Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 33.

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Chapter 33     Gong Yu

The scene on ba gua stage became very difficult to control. Of course, Zhang Men and the zhang lao in charge weren’t just watching. When Xuan Luo was about to make his last punch, the zhang lao in charge’s eyebrows furrowed. But what he didn’t realize was that the punch would have directly landed on Zhan Feng Hua’s core; shattering it.

This situation plus all the conflicts from the years between the two Palaces erupted everyone to fight. Swords had no eyes (idiom: It means that when fighting, the sword cannot tell who is friend or foe; so a lot of innocent people could get hurt, I think). Chun Yang Palace and Zi Yang Palace were now fighting amongst each other. They were totally neglecting Zheng Men, who was on stage now.

“Everyone, stop!” The zhang lao in charge shrieked. The scene looked like a chaotic market place. At once, everyone was silent.

After a few moments later, finally someone snapped out of it. Chun Yang Palace’s Wu Di looked directly at the zhang lao in charge and angrily fumed, “Zhang Lao, Zhan shi xiong’s core has… has been shattered by him. How is he going to live from now on?!!”

Actually, Wu Di’s place in Chun Yang Palace wasn’t very high. However, he bonded with Zhan Feng Hua very well. During these past two years, he was able to improve so quickly due to Zhan Feng Hua’s help. Therefore, it made sense why theywere close. But whether it was due to self interest or other reasons, that was unknown.

“I will deal with this. You guys are acting like animals, do you think I do not exist?” The zhang lao in charge scowled at Wu Di. Wu Di lowered his head and didn’t dare to utter another word.

The words of the zhang lao were effective. Everyone was now walking down the ba gua stage.

In the past, there had been incidents where disciples would be severely injured and/or even die from battles. However, it was very rare. In the past couple of decades, it had only occurred once. At that time, it was a very gifted but arrogant disciple of Zi Yang Palace. His condition was so serious that his five viscera and six bowels (these are traditional Chinese medicine terminology) experienced different levels of damage. Zhang Men was thankful he survived. An average person who had endured such damage would die, but this disciple was different. Hence, Tian Yu Zi basically flipped Wu Dang’s medicine building around in order to find Wu Dang’s most treasured item (by treasured item, they probably meant some type of rare plant/powder). But even with Wu Dang’s best treasures and the different combinations of treasures, it couldn’t do much for the disciple. They were only able to bring a little relief to his condition.

If we were to compare, the disciple’s talent was around Xuan Luo’s level. He also wanted to fulfill Tian Yu Zi’s theory. The only thing he lacked was the ability to cultivate nei li. Therefore, he could only put all his efforts in perfecting his style. His name was Gong Yu. Actually, those in Zi Yang Palace are familiar with Gong Yu’s name. However, one night, Gong Yu strangely disappeared. He didn’t leave a trace.

As a result, disciples slowly stopped talking about Gong Yu. That was why during Xuan Luo and Tang Chen’s talks, Gong Yu never came up. However, it didn’t mean that Tang Chen wasn’t aware of the person Gong Yu; the reason why Tang Chen practiced so hard was because he wishes to get to Gong Yu’s level. However, many years had passed and he still hadn’t reached it yet. Since becoming like Gong Yu meant so much to him, he hadn’t mentioned anything to Xuan Luo. In addition, most disciples had already forgotten about this person who had once reached the peak; so Xuan Luo definitely had no access to find out.

“Tian Yu Zi, if anything happens to Zhan Feng Hua, I’m not done with you!” At this moment, Wu Ya Zi was freaking out as he watched Zhan Feng Hua’s condition deteriorate. He couldn’t help but worry. Although Zhan Feng Hua didn’t give up his current powers to practice a higher xin fa, he was one of Wu Ya Zi’s favourite disciples. Within every Clan, there were always a few disciples that certain Masters liked more; sometimes they didn’t even know why -Wu Ya Zi obviously belonged to this kind (sorry for the awkward translation, I am directly translating =_=)

Of course, Tian Yu Zi was also very protective of his disciples. He treated them like they were his children. Not to mention, Xuan Luo was definitely his type of tea. Therefore, hearing Wu Ya Zi say this, how could he hold back? Hence, the two began to fight again, and both arrived on the ba gua stage once more.

But this situation was definitely tricky and difficult to deal with. Could you really punish the disciple for harming his/her opponent? It didn’t seem right. Especially at this time and age, it was common to have deaths or injuries during competitions. They couldn’t punish once something happens, right?

“Everyone, back off!” The zhang lao in charge calmly spoke out. “I am going to handle this situation!”

The zhang lao in charge went to Zhan Feng Hua’s side and pressed his two palms into Zhan Feng Hua’s palms; distributing his nei li into Zhan Feng Hua. Not long after, Zhan Feng Hua looked less pale. However, a shattered core could not be fixed. This is again why the core was so important to a Martial Artist.

Next, the zhang lao in charge announced that the competition was over for the time being. In the past, Zi Yang Palace had lost a talented disciple. And now, something like this was happening in Chun Yang Palace. If the situation was not dealt with properly, the disciples will talk negatively amongst each other.

Within the Tai He Dian, Zhang Men and all the other zhang laos were discussing about how they should handle this situation. The disciples from Zi Yang Palace and Chun Yang Palace were all standing outside Tai He Dian, waiting.

“In charge, what do you think we should do?” Zheng Men frowned. Although Zheng Men was supposed to be the boss, but there were things he cannot casually decide.

“We should temporarily suspend the competition! I took a look at Zhan Feng Hua. He definitely has a lot of talent. But he is in shock because his core is destroyed.” The zhang lao in charge felt a bit guilty, “If I had stepped in earlier, I could have probably prevented this situation.”

“You can’t blame anyone for this situation. Things are often unpredictable in a competition. Who would have known?” Zhang Men tried to comfort.

“Zhang Men shi xiong, you have to speak up for me! Zhang Feng Hua is one of my best disciples from Chun Yang Palace. I was hoping he would eventually pick up Wu Dang’s highest gong fa!” Wu Ya Zi’s face looked all distorted (due to the wrinkles) as he started crying.

“Humpt!” Tian Yu Zi responded coldly, “Haven’t you forgotten about Gong Yu?”

Once this was mentioned, all four of them crinkled their brows and sighed.

Gong Yu was definitely a huge loss to Wu Dang. He was once the closest thing to Tian Yu Zi’s theory. Sadly, he disappeared without a trace.

Then, all of them took turns contributing something; especially Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi -those two basically wouldn’t stop bickering. Zheng Men and the zhang lao in charge were at a loss for words.

Fortunately, they eventually came up with a decision.

At the same time, all the disciples were anxiously waiting outside of Tai He Dian. Since this incident happened, it reminded Tang Chen of Gong Yu, and he decided to share it with Xuan Luo. Hearing this, Xuan Luo finally found out that at one point, Zi Yang Palace had reached a peak. He also decided to keep a name in his heart -Gong Yu.


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