My flaws


I have many flaws. Today, I will share some of them with you:

1. Too motherly

A lot of my friends have complained to me stating that I nag them too much. I agree. I honestly do not intend to nag you guys so often. I will work on it.

Some common feedback: 

“You’re like my mom.”

“You’re worse than my mom.”

2. Too honest

I am a very honest person. This means I will tell you if I like or dislike something. I will also tell the truth, even if some people cannot handle it. For example, I’m not afraid to tell someone he/she is being selfish (in your face). I really hate lying and I am very bad at it.

Some common feedback: 

“Some people cannot handle your honesty, Grace.”

“It’s the truth but you’ll piss them off.”

3. When I like something, I don’t stop talking about it and I want everyone to like it too. 

Everyone knows I am obsessed with Voice of China because I cannot stop talking about it. I know people are sick of hearing about it and most of them are not going to watch it regardless of what I say (so I should stop). But if you’re going to ask me, “What do you do during your spare time?” You’re asking for it 😉 Haha.

Some common feedback:

“Stop telling me to watch Voice of China! I’m not going to watch it!”

“You can’t make people read your blog. If they want to read it, they will read it.”

4. I care too much about other people’s problems. 

I have a tendency to try solve other people’s issues. It’s because I care too much.

Some common feedback: 

“If they didn’t ask for your opinion, just leave it.”

“Mind your own business.”

5. I am very confrontational 

If there’s an issue or a misunderstanding between me and a person, I want to solve it right away. As a result, I will try to contact the person and talk about it. This is true for all my issues. However, some people are very passive and they do not like confrontations.

Some common feedback: 

“You can’t make someone talk to you if they don’t want to. Give them space.”

“Some people hate confrontations. They prefer being passive aggressive. Or maybe they just don’t care and want you to leave them alone. ”

Okay, I’m only listing 5 flaws. I have more but I do not want to share them all. As you can see, I’m far from perfect. I have friends who enjoy my company but there are also those who cannot stand me. Regardless of which one you are, thanks for reading my blog!

I am aware of my flaws and I will try to be more mindful of my behaviour.

What are some of your flaws? Are you aware of them?

P.S. Sometimes I would ask my friends about what I need to work on, because without constructive criticism, I would not be able to improve.


About gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.
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19 Responses to My flaws

  1. I would rather hear the truth any day. It only makes me aspire to be better. Good post.

  2. stenoodie says:

    What an interesting post, Grace lol. Only someone like you who is so honest would be so transparent about their own flaws. It’s a good thing! But yeah, sometimes, you don’t need to solve all my problems, Grace. I only want a kind ear to listen. 🙂 ❤

  3. ramexa says:

    A very honest post! 🙂
    One of my flaws is that I finish work at the last moment. I’ve gotta stop procrastinating!

  4. sunesiss says:

    3.4.5 are so true of me even though intend to say I don’t like confrontations, I cant butt out of other peoples problems. I sometimes feel the sooner we solve it, the earlier we can all go back to our lives lol.
    But I enjoyed reading it above all. Thank you.

    • gchan7127 says:

      Thank you for your comment!!! ❤

      Yeah, I agree! The sooner you deal with an issue, the better. (at least, in my opinion). It's better than building up resentment.

  5. We share some of the same flaws. A big one for me is being too nice to people who really don’t deserve my kindness 😦

  6. sabw0ng says:

    Haha, you are not flawed. Your flaws make you unique and who you are. My biggest flaw is trying to make time for people. There is not enough hours in a day!

    All of the listed flaws you listed, is a reason why I like you. You are honest and you care about people. It is very rare to meet your kind 😉

    • gchan7127 says:

      lolll oh Sabu, thanks for your comment!!! I think you’re way too giving and generous. Stop trying to buy me food. lol I like and love you too! ❤ We're both rare 😉

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  8. ambi says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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  11. G says:

    I dunno, only number 4 really sounds like a flaw, i mean, it can make you stress avout stuff you don’t need to! XD my biggest flaw is my focus. I can get too focussed on working on something i enjoy… and then let even the smallest thing interrupt my focus when i dont like it… that and and addiction to reading!

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