Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 71.

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Next chapter is going to be so funny. I can’t stop laughing. Too bad it’s so hard to translate. -_-“. The author has a very good sense of humour. Anyway, Lian Feng isn’t going to be back until Chapter 76. But when he comes back, you guys will be very happy!!!

Chapter 71

Ji Bai Yu frowned but didn’t say a word. On the other hand, Lin Shan shouted without thinking: “No!”

Ji Hong Lin smiled: “Do you think it matters whether you agree or not?”

Lin Shan’s expression immediately stiffened.

Wow, this woman is so messed up! She could instantly make up her mind and force her son to marry me? That’s absurd! She’s a hopeless cause.

Lin Shan quickly directed her glance towards Ji Bai Yu.

Bro, are you a man? Your mother wants you to marry the woman you just tried to poison! Step out and say something!?!

Ji Bai Yu didn’t even look at her. Instead, he respectfully said to Ji Hong Lin: “Your child will obey your command.”

At that moment, Lin Shan was stunned. She pulled onto Ji Bai Yu’s sleeves: “Are you crazy?! Why are you agreeing to it!? Didn’t you just tried to poison me? Poison me! I don’t want to marry you!”

The corner of Ji Bai Yu’s mouth twitched.

“Yu-er, is Song second lady speaking the truth?” Ji Hong Lin appeared to be amused.

“Your child did have that intention.” Ji Bai Yu blankly stated.

“If that’s what you want, after you two get married, you can do whatever you want with her.”

“Thank you for your permission, Mother!”

This time, it was Lin Shan’s turn to twitch. What type of geographical and social conditions created this mother-son pair? It was totally comparable to a high quality aircraft! (I don’t get it..but ok)

At this moment, Lin Shan was annoyed. She gritted her teeth and snarled: “You old witch. Give up. You might as well kill me. I’d rather die than marry your son!”

Lin Shan felt a chill breeze and her throat was tightly clutched by sharp fingernails: “Who are you calling an old witch?” Ji Hong Lin’s voice sounded menacing. Her eyes looked as if she wanted to devour a human, “If you dare to repeat once more, watch me kill you!”

Deep down, Lin Shan was trying to tell herself to be calm, but under these circumstances, she couldn’t do it. Her back was drenched with sweat as her lips trembled. She didn’t dare to say anymore, but Ji Hong Lin didn’t let her go. Ji Hong Lin used her sharp nail and embedded it across Lin Shan’s neck. Lin Shan’s delicate skin was immediately redden and started to bleed from the impact; it was about to split open.

Lin Shan was in a lot of pain but she didn’t scream. Instead, she stood her ground and made an intense eye contact with Ji Hong Lin. The nail was about to go through her throat.

Suddenly, Ji Bai Yu spoke up: “Mother, why are you in such a rush to kill her? Your child isn’t done playing yet.” While he was speaking, he looked deeply into Lin Shan’s eyes.

Ji Hong Lin finally released her. Lin Shan felt a breath of relief as she crouched down and started coughing vigorously. A few seconds ago, she actually thought her life was going to end and her mind had gone blank. Now that Ji Hong Lin had released her, her heart was filled with frustration and anger: Lian Feng, where are you? If I had died like this, you would’ve never seen me again!

She was upset, but she didn’t cry. Lin Shan continued to glare bitterly towards the mother and son.

Ji Hong Lin looked entertained and smiled evilly: “True. There’s no fun if she died like this… Gui Mei!”

“Your subordinate is here!” Somehow, Gui Mei appeared out of nowhere. Just like her name, she was like a ghost*.

Ji Hong Lin waved her hand: “Bring Song second lady to change into a female attire. Her current outfit is irritating me.”

“Your subordinate obeys your command!” Gui Mei replied as she grabbed Lin Shan by the arm.

“I’m not changing!” Although Lin Shan was afraid, she planned to fight to the death.

“Do you think you have a choice?” Ji Hong Lin laughed, “Feel your neck.”

Neck? Lin Shan froze. Like a reflex, she touched her neck. Her finger felt a sticky substance. When she took a look, she realized the blood on her neck had turned black. The old witch had poisoned her! Lin Shan’s face darkened.

“Don’t worry.” Ji Hong Lin looked unbothered, “The poison isn’t going to activate so quickly. As long as you follow my orders and marry Yu-er, I will give you the antidote. If you don’t listen to me, then three months from now, your hair will turn all white and your face will be filled with wrinkles… and you shall watch yourself die…”

“You…..” Lin Shan was totally speechless. It took her awhile to react. She wanted to rebut, but decided to keep the words to herself. At this moment, she knew Ji Hong Lin spoke the truth. Instead of risking her life, she might as well try to prolong it for as long as she could. Perhaps she might find a way to escape.

Lin Shan stayed in silence as she followed Gui Mei out of the stone room.


The fact that Lin Shan surrendered made Ji Hong Lin felt great. The moment Lin Shan left, she turned to her son: “Yu-er, do you remember the heaven silkworms I have been seeking for all these years?”

“Your child remembers.”

“The heaven silkworms originate from the Hmong border. They are extremely toxic, but if applied properly, they can guarantee longevity and extend youthfulness. I have searched for nearly ten years, and finally I have found two of them; one male and female. Come and let me show you.”

“Yes.” Ji Bai Yu nodded as he followed this vain woman to look at the heaven silkworms.


At the same time, Lin Shan was currently following Gui Mei to the treasure room to change.

After taking many twists and turns, Lin Shan felt goose bumps all over her body. No matter how many times she called out, Gui Mei ignored her. She decided to tug on Gui Mei’s sleeves.

“Young Miss, please let go.” Gui Mei said without an expression.

Young… Young Miss? Lin Shan was shocked by the title. She wiped her sweats and asked, “Where are we going? This place is too big. I’m dizzy from all the turns. Can you take me somewhere else so I can get some fresh air first?”

Gui Mei didn’t respond but pointed towards the wall.

Lin Shan didn’t understand. She used her hand to feel the hard stone wall: “What? In order to exit, I have to crash my head against the wall first? No way. This surface is too hard….”

Gui Mei’s mouth twitched as she used her hand to press down the stone that activated the wall. The wall immediately opened and at that moment, a blinding light shone into Lin Shan’s eyes. When she could finally focused, her eyeballs almost popped out.

Holy shit! This is too cool!!

The stone room was filled with rare treasures. Brilliant lights and vibrant colours emerged from the darkness.

“Young Miss, please!” Gui Mei stated.

*Gui means ghost in Chinese.

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  1. The new technology of the future! Only need to bash your head against a wall, and treasures await beyond! Limited time offer, only for $999999999999! Order now and we’ll even throw in a free husband, that’s right, a free poison-loving murderous DV husband whose mother will lovingly snap your neck at any time! But that’s not all. Call now and we can help you dispose of future bae for free! What are you waiting for, order today!

    Thanks for chapter.

    1. 😈😈😈. I still found it very surprising. Haha. I was so shocked when I found out the Third Prince was fake all along 😦😦. Then, his mom turns out to be the emperor’s ex lover!? Lollll

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