?

Bang! Zhan Feng Hua directly flew out; he had both his hands on his lower abdomen. His face looked sinister and torn (He is still on stage, by the way, he just flew out from the attack).

“You lost!” Xuan Luo calmly declared. What he didn’t know was, the core was within the lower abdomen; and the core was the most important thing to every Martial Artist. Having the core destroyed was more painful than death. In the Martial Arts world, the core was definitely the most valued thing.

“My core…” Zhan Feng Hua tried to unleash his xin fa. But he realized his core had been totally shattered by Xuan Luo’s fist. How is he going to live?!

“Ah!!!!!” Zhan Feng Hua became like an enraged tiger and was ready to pounce on Xuan Luo.


Zhan Feng Hua spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and lost consciousness.

“Zhan shi xiong!” The disciples from Chun Yang Palace directly ran up onto the ba gua stage. A group of them pointed their swords at Xuan Luo’s direction. Their faces showed no mercy. They were furious. It looks as if they wanted to eat Xuan Luo.

Originally, when Xuan Luo caused Zhan Feng Hua to fly out, the disciples from Zi Yang Palace were ecstatic. Remember, Tang Chen was one of the top disciples in Zi Yang Palace. If we were not counting the person from once upon a time, Tang Chen’s ability was number one in Zi Yang Palace. So, since Zhan Feng Hua defeated Tang Chen, it goes to show how powerful Zhan Feng Hua was. Therefore, seeing Zhan Feng Hua lose to Xuan Luo, how could they not be happy?

But while they were being excited, Zhan Feng Hua’s condition was not looking good.

“What did you do to him?” Wu Di angrily screamed at Xuan Luo. He pulled out his sword; his eyes were red.

Xuan Luo’s punch was actually an accident. He did not pay attention to where his fist was going to land. He only did it because it was an opportunity he didn’t want to miss out on. He totally underestimated the combined strength of his punch plus the acceleration of Zhan Feng Hua’s jump (OH I GET IT NOW. Zhan Feng Hua was about to jump to punch him, that’s what jumping his fist means.. ahahaha)

Xuan Luo was still confused. He didn’t know how bad the situation was because he honestly didn’t even know what he did. His punch couldn’t be fatal, right?

Xuan Luo was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. It was an accident. But even if he were to say that, would the people from Chun Yang Palace believe him? Clearly not.

All the disciples from Chun Yang Palace started pulling out their swords and got in their fighting stance. At that moment, the disciples from Zi Yang Palace couldn’t hold back either. Although there were only a few of them, they were not afraid. This competition was way more entertaining compared to the past ones. In addition, most of the disciples from Zi Yang Palace who had lost hope had now regained their desire to practice.

Just like that, the battle fire of the two Palaces had been ignited…


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  1. Xuan Luo going get booted off the stage this time? To the judge gets to do a special rage flip over the table being the ba gua stage to end the battle? :p

    1. Yeah!! I don’t like it lol..it’s so confusing. In English, we usually don’t ask questions unless we want an answer. Haha.

      It sounds alright in Chinese though.

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