My definition?

Something that is



And difficult to control

It has the ability

To make you feel

Like the happiest person

On Earth

But at the same time

It could tear you apart

Do I like it?

Yes and no

I want to feel

When things are good

Everything seems so perfect

I find myself



For no reason

Even though I still have


They seem insignificant in comparison


It was only

A temporary distraction

But at that moment,


Feels great


When things are bad

I wish

I cannot feel

I hate

Being at the mercy of

My emotions

It makes me feel



And stupid

You know that feeling

When you are so attached?

To someone

Who no longer feels the same?

You know

You should let go


You are holding onto nothing?

But despite knowing

You continue to put


In the same

Vulnerable position

You get


Again and again

But you’re still


Something will



Deep down

You already know

You have to let go


Now, read it again. This time, in paragraph form.


My definition?

Something that is powerful, extreme, and difficult to control. It has the ability to make you feel like the happiest person on Earth. But at the same time, it could tear you apart.

Do I like it?

Yes and no. I want to feel. When things are good, everything seems so perfect. I find myself smiling, giggling for no reason. Even though I still have problems, they seem insignificant in comparison. Perhaps, it was only a temporary distraction. But at that moment, life feels great.

Yet, when things are bad. I wish I cannot feel. I hate being at the mercy of my emotions. It makes me feel irrational, weak, and stupid.

You know that feeling when you are so attached? To someone who no longer feels the same? You know you should let go because you are holding onto nothing? But despite knowing, you continue to put yourself in the same vulnerable position.

You get disappointed, again and again. But you’re still hoping something will change. Although, deep down, you already know.

You have to let go.

Which version do you prefer?

P.S. This piece was mainly inspired by Wong Fu Production’s video (some are based on my own and friends’ experiences). Hope you enjoyed it!

Please watch the video!!! It’s worth it.

P.P.S.  I might blog once a week on relationship topics (separate from my regular Monday posts).
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Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

6 thoughts on “Emotions”

  1. Great post, Grace. I like the second version more. The words flow better as a paragraph because it seems like you just wrote it normally and then split it up into lines to look like a poem lol. No offence! 🙂

    1. LOLLL I DID! I wrote it as a paragraph but then I wanted to put certain emphasis on certain words, so I started splitting it up. And then I went crazy LOLLLLLL jk jk.

      Ahahahaahahahah. You’re so funny, Karen. ❤

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